Chelsea Manning Says Military Is Still Denying Her Gender Reassignment Treatment


Convicted Wikileaker Chelsea Manning has released a statement from prison saying that the military has given her nothing but "lip service" regarding the gender-reassignment treatment that she asked for this time last year. 

NBC News reports:

In an exclusive statement to NBC News, the former Army private once known as Bradley Manning said life in the military lockup at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, has restricted her ability to express her gender identity. "For example, in my daily life, I am reminded of this when I look at the name on my badge, the first initial sewed into my clothing, the hair and grooming standards that I adhere to, and the titles and courtesies used by the staff. Ultimately, I just want to be able to live my life as the person that I am, and to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin."

Last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Manning would receive "rudimentary treatment" for her gender transition. Manning's lawyers, however, have said that the military has failed to carry out Hagel's recommendations. Her lawyers announced last week that they will sue the military if the Army fails to provide manning with treatment by September 4. 

Read Manning's statement HERE


  1. max says

    I don’t get why she thinks she is entitled to this surgery. Why should a convicted prisoner be entitled to something which the general public is not? seems backwards to me.

  2. Neil says

    Boo Hoo is right!!! Why should we have to pay for his (not her) sex reassignment?? It’s the height of political correctness that we should even be having his discussion. This shows that he had no regard for anyone other than himself when he betrayed his country. Instead of contemplating what he did wrong, he is still trying to get work the system to get what he wants. He is a disgrace.

  3. David From Canada says

    If Edward Snowden can act like an idiot/traitor and remain in homophobic Russia, the American military can at least give Manning some help with gender identity as a reward for staying in the country and facing the music.

  4. Tyler says

    Me (aka Rick) and Neil (aka dummy), if cannot respect other people’s pronouns, you’re not entitled to any respect from others in return. Perhaps if you two weren’t so foolish you wouldn’t have posted those comments. But here we are.

  5. jamal49 says

    Chelsea, honey, you want sex reassignment surgery? Pay for it your own damned self! You’re in the brig, girlfriend. You forfeit your “rights” because you’re serving time. I don’t want MY tax dollars to pay for your vainglorious self-realization. Get the sh*t when you get out. Until then, deal with it.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, some of us disagree on this issue.

    I consider sex re-assignment surgery to be a medical precedure. It is corrective surgery in my opinion. I admire those individuals who are psychologically strong enough to do it in order to save their lives.

  7. kipp says

    If you accept the argument (supported by the major American medical associations) that gender dysphoria makes gender re-assignment medically necessary, it’s hard to argue against Manning’s case. At the same time, the difference between transgender individuals who require *surgical re-assignment* and those who don’t is closer to a matter of preference (deep seated and sincere, nonetheless). Prison is one big denial of prisoner’s preferences – not getting the sex reassignment procedures you want done might be one of them. Not getting *any* treatment for a substantiated case of gender dysphoria – such as HRT – is harder to justify. Manning could remain in male lock-up, as well as still being required to dress & groom as a man, while enjoying the benefits of HRT. I’m less easily persuaded that it is a moral outrage that a convicted criminal will not get the elective surgery of her choice while in prison.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I have no problem with cutting his nuts off”

    Of course, you don’t. Yours have been missing for over 50 years.

  9. Tyler says

    Neil, Me, AND Enchantra! Rick, that’s three aliases in one comment thread. All to post transphobic comments. You’re severely messed up in the head. But tell me, do you wear the same Farrah Fawcett wig when you post as either Me or Enchantra?

  10. Thedrdonna says

    Eighth amendment guarantees medically necessary treatment. Major medical orgs agree gender transition is medically necessary. That’s really all there is to say.

  11. Truther says

    Isn’t this creature supposed to be doing hard labor? It seems to have a lot of time on its hands to complain. Maybe the prison should find a nice field of rocks and send this creature out to do some character-building work.

  12. MickyFlip says

    I still don’t know what to make of this. Why should I sympathize/empathize with Chelsea’s plight AND foot the bill as well? Because it’s the humane thing? When Chelsea decided to release imperative information regarding certain military personnel, was she thinking of their safety as well?

  13. Li'l Kiwiwi says

    I have no problem letting her have surgery. Then we should execute her for betraying her country.

  14. Hugh says

    TheDrDonna is not being honest. Medical “necessity” has a particular meaning under the 8th Amendment. A procedure does not become medically necessary just because it is the procedure preferred by the inmate or because it is the procedure which will make the inmate feel “comfortable” or even because a doctor would prefer it. The procedure has to be necessary to the maintenance of life or basic health. The government has the obligation to provide for basic health care needs, not to provide optimal treatment.

