HRC Launches Cultural Campaign In The Deep South: AUDIO


Of all the places in the U.S. that are resistant to social change, and gay equality in particular, the Deep South tops the list. As such, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas have now become the focus of the Human Rights Campaign's Project One America. One of the problems in the Deep South is that people don't talk about homosexuality, so the Project will consist of a series of "summer conversations" to try to educate, inform, and open minds. Not unlike Harvey Milk, the HRC is tired of the silence, so they're going to talk about it. 

The HRC will have its work cut out for it, though, given that their message will be running counter to people like Rev. Phillip Gandy, a Mississippi state senator and author of the state's "license to discriminate" against gays bill, who could take home the gold in the Mental Gymnastics competition:

If you're a real Christian, a follower of Christ, you're going to love people. And you love people where they are. You may not agree with people, but that doesn't mean that we judge them and say you've got to be like we are. Some have asked what I thought of gay marriage. I don't really have a thought. Scripture has spoken on that. Marriage is between a man and a woman.


Just like an athletic contest, if you're going to play football and you say, 'I don't like the boundaries, I don't like the sidelines, and I don't like the 10-yard markers and I don't like the goal posts.' What do you have? You have chaos.

Rhetorical fallacies abound. You can listen to NPR's coverage of the story AFTER THE JUMP




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  1. PHILIE says

    I’m glad the HRC has recognized the need to at least force the conversation on that part of America who obtusely refuses to open its mind to the unrelenting evolution of societies.

    Sometimes it is scary to recognize that parts in America live in more prejudiced environments than those forced on by the Taliban… and nowadays ISIS.

  2. Dback says

    Good luck with that–the South has continually proven that its one of the regions of the country most resistant to change, progress, etc. If they can fall back on “God /the Bible said it, I believe it!” so they don’t have to think, they will. (If the Supreme Court hadn’t ruled in Loving Vs. Virginia, a hefty chunk of the South would still outlaw interracial marriage.)