Don Lemon Gets Pushed Around by Police In Ferguson, Missouri: VIDEO


Out gay journalist Don Lemon was in Ferguson, Missouri yesterday to cover the protests in the aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown. While live on CNN, Lemon was seen being physically pushed by police officers. Meanwhile, reports continue to file in about excessive force being used by law enforcement against protesters. Mediaite reports: 

“We’ve been standing here all day,” Lemon continued to report as the officer moved him and other protesters back.

“We’ve got rights!” a woman behind him screamed.

“I’m not going to resist a police officer,” Lemon said and he moved backwards. “Now you see why people are so upset here, because we have been here all day,” he added. “We’re on national television. So imagine what they are doing to people when you don’t see on national television, the people who don’t have a voice like we do.” 

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. says

    District 11.

    This is horrific. Arresting journalists, officers removing their own badges and numbers so they can’t be identified, all the while the Right Wing Media is trying to spin this into a problem caused by *ahem* “liberals” when the reality that what we are seeing is the culmination of Fox News’ contributions to society; deranged angry racist white people seething irrational hatred.

  2. Hislv says

    the police chief has already been caught in a lie

    the autopsy shows the shooting officer lied due to their being no signs of s struggle on the body

    the autoposy pathologists even said there is enough evidence to arrest the officer

  3. Mike says

    So why focus on him and not MSNBC’s Chris Hayes being pelted by rocks? I’ve been laughing my a– off all morning! It’s a much funnier video, even if he isn’t gay.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    Proposal :

    Let all Police jurisdictions immediately introduce compulsory steroid testing for officers.

    In my opinion there is enough evidence of ‘road rage’ type incidents of over muscled gorillas acting with uncontrolled aggression towards members of the public to warrant testing on a national basis.

    Now if Police Officers have nothing to hide I’m sure they will all line up to be tested tomorrow.

  5. Moretruth says

    “We’re been here all day” So?!! Time to move. Too many so-called media are making themselves the story and creating news. MSNBC has been especially embarrassing. The media and outside agitators are truly destroying Ferguson. Once they leave, the town will be left with the reputation as a lawless looting hell. No real business will want to be there. And this is destroying the city of St Louis’ attempts to merge back with St. Louis County (in even the most minor of ways). And also attempts for the many (redundant) municipalities of North County to merge. Ferguson should simply be absorbed by Florissant or another nearby municipality and stop the wasteful duplication of services caused by the fractionating municipalities in North St. Louis County. And viola, the Ferguson Police Department would be no more, too, so wall you irrational cop haters will be tickled.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The Trollroad trolls are slipping. You call this lazy schoolyard taunting trolling? Where my trolls at?

  7. Jack M says

    It is painfully obvious that the police force in Ferguson is in need of investigation and sorting out. The governor needs to step up and take action.

  8. crispy says

    ” Too many so-called media are making themselves the story and creating news.”

    You couldn’t be more clueless about what is actually going on. The media unwittingly became the story when police officers marched into a McDonalds and arrested them, violating their First Amendment rights.

    You conservative turds kick and scream about the Second Amendment whenever someone dares to mention any kind of gun control measure, but you sure don’t have any problem when the First Amendment is violated on live television. At least show a little consistency.

  9. Logan says

    Hasn’t the Ferguson police force been removed and it now is managed by state police forces? If so, I find it hard to believe there are THIS many police officers willing to be on live television doing things that the media is painting as wrong. Something in the milk ain’t clean here.

  10. Hislv says

    no Logan

    The state police were brought in to observe the local police

    The state guard has now been brought in to observe

    BUT the police force acting is still the local police force

  11. Michael Rowe says

    MORETRUTH, the only “reputation” Ferguson will be left with once the media leaves and the story fades is as the place where the First Amendment went to die.

  12. r says

    embarrassing is truly the word for both cnn and msnbc. i can only stomach euronews anymore, where i learn much more about what’s going on in my country (the us) than american media

    there’s actually more than one story out there

  13. joeblowfl says

    This entire situation and the amazingly one sided reporting by CNN and HLN/MSNBC is really sad. I still can’t believe the only commentator I’ve agreed with on the situation is Bill O’Reilly. I’ve always considered myself a die hard liberal. I detest FOX news. I am worried this is going to have major negative implications on the next 2 years election cycle and send it into conservative overdrive. can ou imagine the damage that will occur with a Republican President and both houses with Republican majority…..? Don Lemon has been the worst of the bunch. His acting while being asked to move along the sidewalk is laughable… He said the video of Michael Brown didn’t show anything? Why do all the media assume the police officer is lying?

  14. joeblowfl says

    Hislv- This is my first post. Not sure what you mean. My post was genuine and heartfelt. I think the media coverage has been awful.

  15. stanhope says

    Well I’ll put aside the fact that I can’t stand Don Lemon to say that thank goodness the family had the advice to get their own independent autopsy or the facts that have come to light would have been cloaked. They need to prosecute that lying policeman and the Stepin’ Fetchit police chief that they have standing out front needs to go back to the cotton field.

  16. James says

    Ferguson: officer relieved of duty after ‘black little perverts’ video surfaces

    Page also told the audience in his speech: “If you take a stand against sodomy or abortion you’re a terrorist, ladies and gentlemen … In the military right now we have open sodomy, people holding hands, people swapping spit together. Sick. It’s pitiful.”