James Franco Slams ‘Homophobic’ Gawker Article Implying He’s Gay

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Actor James Franco took to social media today to criticize what he called a "homophobic" Gawker article published Wednesday implying he's gay.

The article, entitled "James Franco Is Living With a Man," floated the idea that actor Scott Haze was Fraco's "live-in boyfriend" based on two sentences in a recent New York Times piece on Franco. 

Wrote Gawker's J.K. Trotter, in part:

But theirs is the kind of relationship—somewhat ambiguous, seemingly gay, probably romantic—that almost always sends The New York Times into a bizarre moral panic.

Franco's response, posted on Facebook:



  1. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I wouldn’t call it “slamming” Gawker – more like teasing and twitting. Slamming suggest (to me anyway) anger, and I don’t get that it makes him angry, except as far as the Gawker piece is silly sensasionalism.

  2. crashops says

    I would love for him to explain how it’s homophobic. It isn’t homophobic to simply report on it unless you believe homosexuality is a bad thing.

  3. northalabama says

    everybody reaches their limits with people who say things that aren’t true, i think franco gets a pass.

    most people wouldn’t appreciate being linked romantically to anyone when it wasn’t true, male or female.

  4. Glen says

    Northalabama Not true…no one cares is if they are linked to a woman..half the time those are more beard relationships than not. It is only when someone dare suggest that two grown men living together are gay is what sets off a fury. I mean police walked in on Matthew McConaughey and Cole Hauser, nude, playing bongos. How dare the press suggest they are more than friends!!

    It is homophobia when you freak out about it. If you respond ‘well it’s flattering but not true” then fine you are good. If however you respond that it is homophobic to suggest two men living together are gay..well you not only have no concept of the definition of homophobic but probably protest too much.

  5. pablo says

    Seems like the norm now with these blogs/pages that have elements of social justice leanings — very in vogue to disparage gays these days it seems. Gross.

  6. northalabama says

    @glen – franco didn’t “freak out”, he was having a bad day – one bad day, one bad tweet. using one tweet as a ratinale to suggest franco is homophobic is worse than anything he said.

  7. Houndentenor says

    I rather enjoy having my own place but I also have friends who don’t want to live alone. Even though they could afford their own home they choose to have a roommate or two. Franco may be this type. It doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had as many straight roommates as gay ones and as many women as men. If anyone read anything into those living arrangements they were jumping to a lot of conclusions.

  8. Tyler says

    Rochon is actually Styler who is actually Rick. Rochon even uses the same link to “http://www.balepic/” as Rick does with Styler.

    And the comment includes the same anti-Feminist language that Rick is ALWAYS using.

    Rick, we see you. You stop that.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ KEN,

    thanks, I like him (Franco) also. He reminds me of James Dean. Not as much natural acting genius as James Dean, but Franco has a lot of talent and personality.

    We’ll see.

  10. V-8 says

    I understand what Franco means by calling them homophobic… the article itself was not, but the sentence saying that his roommate would cause gay panic at the NYT sounds homophobic… because it is their conclusion and assumption… Franco’s reponse is not to being written about in general, but written about in a way that equates him with gay, and gay with something negative…

  11. will says

    “… and see me direct my live-in boyfriend, SCOTT HAZE!!!”

    Oh, good lord. James is just being playful. Hasn’t he shown you people in the past TEN YEARS he’s uber-gay-friendly? What do you people need? Actual gay penetration to be considered gay friendly?

    Drama queen: please stop opining and stop jumping at every opportunity to push Franco under the bus.

  12. tinkerbelle says

    Yeah, Ken, he’s a legend in the making because he spends 99% of his time working on that legend. Jack of all trades, master of none, except acting, the rest is not worth anyone’s attention. As to the “homophobia”, I agree with SY and GIGI and even MARYM — you can’t play around with the gay idiom and NOT expect the “press”, of all things, to take advantage of this. He should know better. And just take it like a man…

  13. GregV says

    I ‘m a gay guy living with a gay guy presently (and have lived with more straight guys than I can count) and my brother is a straight guy living with a straight guy presently. While these situations might be “seemingly gay and probably romantic” to the Gawker-writer’s imagination, there is no sexual interest whatsoever. The vast majority of men living with men and women living with women are straight people and/or non-romantic relationships.
    @Glen: Playing bongos naked sounds like something my brother’s straight frat-boy roommate would do. It is certainly not an indication of anybody’s orientation.

  14. Macguffin54 says

    Maybe homophobic isn’t the right word but their is something immature and gossipy about the Gawker piece. If it was writing about the NYT and their gay panic when in fact they were exhibiting a certain frenzy, themselves. Also, I don’t get why people are so anti-Franco when he has been one of our truest allies of late. And just like Clooney and Gere who have refused to denounce gay rumors because they think it would suggest there was something wrong with it, I think his genuine issue here is the way Gawker finds it salacious he might be gay and also that 2 guys can’t be close without being labeled gay. There is a certain gay panic in that, too. Call it hobrophobia.

  15. GregV says

    The Gawker article reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld in which George and Jerry were described in an article as “arguing over the cleanliness of a piece of fruit like an old married couple.”
    In that episode, like here, the writer was sensationalizing a non-existent gay relationship to try to attract readers.

  16. says

    Franco has posted lots of pictures of himself rubbing up and kissing men, so I have no idea why anyone would come to the conclusion that Franco likes the D.

    Seriously, though – don’t go queerbaiting if you’re not prepared for people to start questioning your sexuality, Jimmy. You play gay, you’re gonna pay.

  17. james street james says

    Let’s do some serious analysis here. Note in both pics that they are touching when they don’t have to.

    In the top pic they are in contact shoulder to elbow. So at least one of them has to be gay and the other is OK with that. And they both have that defiant look, if you don’t like us touching too bad. So probably more than one of them is gay.

    Second pic even more body contact. Case closed. Might as well be gay.

  18. Just_a_guy says

    If this is James’ only response, eh, ok. Yawn.

    But he’s pushing it. Dude like him doesn’t GET any kinda pass slamming gay people even inadvertently. I don’t care what his orientation is. No way. He owes more than that to the legacy of all the gay male characters he has been lucky enough to play.

  19. Arkansassy says

    Can we please stop paying attention to James Franco? The guy is an attention whore who will do ANYTHING to be in the spotlight. He is a talentless hack who can’t act or direct but seems to coast through on his media-darling status.


  20. Mick says

    I’m his boyfriend. This guy is just an actor who needs a place to crash until the movie check is paid. It’s all platonic. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

  21. Mick says

    I’m his boyfriend. This guy is just an actor who needs a place to crash until the movie check is paid. It’s all platonic. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

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