First Look at James Franco as ‘Ex-gay’ Activist Michael Glatze In New Gus Van Sant Film: PHOTO

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James Franco posted an photo today in his role as ex-gay activist Michael Glatze for the upcoming film Michael. The movie tells the story of Glatze, the founder of the (now shuttered) gay twink magazine XY and the short-lived publication Young Gay America who went "ex-gay" and became a poster boy for that movement.

Wrote Franco:

Last month, it was reported that Zachary Quinto had signed on to play the former boyfriend of Franco’s character. Emma Roberts and Chris Zylka will also star. 

The film, produced by Gus van Sant and directed by Justin Kelly, is based on “My Ex-Gay Friend,” a New York Times Magazine article by Benoit Denizet-Lewis. You can read the article HERE

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  1. funinsnowfall says

    This man sincerely believes he changed to heterosexuality and only he knows what is in his mind as we have not seen contrary proof. It is arrogant for psychologists or mental health ‘professionals’ who don’t know him to think they know what is in his mind and condemn him by saying he did not change. Saying 1 does not know if he changed and that they will not conclude until they are convinced is Okay. The right thing to do is to hope he is right in his belief and that he did change.

    It would be rude for a psychologist to condemn an alcoholic who thinks he or she sincerely recovered, yet this man is condemned for saying he believes he recovered from homosexuality. 1 reason people distrust mainstream psychologists or mental health ‘professionals’ on homosexuality because-1. They arrogantly say they’re mental health professionals as though what they say is infallible.

    2. People distrust mainstream psychologists or mental health ‘professionals’ on homosexuality because-
    Psychologists and psychiatrists often have disorders of their own because they deal with people’s problems such as paranonia, schizophrenia and the stress of that job can mess up mind. I know my view offends homosexuals, but most smokers do not get offended by negative views of tobacco use. So homosexuals/lesbians have to hear others give negative views of their sex lives, because there is something wrong with this just as there’s something wrong with smoking.

    3. They have pro-homosexual biases and are dishonest. Psychology since 1973 in the USA usually has a pro-homosexual bias and not trustworthy. If a psychologist says truth which offends homosexual groups, then it gets condemned by homosexual groups. Let’s hope this man changed to heterosexuality as he believes and what we must do is wish him the best for him and his new wife + their future children. For people to condemn him when they don’t know this man and what is in his mind is arrogant and uncharitable.

  2. funinsnowfall says

    from where psychologists Ringil condems Michael E. Glatze see 3 lecture posts that Ringil writes below

    Senior Member

    Join Date: May 9, 2011
    Religion: Catholic
    Default Re: Former Gay Activist Marries Woman; Addresses Critics Who Condemn His New Heterosexual Lifestyle

    1. He’s gay. Gay people are called to a life of chastity. It is wrong, misguided , and selfish for this man to do this.

    People with a deep-seated homosexual inclination should not be getting married.

    I say this as a Catholic and as a mental health practitioner.

    This “ex-gay” agenda is part of the evangelical infection of Christianity.

    2. I know, in my practice, of more than a few men who were married for years- decades- and had children while being attracted to other men and the result is universally bad.

    This kind of personal experimentation wreaks havoc on the family and is so very selfish.

    3. Yep, you are right.

    Anyway, I can’t go any further with this discourse. Going this direction isn’t good for me and has caused me to cut off CAF so I will close by saying. . . .

    I believe as a mental health provider- and I would advise as much- against an individual with an established homosexual orientation to attempt a traditional marriage.

    I do not believe in the idea that a gay man or woman can forgo homosexual activities and take up heterosexual inclination in a psychologically healthy marriage.

    The Church has not spoken on the issue of whether these flks should seek marriage. I wish they would- but of course I have no say in such matters. I pray, pay, and obey.

    But then see why Ringil’s views as a psychologist or ‘mental health pracitioner’ can not be taken seriously when by his admission you see a topic he created here I’m giving up CAF Ringil did in July 2013 See 2 of his posts below:

    Senior Member

    Join Date: May 9, 2011
    Religion: Catholic
    Default Re: I’m giving up CAF

    1. Hello everyone,

    My time on CAF just messes me up spiritually and even emotionally. I’m actually kind of addicted to it. I wish there was a way I could block just one site but I can’t figure it out.

    So somehow I’m going to have to just use my willpower.

    Thanks to those who have been kind to me,

    God Bless,


    2. Thanks guys.

    I do want to express my appreciation.

    I know I have some kindred spirits here but the overall barrage of anxiety and dysphoria I get isn’t good for me.

    I have had both a priest and a therapist tell me to quit CAF but I haven’t been successful.

    I need to get back to mass and interact with catholics IRL.

    I could use the prayers.

    -Ringil’s lectures as a psychologist are useless when he has his own dysphorias.

    Though it’s speculation, perhaps a reason is defending homosexuals/transexuals because of the problems the Catholic Church has had with gay priests and possibly feels need to be apologists for homosexuals because quite a few of the boys who were molested by these homosexual priests are now gay in their adulthood. Though I’m not Christian, as a boy I went to a Catholic school (1977 to 1981 St. Paul of the Cross in La Mirada Calif.) and while the Catholic school gave good education and the nuns were helpful, 1 of the priests Michael Stephen Baker’s a homosexual and see this link

  3. says

    Ever notice that when someone becomes an “ex” something, it’s always after they had all the fun they can stand and now that they are too old to do it anymore, they renounce that life. He had a boyfriend, lived in San Francisco and ran a sleazy magazine. Now that he’s almost 40, an age when men start to become invisible in the gay community, he’s saying “This isn’t the life for me.”

