James Franco and His ‘New Lover’ Zachary Quinto: PHOTO


Actor and prolific social media user James Franco has Instagrammed a couple of new photos fresh off the set of his new film Michael, which is focused on the life of "ex-gay" activist Michael Glatze.

We got our first look at him in his new role earlier this week. The film is based on a New York Times article by Benoit Denizet-Lewis and is being directed by Justin Kelly. Gus van Sant is an executive producer on the project.

Franco captioned the above photo with Zachary Quinto as "My new lover, SPOCK!" Quinto plays Glatze's ex-lover in the movie.

AFTER THE JUMP another photo of Franco from the film's production – this one's a selfie of the actor sporting blond hair.



  1. David From Canada says

    Isn’t this just like American movie-makers?! They will make a film about an ex-gay but not a real one. Just plain DUMB! I really can’t see people going to see this pointless movie.

  2. Twombly says


    They only make movies about us if we’re “ex-gay” or dying from AIDS.

    I would love to see a normal movie about a gay person who is just living and having random things happen.

  3. Steven says

    I’m a bit disappointed that James Franco would play the role of an ex-gay. It minimizes the fight of the LGBT community by showcasing gay as a choice, which it is not. Ex-gay people are most likely bisexual and the story should be told as such.

  4. Me says

    oh boy the movie is being made and you guys are already criticizing something you have not seen yet…wow

  5. crispy says

    “I would love to see a normal movie about a gay person who is just living and having random things happen.”

    Broken Hearts Club
    Pit Stop
    Beautiful Thing
    Turtle Hill, Brooklyn

    Should I go on?

  6. luke says

    that hair style and colour makes him a completely different person, it really gives off the high school/college jock fantasy vibe. or a blond matt leblanc. kinda hot.

  7. BrokebackBob says

    With the totally frenetic pace of James’ life, my suspicion is that he might have always had ADHD or be asymmetric bipolar and we don’t see the “down” times, just the manic “up” times. I may be full of it but I do have a B.A. in Psychology (I ended up in Information Tech) and his activity level is almost unbelievable and he’s also going for a doctorate at what Ivy League school? Geesh!

  8. BreckRoy says

    This is a film with a gay director, screenwriter, and gay and gay-friendly stars. I think the writer of the source material was gay, too. This is not going to be promotion or apology for ex-gays and their beliefs. If anything, it will likely portray the lead as confused, mentally ill, or tragic in his loathing and delusion.

  9. says

    Who says the film is going to showcase or endorse “gay as a choice”? Maybe it’s a study of denial and delusion, a cautionary tale of what happens when you try to hide in shame from truth? It all depends on what they do with the source material–I’ll be interested to find out. Can’t do that till it’s finished …

    Filmmakers don’t have a responsibility to feature only happy, well-adjusted people any more than novelists have the obligation to only have good, noble characters. Would be kinda dull, actually.

    If what they do with the character doesn’t ring true, then we’ll certainly have the right to complain about it.

  10. Sean Maloney says

    What’s up with Quinto’s eyebrows? And Franco looks like he needs a blood transfusion.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ ERNIE,

    as usual, you’re absolutely right.

    Who knows what happens to the delusional ex-Gay in the movie.

    I like James Franco–so should the rest of you…well, I had a nasty word I was going to use, but I won’t. I begins with a “B”.

  12. Sami says

    Why hasn’t GLAAD contacted Van Sant to find out what the intention of this project is? If this film promotes Glatze and his lies, we need to protest it. What does GLAAD actually do all day?

  13. Gregoire says

    Are you people drunk? It’s a Gus Van Sant movie. This isn’t promoting the ex-gays. Did you all just wake up out of a cocoon or something?

  14. crispy says

    “are those indy films or mainstream films which reach a wise audience?”

    Does it matter?

  15. jjose712 says

    crispy: Yes, it matters because they were talking about big films with big names (not about quality, because everybody knows that Hollywood produce more crap than oscar’s worthy films).

    The point here is Hollywood reduce gays to accessory for the female main character on rom coms, but it has no problem in make a movie about an exgay.

    And i have no doubt the movie won’t be a promotion for Glatze, not with the names attached to it, but i still think there are a lot of gay character more worthy of a film that this delusional guy (who will take profit of the film even indirectly)

  16. will says

    David from Canada: Isn’t this just like American movie-makers?! They will make a film about an ex-gay but not a real one. Just plain DUMB!


    Gus Van Zant is the “dumb” director who’s making this. He also filmed “Milk”, which I believe is about a “real” gay.

    Ah, just forget it. I’m not gonna post my thoughts after all because you don’t really care.

  17. crispy says

    Who is they?

    If you’re referring to the first two commenters, they mentioned nothing about indie vs. big budget movies. They didn’t add that stipulation until after I proved them wrong.

    And my point still stands… there are plenty of good movies about gay characters if you take a moment to find them. Of course, if you’re relying on Hollywood blockbusters to validate your existence, you have much bigger problems.