Jimmy Kimmel Dupes People on the Streets With Prototype of Apple’s ‘Largest iPad Ever’ – VIDEO


With Apple rumored to be working on the largest iPad ever, Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew out onto Hollywood Boulevard to show people a prototype of the new 'iPad Maxi' and get their reactions.

Except this prototype is really just a 27 inch Apple computer monitor…not that the Apple fans on the street really care.




  1. Neil says

    They probably just said, “pretend this is an iPad” before rolling. The first guy is just playing along as much as possible.

  2. BrokebackBob says

    I think everyone’s reaction was genuine. Apple Sheeple are so stupid. Remember they’re the ones who need a Genius Bar to help them figure out how to turn their latest purchase on. You notice they didn’t get the giveaway when the interviewer said this is the new iPad Maxi. Really? Seriously? Yikes.

  3. Robert says

    The problem with Apple fans is the *superiority* they feel. Because of a phone or a tablet. And the entire high school “ONE OF US” mentality that makes you feel like a leper if you use something else (when, in fact, most of the U.S. and world do use non-Apple products).

    My biggest problem with the company itself is that they are one of the ONLY companies in America that can afford to manufacture EVER SINGLE PRODUCT THEY MAKE here in the states, and instead, they resort to the same slave labor as the manufacturers of $50 phones/tablets. And all of the insane profits just go straight to the CEO. It’s repugnant.

  4. ST says

    The only thing more annoying than these so-called “Apple iSheeple” is the dolts who whine about them and their alleged arrogance or zealotry. Sounds to me like projected jealousy. Most Apple users I know just own and use the devices; they don’t sing about them. Those who line up outside Apple stores for launches have counterparts in the Android world; anyone who says otherwise has their head in the sand.