Lesbian ‘Kiss’ On ‘Dr. Who’ Stirs Complaints And Arouses Support

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom has received six complaints following a gay kiss on Doctor Who

Dr who lesbian kiss

U.K. communications regulator Ofcom has received six complaints following a lesbian kiss on Doctor Who, reports Gay Star News. Dr who tweet 2

The complaints came after a scene in which Madame Vastra helps to keep her wife Jenny alive in response to a threat from droids that only move when they can sense breath.

One tweet suggested that “the BBC wants to become a porn channel,” while another said that “the Lizard/Lesbian kiss was ‘unnecessary.’”

However, while some viewers were upset at the thought of two women kissing before the 9pm watershed, the majority of tweets were overwhelmingly positive.

@toddlerlex pointed out that “some parents are okay with their kids watching Dr Who's organ stealing robots & impaled body…Lesbian kiss? Complain to Ofcom! Ridic.”

It has also been noted by various commenters that the “lesbian kiss” was essentially CPR and was actually an inter-species kiss.

Dr who tweet


  1. Jack M says

    It’s OK that they can be wives, but not OK that they can kiss. And, of course, it’s OK they are of different species. WTF?

  2. Dale says

    So i am reading that the premier episode brought in around 5 plus million viewers world wide … and the they got 6 complaints … the horror of it all …

  3. David says

    Six complaints, that’s literally NOTHING.

    Frankly, nobody but a couple of internet trolls even batted an eyelid.

  4. Terry says

    Lesbian/Lizard sex is so hot! What about Avatar where they use their ponytails for sex and to control their flying things. Also hot, but not as hot as lesbian/lizard sex.

  5. Thedrdonna says

    Oh mah gah what if the childrens follow that example and grow up to be time-traveling vagrants…THAT ARE GAY!?!?

  6. Qj201 says

    Well the BBC has been down this road before. Remember the HOOOOOTTTTT kiss between the “two Capt. Jacks” on Torchwood.

    Google it.

  7. Coemgenus says

    Well, SIX complaints to the BBC the first few days after broadcasting to a multi-million audience.

    Sorry, but THERE IS NO FUSS AT ALL about this.

  8. Matthew says

    In case you wanted to know how bad homophobia is in America, a woman kissed a lizard on television and all we care about is the fact that it is a female lizard.

  9. Craig in Portland says

    Weird thing is though, it wasn’t a kiss. Jenny couldn’t hold her breath to evade a certain type of android that hunted by viewing respiration. Vastra could store extra oxygen in her lungs and was literally giving Jenny air so she could survive.