Gay Couples React to Bizarre Anti-gay Marriage Ads: WATCH


Remember those hilariously awful anti-gay marriage ads a few years back? The ones that tried to paint a ominous future for America should we (God forbid!) allow gay couples the same rights as heterosexual couples?

Well YouTube user Michael Rizzi has dug up some of those absurd ads and asked gay couples to watch and react. The results, as you can probably image, are quite entertaining. 

"I hurt for your privilege"





  1. woody says

    these guys must have had their heads in the sand if they’ve never seen any of these videos.

  2. says

    Will and RJ are the most mature as a couple and post videos on a daily basis. You really see the daily life of a gay couple. Vinnie and Luke are pretty good and they live in England but recently flew to NY to renew their vows. The couples we’re missing Mark and Ethan and Nick and Matthew, both of whom have larger fan bases then three of the others shown. I don’t understand the fascination and fan base associated with Tyler Oakley (he is the largest openly gay YouTuber) and DavyWavy. These latter two just post inane gay-oriented videos but know how to grab their audience with titles like, “How to measure your penis…”. In all, I find Will and RJ like a sitcom and a channel you like to watch every day.

  3. Yikes says

    I’d post videos of myself and my BF going about our day-to-day and follow these videos, but I kinda have a life. Ah well.

  4. says

    @YIKES – to these guys, this is their life and they are paid very well. Will & RJ pull down about $6,000 a month just from Google and they have paid sponsorships with Hulu+ and several other companies. Nick and Matt about $28,000 a month, DavyWavy about $20,000 per month on 1 channel (and he has four channels, one a workout with huge fan base). ALL have online stores that generate a lot of income from merchandise sales (t-shirts, bracelets, hoodies). I can remember when both RJ and Will (who has a Masters Degree in Mathematics) quit their jobs to run their channels (they have 3, including a whopping gaming channel).

    Summing it up Davy has been able to buy a home in Hollywood, Will and RJ just took an extensive trip to Europe (all daily filmed of course) and Nick and Matt just purchased a beautiful new condo in LA.

    Now hold on to your hat, Tyler Oakley’s channel generates 1.9 million a year and that’s just from Google.

    Putting your life on the internet can be very lucrative.

  5. says

    @MikeRyan – just a note that not all YouTubers pull down monies as you infer. There are many of us who have refused Google’s lure to run ads on every video and we pay a price for that. Google does not promote our channels unlike those above and punish those who use the word “gay” in the channel titles by defaulting us as adult channels thus blocking the general public. All of the guys above have been on YouTube for a minimum of 7 to 10 years before building up such major audiences. They live their lives on the internet.

    I run the Crazy Gay Guy Channel and my videos are family-friendly. I must promote it myself. I don’t appear in them and generally neither does my husband.

    I tip my hat to the guys above but have no desire to expose our married life to the internet. The thrill for me is in making, producing and editing great videos.

  6. anon says

    Did we expect to see a positive reaction? These ads started in 2004, with GWB’s re-election campaign and hit again in ’06 and ’08, but started losing steam in ’10 and ’12. Many were targeted to individual states where amendments baring gay marriage were put on the ballot–and typically passed by wide margins.