Dan Choi Running for City College of San Francisco Board Spot


Lt. Dan Choi, who was for many years the public face of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal movement, has announced a candidacy for the City College of San Francisco Board.

Choi2Via campaign website:

Now, Dan has decided to channel his energies towards revitalizing the City College of San Francisco. As a dedicated student throughout his schooling, he has a passion for learning and education. Dan wants to see that all CCSF students have access to an enriching education as to provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals both inside and outside of the classroom. Aware of the structural and economic issues facing the CCSF educational system, Dan is driven to be a part of the solution.

Choi has largely stayed away from the spotlight following his trial last year stemming from a DADT protest at the White House in 2010. 

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I haven’t always agreed with Mister Choi’s tactics…or protest strategies, but He sure is handsome.

    …think he’s a top. Aint none of my business. He’s just handsome–that’s all I have to say.

  2. Bianca says

    He started out so well. Such a dashing figure and a passionate advocate for repealing DADT. But he was unstable and a bit wacko. His “performance” at his trial was bizarre. He supported Bradley Manning, who has admitted to violating his oath and committing multiple crimes. And this person thought he would re-enlist? I do give him credit for that campaign blurb, in which he manages to say in many words precisely nothing about what he would do if he wins.

  3. Tyler says

    I appreciate his spirit and the efforts he has made in the past. But given a history of mental instability as of late, I’m weary of putting him in a position of power.

  4. Phil says

    Personally, I’m tired of the community holding people up as role models just because they are gay. We need to look at the substance of what they are doing. He came pretty close to betraying the standards of a soldier, so he’s no hero to me.

  5. Charlie says

    Does Dan know anything about re-accrediting a Community College?

    I say this because the current bunch of idiots on the Community College Board have done such a great job of staffing the place with their relatives and cronies that they have now lost their accreditation. That should be the real issue here and not whether Dan is a Top, Pot Head or a Republican.

  6. Wayne L. Johnson says

    LT Choi, who was discharged from the Army in July 2010 for being a homosexual, is an interesting case as his discharge was long overdue for many reasons.

    1LT Dan Choi (O-2) was a poor performer as evidenced by the fact when he came out in March 2009 on the Rachel Maddow show he was not a Captain O-3. To hear Maddow and others talk this was one of the best officers the Army had.

    After graduating West Point in 2003 he was on active duty in the Army for five years. An officer gets to O-3 pretty much automatically at year four after being commissioned; the promotion rate is “almost” 100 percent. Thus when he came out that he was gay he had probably been passed over for promotion to O-3 at least twice. In 2008 he left active duty and joined the National Guard. It is highly likely he was released from active duty due to his having been passed over for promotion to O-3.

    Anyone not promoted to O-3 is a poor performer and their career is over whether it be on active duty or the Guard. This is even more shocking since Choi graduated from West Point, which usually gives you a leg up. Choi apparently did not think his chances of making O-3 in the Guard were very good or he would have waited until he made Captain and the come out as a gay man. He may have even been passed over for promotion to O-3 in the Guard.

    Choi’s being a poster child for gay rights is probably making him a large chunk of money and the longer he can keep his face in the news he can probably pull in a six figure income each year. All in all a pretty good deal for a poor performing officer. If he was heterosexual no one would care if he was discharged for failing to be promoted or for some other reason poor performance basis. If he had ever been able to get himself reinstated as an officer he would then probably argued the next time he was passed over for promotion to O-3 it was due to his being gay.

    In addition to LT Choi’s poor military performance, Choi has been arrested several times for disorderly conduct at rallies in opposition to “don’t ask” and other anti-gay policies during 2009 and 2010 while a member of the National Guard.

    In March 2010 he was arrested – WHILE IN UNIFORM – in Washington, DC for handcuffing himself to a White House fence. Prosecutors dropped charges against him without explanation after he said he would subpoena President Obama if his case went to trial.

    If any other military member had done that while wearing his uniform he would have been court-martialed. Homosexuals now have special rights that heterosexual soldiers do not have.

    Commander Wayne L. Johnson, JAGC, Navy (Retired)
    Alexandria, VA

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