‘Ex-Gay’ Awareness Summit Set To Converge On Washington, D.C.


The Parents and Friends of 'Ex-Gays' & Gays (PFOX) is upping the ante on its ploy for an 'ex-gay' pride movement with another 'Ex-Gay' Awareness Month summit. Meant to posture 'ex-gays' and their supporters as a legitimate political movement, the annual summit consists of a number of social gatherings and a march on Capitol Hill designed to “[undermine] the whole effort of the homosexual lobby.”

Though last year’s summit failed to draw the tens-of-thousands of closeted 'ex-gays' PFOX organizer Christopher Doyle projected would be in attendance, this year’s summit hopes to draw interested 'ex-gay' politicos with the likes of one-time Presidential hopeful Alan Keyes, homophobic zealot Matt Barber, and current Fox News contributor Sandy Rios.

"Our second annual conference is sure to raise awareness about the serious issues that ex-gays face," PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs said in a press release. "We also welcome the families and friends of those living homosexually who support the ex-gay message that change is possible."

Those eager to contribute to the ex-gay’s influence on Congress can take advantage of a limited time early bird ticket discount of $10. Attendants unfamiliar with the ins and outs of marching on the Hill can take part in PFOX’s complimentary lobbying training seminar in addition to attending a number of “educational” seminars explaining the ways in which the 'ex-gay' community is being denied the manifold federal protections universally afforded to the LGBTQ community.

Watch footage of last year’s wildly successful 'Ex-Gay' Awareness summit, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. ToThePoint says

    Ex-gays ONLY exist because someone told them they were inferior and not worthy of their own honesty. Feel sorry for those whom are bullied into living a lie. Many (@ church and school)tried to bully me into thinking I was worthless but my integrity survived and I am proud to have been courageous against these foes trying to put me (us) down.

  2. ToThePoint says

    And it is all wrapped around the same thing – the belief that religion must be imposed on the masses. One day, the world is going to realize that religion is actually the enemy of human rights.

  3. Salondra says

    I don’t understand why the need to give these folks more publicity when the best recourse is to ignore. There’s so much positive stuff out there. Nobody takes these folks seriously besides the people who already hates us.

  4. MikeKV says

    “explaining the ways in which the ‘ex-gay’ community is being denied the manifold federal protections universally afforded to the LGBTQ community.”

    Umm… If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t “ex-gay” imply “now heterosexual”, and therefore, said “ex-gay” person would now have every protection a heterosexual person would have?

    I’m not missing something here, their logic is just faulty, right?

  5. ToThePoint says

    Their whole point is to try and make a mockery of LGBT rights. Ex-gay rights are upheld in every heterosexual court in the country. They are self-loathers because (religious) society made them that way and unable to have any self-esteem, dignity or integrity. Very sad indeed.

  6. says

    these poor deluded cows don’t even know what they’re talking about.

    i like how they complain about “having no voice.” Girl, that’s what happens when you spend all day channelling your sadness into shower-stall-broadway-belting.

    they’re not ex-gay. they’re merely Active Breakers of the Ninth Commandment.

    and it’s all because of the rejection of their families and communities.

    oh well. i’m sure like last year, tens of tens will show up!

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Petey and Rick, when you’re marching on Capitol Hill, be sure to way and say hello. I’ll be on the sidewalk pointing and laughing.”

    Yes, CRISPY, AMEN!

    But how will he manage to be two people at one time. Hell, he can do it. On this blog he is “legion” like the demons in the New Testament.

  8. Rick says

    There won’t be any drag queens. I can feel safe there without my masculinity threatened. I am still uncomfortable though because there are at least one woman and one black leading the way and me trailing like a dog.

  9. Bernie says

    so to be a little fair, last year the ex-gay main event with its line up of the top right wing losers/speakers did supposedly draw 50- 60 people in a darkened room in a secret location…..the rest of the weekend, I think they drew 10 people…..It is funny that if they are ex-gay and proud!!!! that is not being proud and ex-gay!! and, please don’t forget the theme song written and created by one of the 50/60 folks or speakers…..I am trying to keep a straight face as I write this, but I do want to break out in laughter!

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