Focus on the Family: Christians Are Becoming ‘Slaves’ to Pro-LGBT Equality ‘Tyrants’ – VIDEO

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In a new video about the "unhealthy, modern" separation of church and state, Focus on the Family's CitizenLink host Stuart Shepard uses some recent examples of anti-gay discrimination, such as the Colorado baker who refused service to a gay couple, to claim that pro-LGBT laws have created the 'tyrant' government preying on religious liberties that our Founding Fathers warned about.


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  1. disgusted american says

    As usual they wont let u leave a comment…..typical, playing the victim…just STFU already!

  2. Bernie says

    Yes, playing the victim card! This is another fictional non-issue created by the right wing because basically they have nothing left as the LGBT community gains equality and equal rights…..

  3. johnny says

    They really need to be careful of the “slave” term around certain groups of gay men.

    Just sayin’.

  4. radtastic says

    They’ve oppressed LGBT’s for centuries and now they claim it was US oppressing them all along?

    What a stupid, stunted world this festering gobshite lives in.

  5. woody says

    he’s got a very broad definition of “church,” extending it to bakers and photographers. if that baker were considered church, he wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on his business. but he does have to pay those taxes because he is not a church in the eyes of the federal government, state governments or municipal governments. they’ve all weighed in on this long ago.

  6. The Milkman says

    He’s basing his argument on the erroneous assumption that his ability to practice his religion requires the freedom to deny civil and human rights to groups of people he doesn’t like. (If it weren’t GLBT people, it would surely be someone else, such as women or religious minorities.) It’s a flawed argument, one that crumbles under even the weakest scrutiny.

  7. UFFDA says

    His sickening point of view is everywhere invalidated by the majority of sensible and humane Christians who welcome gay people in their lives and congregations. Real Christians would have nothing to do with him and his ilk.

  8. bkmn says

    Having just driven across the state of North Dakota I found that half the FM radio stations in the western part of the state are christian stations. Most of their content is filled with people crying about how Xtians are being prosecuted everywhere…EVERYWHERE!!!

    I never thought I would see the day that people brainwash themselves.

  9. NotSafeForWork says

    Violation of existing anti discrimination laws they are spinning into faux Christian oppression and victimization.

  10. JJ says

    He decries government interference in religion and then argues that the solution is _less_ separation of Church and State? He’s confused. He would be very unhappy with what he’s asking for. If Church/State separation dissolved in the U.S., then every tenet of faith would be up for a vote, and the result would be the law. The state religion wouldn’t be *his* faith. It would be some bland amalgam of beliefs that don’t offend the majority.

    What he wants is supremacy of one’s individual beliefs over law—also known as Anarchy.

  11. McMike says

    Can someone please show me a Christian homophobic man who isn’t some closet case whose main issue is he would not stand a chance hooking up with a good looking guy?

  12. JJ says

    @LITTLE KIWI, this is why SCOTUS gutted our Voting Rights Act, if you recall. The tyranny of the blacks was such that no one could vote against the VRA without becoming unelectable, which apparently made it undemocratic. I’m being sarcastic, but this was essentially Scalia’s argument.

  13. Bill says

    This moron apparently thinks that his “religious beliefs” against same-sex marriage should have precedence over “religious beliefs” in favour of same-sex marriage.

    Ironically, what he wants is what Jefferson (who he quotes) was warning against. At the time, the Thirty Year War between Protestants and Catholics (with some other factors contributing as well) wiped out a non-trivial fraction of Europe’s population. Having the state favour one religion over another in the U.S. would just have set us up for the same sort of disaster that Europeans had experienced (which we ended up with anyway, but it was not a civil war about religion in our case).

  14. doug105 says

    The CPC-Christian Persecution Complex is a form of delusion where Christians believe that they are the victims of persecution – quite often while the sufferer is involved in bigoted behaviour towards others themselves.

    Martyrbation: the act of declaring oneself a victim to win an argument when confronted with facts or ridicule often accompanied by

    CPC-Christian Persecution Complex.
    The christian persecution complex, or CPC, is very common in America. It is driven by the need to dominate the political and social landscape. Born of a fundamentalist christian worldview, it strives to claim discrimination against christian’s in all form and manner. Regardless of the “moderation” of any one particular denomination, the idea of christian persecution is drilled into the heads of the faithful from day one. Fundamentalist mentality leaches into the god groundwater, slowly contaminating the “moderate” viewpoint, and sucking them into all the drama surrounding today’s persecution rhetoric, like the “War on Christmas”, “Prayer In Schools” and “Christian Nation”. You’d think that we were once again feeding christian’s to lions. The fact is that America does not persecute christian’s. To the contrary. The christian’s are the ones who persecute anyone that doesn’t agree with them, and their doctrine of subservience to a mythological entity.-theamericanheathen

  15. TheOtherOne says

    These sorts of Christians make a mockery of the tales told about the Christ. Since when is hateful ignorant bigotry, oppression or persecution of minorities “religious liberty?” Since when is equality under law “slavery?” Since never.