James Franco and Zachary Quinto Show Off Laid Back New Looks for Upcoming ‘Ex-Gay’ Film ‘Michael’


James Franco and his Michael co-star Zachary Quinto debuted via Instagram this week their new looks for the upcoming film about 'ex-gay' activist Michael Glatze. 

Franco now sports the 90s blonde look of Glatze, while Quinto shows off some bangs and more in an XY t-shirt. XY was the (now shuttered) gay twink magazine founded by Glatze back in 1996.

Wrote Franco

Let's Party! Blondes have more fun!! But do you respect me?????

Wrote Quinto:

a little xy trailer time (with early 2000s bangs) after my pretend beebee@jamesfrancotv told me to put my salmon lips on his bagels.

Quinto will reportedly play the former boyfriend of Glatze in the film. 

Think these two are pulling off the 90s/early 2000s look?


  1. Me says

    has this started filming already?

    cause the promoting is on fire..hope is a good movie..

    I’m already getting tired of all the pormotion…

  2. EchtKultig says

    Ok…we get the picture Towleroad. Is there going to be post every other day about this upcoming film?

  3. anon says

    why can’t Franco open his eyes? He always looks high. The same as with Justin Bieber. I’ve never seen a photo of either of them with their eyes bigger than slits.

  4. says

    @ TOWLEROAD: Glatze did not found “XY.” And it was Benjie Nycum who was his fellow staffer there, and partner of 10 years. He’s still proudly gay, on the Board of Directors of Eqale Canada, and with a husband of four years. Perhaps the confusion arises from Glatze and Nycum later cofounding their own magazine, “YGA/Young Gay America,” and publishing the “XY Survival Guide.” In any case, Nycum deserves the respect of having his name noted.

    As for the pictures, they look like desperate trailer trash trying to get laid by posting on craigslist which in Franco’s case would be redundant. JUST COME OUT, MARY! Because of the parasitic-if-NOT-gay games you play, you’re just as repulsive in your own way as Michael Glatze.

  5. Yikes says

    Look, I love Quinto. I really do. However, he looks far too old in that photo to resemble anything I ever saw in XY.

  6. bicurious says

    To be more accurate to the 90’s Quinto needs to trim his armpit hair. XY guys would never have let their armpits go so bushy.

  7. RockerRocker says

    Ugh. Can we please have a moratorium on posts about these two? What’s the Quinto allure? He’s a lousy actor and looks like Frankenstein’s monster. And Franco is a farce. ENOUGH!

  8. will says

    James is not posting these stories onto TR. Andy and his staff are. These come from James’s and Zach’s facebook statues. Your bitchy ennui is misdirected. Commenters: please stop trolling James!

  9. Markt says

    Great photos. The look inspires my nostalgic fantasies. Can’t explain the other posters. Except – I feel like it’s jealousy or narcissism because they aren’t involved. Do all gays have narcissistic personality disorder? Maybe Glatze was right to try and be ex-gay.

  10. emjayay says

    Anon: Some people just have squinty eyes.
    RockerRocker: Quinto is such a terrible actor he has gotten cast in all kinds of plays, like the lead in the NY revival of Angels In America (got an award for that) and later The Glass Menagerie. Look up the reviews.

  11. Warmsun says

    Quinto isn’t supposed to be one of the models – he’s supposed to be playing the founder of XY, who is a bit older (and always seemed a bit creepy – and inordinately defensive all the time about creating a gay teen mag).

  12. j says

    again the ages are off – these two are older – it seems by far – than the folks they are playing – it throws the whole thing off – these were men in their early/mid twenties – what is franco? – nearing or over 40 i assume.
    it’s like matt d playing the boyfriend of Liberace – he was 17 and MD is 40+ –

  13. IJelly says

    I think it’s a great premise for a movie. Unfortunately, the actors seem a little long in the tooth to play guys just out of college.

  14. says

    NO, Warsun! Quinto is NOT playing Peter Ian Cummings, “XY’s” founder but Benjie Nycum whom Glatze met when they both worked for Cummings, and became lovers for 10 years. Quinto looks NOTHING like him beginning with the fact Nycum has curly hair. As for Miss Franco, in this photo she looks more like the creepy bleached blond/trying and failing to look younger than he is owner of Abercrombie & Fitch.

  15. MaryM says

    James Franco is a homophobic pig.

    He is constantly playing gay but when a website insinuates that he himself is gay he calls it homophobic.