    To take an easier example, the prison must provide a basic diet which provides all vitamins and minerals necessary for health as well as a sufficient number of calories to maintain life and health. If it serves food that lacks vitamin D, that’s an 8th Amendment violation. If it serves you only 500 calories, that’s a violation. But once it meets the minimum threshold, the state’s obligation to the inmate ends and it is entitled to consider cost and institutional and penal interests. Thus, the prison is constitutionally permitted to serve daily salami sandwiches costing 25 cents each. It is even allowed to serve Nutriloaf, an extremely cheap substance that is nutritionally complete, but utterly repellent to the palate.

    If Manning can show that without “transition” he will kill himself or go into severe untreatable depression, then he will have a case. But if he simply would be happier and more comfortable transitioning, then the taxpayer is not obligated to accommodate him.

  15. Pratip says

    “For example, in my daily life, I am reminded of this when I look at the name on my badge, the first initial sewed into my clothing, the hair and grooming standards that I adhere to, and the titles and courtesies used by the staff.”

    This is extremely upsetting to read. Why is this criminal being given titles and courtesies? Why is he given personalized monogrammed clothing? The prison staff should be addressing with his inmate number, and he should be wearing generic inmate garb. What an entitled individual. Hopefully, his writings will be used against him in any plea for early release as they clearly show a lack of remorse or humility.

  16. RandyNovak says

    Sorry, dude, but if you wanted to live your life as a woman you should have thought twice about being a traitor and losing your freedom.

  17. MickyFlip says

    If her reasons were for my safety, @PETERC. Then she would have thought twice before releasing those documents and placing all of us in danger. Thank you for your response. But my attitude hasn’t changed.

    She can change her face, her name, everything. But she can’t change the past.

  18. Truther says


    Manning wasn’t thinking about anyone other than itself. It didn’t even read any of the hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables that it leaked. It couldn’t have cared less what was in them. In fact, 99% of the cables had nothing to do with Iraq. It admitted to the tribunal that it was mentally unbalanced and was lashing out. People compare Manning and Snowden, but the 2 cases are like night and day.

  19. HIS says

    If it was cancer or diabetes treatment then I would sympathize and protest the cruel treatment.

    Transgenders say that surgery isn’t necessary to be transgender so her life is not threatened

  20. RonCharles says

    Bradley/Chelsea Manning could not cared less if his/her treason cost other Americans their lives be those Americans gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered. I could not less about his/her whining and alleged mistreatment. Most other gays I know want equal rights with other Americans; they do not want to see other Americans murdered in terrorist attacks as a result of intelligence’s being betrayed by traitors.

  21. Matt Munson (@thinktank79) says

    As long as the person has evidence of being trans prior to being in jail, i have no problem.

  22. Tyler says

    This thread has devolved into one troll posting under like seven different names have a transphobic conversation with himself. Trollroad lives up to its reputation.

  23. Patrick Henry says

    Chelsea is a POLITICAL PRISONER. She was convicted by a kangaroo court. The World knows it. Why is the US government afraid of transparency. If you’re not doing anything wrong you won’t have anything to hide. Chelsea Manning is an American patriot.

  24. LincolnLounger says

    When one voluntarily enlists, chooses to betray his/her country, and then demands anything at all from the taxpayers besides civilized treatment, then one certainly has a set of brass balls — no matter whether surgery was involved.

    Please do check my IP address if you believe I have posted before on this thread.

  25. gr8guya says

    Somehow, he managed to get by for years without this surgery. But now that he has time – lots of time – he wants it taken care of right away. On someone else’s dime.

  26. Zell says

    I think Chelsea Manning is closer to a hero than a traitor, and I’m shocked at the number of people who would normally consider themselves “liberal” who would condemn her for what she did.

    Not sure, though, that she should be given sex reassignment surgery when there are thousands of transgender people who aren’t in prison and can’t afford it.

  27. Jack says

    Patrick Henry,

    No kangaroo court needed to render a verdict. He/she/it pled guilty and apologized.

  28. Thedrdonna says

    Zell, I think she should get the surgery, unless there’s some way to show that by denying her the surgery we would make it possible for trans folks outside of prison to get theirs. I don’t think there’s a causal link there, though.

  29. Knock says

    If it were medically necessary wouldn’t he/she be dead by now? How did he/she survive all these decades, let alone time served, without something “medically necessary”?

  30. TheOtherOne says

    If I recall correctly, Chelsea decided that she suffered gender dysphoria on her own when she still ID’d as Bradley. Has the diagnosis actually been authenticated by a qualified medical professional? I am not trying to be insensitive, only trying to discern what’s what here.

  31. Thedrdonna says

    TheOtherOne: If she didn’t have a diagnosis beforehand, she almost certainly has done so now. Given that she’s seeking hormones (surgery really hasn’t been discussed and would be in quite a while anyway), a doctor’s prescription is required, and generally that also has a separate psychiatrist’s opinion to draw on as well. I would be startled if she doesn’t have a diagnosis form at least one medical doctor and one psychiatrist at this point.