    Just like all the drug addicts who party, party, party and get it all out of their system. One day, they realize that they have aged out of this life and no one wants them anymore. That’s when they “turn to Jesus.”

    I call B.S.

  4. MickyFlip says

    Oh please @funinsnowfall. You’re actually going to publish an article about a guy who came on to someone else in a public bathroom and was traumatized?? He should have done what I did when someone pulled the same stunt on me. Tell him “Thanks but no.” Please spare me the traumatized victim diatribe just because they can’t find the strength within themselves to deal with unwanted advances.

  5. says

    “It would be rude for a psychologist to condemn an alcoholic who thinks he or she sincerely recovered, yet this man is condemned for saying he believes he recovered from homosexuality.”

    Gayness in no way resembles alcoholism.

  6. says

    there are no such things as “ex-gays” – there are only homosexuals so weak and wounded by the shaming and withholding of love from their families who choose to lie, LIE, in order to attain a level of pithy tolerance in this life.

    or the mentally-feeble who actually believe the few selected scriptural passages that have been MIStranslated into being “anti-gay”

  7. EchtKultig says

    Oh god…the nutty troll is back. Can’t he just be banned? Hon, nobody is swallowing your nonsense here…please, head on back to worldnutdaily, christian post, whatever, and quit wasting our time.

    Ignoring for a moment the poor casting here, just a reminder that Gus Van Sant has exploited similar territory before in his films. I guess having millions and millions of dollars he can’t just shut up and retire, he has to go on being an “artist”. If there were someone out there who considered himself an “ex-black” and said that black culture was damaged and degenerate, and wanted to recruit white children into this degenerate culture, would Spike Lee be making a film about him? I think not. Again it goes back to the point that homosexuality is still not as sociologically respected a minority class as some others. Though I would say it’s not as low on the totem pole as my comparison to race might imply: women can still make films about self-hating, self-destructive women, albeit not in quite the same way. Oh well, just another passing moment of indignity at this point. As long as the country doesn’t elect a Republican in 2016, gay rights is pretty much going to be permanent and enshrined in the US. That’s the right-wing’s last chance to turn the country into a Christian version of the taliban and they know it…so be vigilent until then.

  8. Matt27 says

    In the first pic he looks clean and handsome. I wonder why he doesn’t want to look this way in his private life.

  9. Yawn says

    Because, “Matt27,” he prefers to dress and groom according to what HE wants, and doesn’t really need your opinion on how to look.

  10. EchtKultig says

    “quite a few of the boys who were molested by these homosexual priests are now gay in their adulthood.”

    Nope, absolutely proven not be true. The fact is, heterosexual people who are abused by same sex assailants stay straight; gay ones stay gay. Believe me, plenty of gay teen boys were taking to female prostitutes by their fathers…didn’t turn them straight either. (There’s some european novel where this actually happens, I can’t remember which)
    Lawrence Lessig. Straight man with children. I guess being raped as a child also causes people to become constitutional scholars?

    Fun, you need professional therapy to help you with whatever happened to you and your obviously conflicted feelings about it…posting inane comments on a gay website isn’t going to help you. BTW, I and most other gays I know were not abused as children or teens. The youngest I know of had sex when he was 15 with a 20 something guy at his church (surprise, surprise) but he said he initiated it and given his sex drive, I have no doubt that’s true!

  11. EchtKultig says

    Although in fairness to Van Sant…if this film is going to be made at all, I suppose I’d rather it be him than someone with even more of an agenda.

  12. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but i find the whole exgay thing beyond ridiculous, you are gay, straight or bisexual, but you can’t be defined but what you are not.
    If he doesn’t feel atracted to guys anymore (good luck believing that) he is straight (with a gay past but straight), not ex gay.

    Did someone read the article wich is based this?
    Because no matter how many big names are attached to this, the film sounds like a very very bad idea

  13. EchtKultig says

    Jjose712…yes you’ve underscored an amusing linguistic peculiarity. Christians are always saying homosexuality is “just an [evil] activity” like any other sin. But they don’t talk about being ex-sinners, or ex-secularists. (Google search only turns up 15,000 uses of the former term. Most of them probably not serious) To create a concept of ex-gay and call it that is ironically to reify the reality of a gay identity.

    Agree the film sounds like a bad idea, that’s why it’s even more galling that it’s coming from an egotistical gay filmmaker. Who probably subscribed to XY LOL.

  14. Arkansassy says

    Enough of the James Franco posts. No one cares anymore. He’s not avant garde. He’s not cutting edge. He’s not original. He’s not a good actor. He’s not a good director. He’s just an attention whore.

  15. Profe Sancho Panza says

    This guy’s story, as the original New York Times piece showed, explores a lot of really interesting questions about personal identity and how it’s defined, chosen, imposed, etc. So it could be a very smart, provocative film. Let’s hope so.

  16. JCW says

    Trolls aside, I’m very much looking forward to seeing this. I was lucky to work on Milk with Franco, and whatever his true orientation, he cares about this issue (which is why he teases it so much) and was very sincere in his work on Milk…. Between him and Van Sant, I’m anticipating a three dimensional, thought provoking bit of film making.

  17. Yawn says

    I agree with Arkansassy – enough with the James Franco posts. Nobody cares about him or his f&mewhoring anymore.