Chris Pratt’s Boozy Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge Is the Best Yet: VIDEO


It's refreshing, but don't get it down his buttcrack.





  1. Louie says

    I’m seriously in love with this man. Either ripped in Guardians or shlumpy on P&R–so cute. His wife is adorable too. I want nothing but the best for them.

  2. Island Planet says

    Cute. Maybe this isn’t the place – but what good does this do for ALS? Does it mean the participant donated some big $$ or something? Is it just awareness? I don’t get it.

    Although hot men in wet t-shirts can never be a bad thing.

  3. crispy says

    You’re supposed to donate $25 to the ALS Association or take the challenge. Many people seem to be doing both.

    News sites are reporting that it’s raised more than $5 million.

  4. TANK says

    For once, Tank has to agree with the consensus of the usual cast of pathetic, middle-aged queens here at Towleroad. Chris Pratt is just adorable in every possible way!

  5. shibby says

    There are several variations. It’s supposed to be donate a large amount to a charity (specifically to ALSA) OR douse yourself in ice water and also donate a smaller amount to the charity.

  6. johnny says

    Tank, your psychic powers amaze. I don’t get how you know everyone’s age… that’s wild!

  7. Markt says

    He hides his male pattern baldness in a casual way verrry well. How long before he has a permanent hair do? He’d be sexier with a shaved head – but movie casting for him requires hair. Just saying.

  8. BETTY says

    CRISPY: they have actually raise over 15 million compared to the 1.8 million raised last year. Plus, the added awareness to ALS that this has brought can’t even be measured in dollar amounts.