Janet Porter: Gay Games ‘Celebrate Immoral and Dangerous Behavior,’ Gays Seek to ‘Criminalize Christianity’ – AUDIO


Right-wing loon Janet Porter, who in the past has warned hetero families to steer clear of Disney World during its 'Gay Days' out of fear that children may be exposed to "public displays of perversion", is not happy with Cleveland Republicans "throwing the moral principles of the party platform under the bus" with a GOP booth at the Gay Games.

Said Porter:

"Chairman Rob Frost released a statement about how thrilled he was to welcome the homosexual, lesbian and cross-dressing community into the Republican tent, they even paid for a booth at the Gay Games to celebrate immoral and dangerous behavior from a community that seeks to silence dissent and criminalize Christianity."


[via Right Wing Watch]


  1. says

    Yeah, yeah, whatever. I also saw the Log Cabiners at the Festival Village during my trip. Is she going to throw THEM under the Laketran bus also?

  2. Geoff says

    Criminalize? Wrong. How about completely abolishing non-taxable, organized religion. It is a very dangerous political tool used by the stupid, frightened and hate-filled. Great thundering, supersonic “duh” on a stick!!!

  3. Tigernan says

    I’ve been hearing the “criminalize” thing a lot lately – it must be resonating with the congregations.

  4. terryp says

    “Criminalize”, boy do I wish we could. In what court of law though? Where to file the charges, class action any one?

  5. Tom says

    Criminalizing Christianity is not so grotesque a prospect as Janet would portray it. There are a number of vile practices that are both ongoing and historical that prosper(ed)under the cloak of the Christian lifestyle. The odious “anti-miscegenation” laws, the decimation of First Nation/Native populations, the status of wives as chattel– were all justified by citation of the Christian scriptures and cheer-led as “God’s will”. This doesn’t even count the institutionally sanctioned protection of criminal sexual predators that was cloaked for generations by many RC church leaders.

  6. TBD says

    first we could control the weather and now we have the power to nullify the first amendment to the constitution. wow, we are one powerful group. who knew?

  7. UFFDA says

    That picture of her makes me burst out laughing. Her sentiments make me puke and want to, indeed, “criminalize Christianity”. Best idea since the Inquisition.

  8. BrokebackBob says

    Janet I dare you to take out your 11″ dildo that you wear 24×7 and that other 8″ one on the other side and repeat what you said. Girl, how long have you been constipated?? Say what? You just get hot seeing all those hot gay men and more importantly you splooge when you see the gals.

  9. Bernie says

    Why do most of these right wing nut jobs look the part!?!?! Ms. Porter looks absolutely nuts in this picture and her words match the way she looks!!! And, no one is trying to criminalize Christianity…These wing nuts have such limited and short memories as just a few years ago, gay people were discriminated by society in jobs, public accommodations, housing,etc and the laws protecting gay people are just catching up….the wing nuts want “special” permission to discriminate against gays

  10. Tarc says

    Hee. If only that were so Janet. If only you had a brain. Or morals. Or common sense. Or and education. Or conditioner.

  11. woodroad34 says

    *ring-ring* *ring-ring*
    “Hello, Janet Porter? This is Darth Vader, I strongly feel your presence in the dark side of the force. I believe we may be of assistance to each other. Your overwhelming fear and anxiety makes you a perfect candidate for our religion. Please call me at 1-800-dumtwat or just think hateful thoughts and I’ll be right with you.”

    “That is all”
    *click* *buzz*

  12. codyj says

    what happened to her Rgn Bk new website,?lol,,,the new members names are still makin me laff, Ben D.Ova..Ben Ghazi, R.U.Gay, and Mr. N.E.Position, lol.. ….. ha ha ha shes a typical reli nutcase

  13. simon says

    That “zoned out” expression can also be the “money shot” of an actress in a porn movie.

  14. Robert M. says

    I have no interest in seeing Christianity or free thought for that matter, criminalized. Willful deceit and fraud on the part of supposed spiritual leaders when preaching to the “masses,” that’s another matter entirely. Free speech is free but comes with a heady responsibility not to intentionally misuse it and harm the public interest. Our founding fathers believed that the citizens of our nation understood that moral obligation to do no harm and thus enshrined unfettered free thought as a basic right of our nation. People like Janet Porter make a mockery of the intent of the first amendment. Free speech has limits. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is incitement and a crime. What Ms. Porter is doing is no different and she should be indicted on similar grounds. When the citizenry can no longer exercise self control when using their right to free thought and cross the line into doing harm, we, the people, must legislate boundaries for them…

  15. StevyD says

    Where I work, there are many crazy people walking the street. Most sensible people know to hurry on by and ignore their loonie rants and behavior. Janet Porter is just another of these mentally ill street people and should be paid the same attention.

  16. L G. says

    certainly not every Christian is like this one
    years ago people who heard God speak to them were carted away as crazy loons
    and WHY, though, do the crazy ones look crazy? man is she one mess of a person

  17. RexTIII says

    Wow, I must have missed the Agenda item on ‘criminalizing christianity’ … definitely, a must do! Starting with her.

  18. Bill says

    At least it helps explain why the right wing is so livid about “Obamacare”: if people started getting the meds they need, a good chunk of the Republican “base” would disappear.