Louisiana Family Forum: LGBT Discrimination is Really Just the ‘Shame and Guilt the Homosexual Feels’ – AUDIO

Gene mills

In a chat about the recent defeat of a LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Family Forum president Gene Mills and Tony Perkins radio host fill-in Richard Land discussed how any "discrimination" members of the LGBT community might feel from society is really just the inner "shame and guilt" surrounding their "ultimate rebellion against God."

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  1. Tigernan says

    So, just to recap:

    – Our relationships aren’t real.
    – It’s a choice.
    – We’re going to hell.
    – We spread AIDS just by existing.
    – We’re trying to criminalize christianity.
    – And now, any persecution we “feel” is not only imagined, but it’s coming from inside of us because we feel bad about being gay.

    I know you already see the pattern, but depriving us of any legitimacy of existence appears to be the goal here.

  2. james street james says

    I guess idiots don’t feel shame and guilt. That’s why god created radio shows that no one listens to. So they can vent. It’s cheaper than putting them in asylums.

  3. TBD says

    the lengths they go to to justify their hatred, that is completely in opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ, is astonishing.

  4. anon says

    I could only imagine the same arguments applied to discrimination against blacks, or even slavery.

  5. ChrIslam says

    Projection much? Actually it’s the faux Christians’ shames for their own sins…..instead of trying to clean up their own shame they would rather try to shame others.

  6. Dearcomrade says

    Therefore any persecution these so called Christians feel is just their realization that the belief in an imaginary mystical being is a mental illness.

    Christianity, 2000 years of celebrating the irony of a carpenter being nailed to a piece of wood.

  7. JJ says

    The fact that he uses the term “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community” is proof that we’ve won the culture war—a term that sounds dated now because we all but won it a long time ago. The oppression he feels is actually his own shame and fear of stating his foolish beliefs, because he knows they can’t withstand the slightest scrutiny. Every time religious bigots try to impose their beliefs on someone else, they expose their own ignorance and depravity, and their dominance crumbles a little bit more.

  8. Jacques says

    Gene Mills makes the best argument for us to continue to have Pride parades and to raise our flag high and proud everywhere we can. Following his logic that’s how we will erase the shame and thereby end discrimination. Thanks, Gene!

  9. woodroad34 says

    how laughable…”Family Research”? How much research did it take to make that statement? Let’s ignore the criminalization, the beatings, the lack of jobs opportunities, places we can’t sleep in, live in, buy things from or worship in… I’m amazed they can hear each other with all that sand from sticking their heads in the dirts in their ears.

  10. ToThePoint says

    Am sick and tired of the bully attitude these self-righteous haters espouse and their words hurt deeply. Each time these “people of god” use this language, it digs deeper and deeper into my soul. The only thing these evildoers want is us ded. It would be very easy to want the same for them, but I am above that. Way too bad there is no hell because there is going to be no punishment for these “devils”. And I will NEVER feel guilty by what your god created in me!

  11. Jude says

    Who would be left for these judgmental anti-Jesus bigots to beat on if it weren’t for us gays? There might be nothing left for them to do but help others and be kind.

  12. Hislv says

    where is his beard?

    stone him

    Leviticus 19:27

    “Do not trim off the hair on your temples or trim your beards”

  13. Bernie says

    and these folks are telling us how we “feel”…….They live in the land of such lies, denial, minimization that 99.99% of what comes out their mouths is NOT true and is irrational, irrelevant, illogical and just plain stupid

  14. johnny says

    Yeah, that’s shame and guilt I felt when I got a beat down and my head was being shoved into the concrete over and over. I felt so ashamed of getting the crap beat out of me just because I’m gay and walking down the wrong street. Yeah, that’s what I felt, alright.


  15. Miguel R says


    There. Fixed it.

  16. says

    The argument was put forth by the “leaders” of the business and, supposedly, the LGBT community that bigotry and intolerance are bad for business. That was put squarely on the table and now it has been made very clear that it is a point which must be demonstrated.

    It is more in sorrow than in anger, though there’s a lot of that over here, that we therefore announce the beginning of construction on a new web site designed to inform the world of just what is going on in our “fair” city.

    We hope you will forgive our delay, but we notified the City of our intentions before launch and we have all seen the responses of 8 of our council members. Ronnie Edwards said there isn’t enough evidence, and Buddy Amaroso said we are fundamentally overly litigious and must be denied access to the courts.

    Nobody wanted nor asked for anything but basic Human Rights, and if need be redress through civil action. Nobody asked for anything anybody else does not have! A doctor of medicine, Jere Melilli, stood before the community and video cameras and announced to the world that Gay men were responsible for HIV / AIDS and that Baton Rouge is stuck in the days of “gay cancer.”

    They feed the media lies. Well, we will feed them and big business truths in small and digestible pieces that leave no doubt as to the reality that religious fundamentalists rule our city and do all they can to divide us along race, class, gender, sexual, and socio-economic lines.

    Frontline was a beginning, it will not be the end.

    Bigotry is bad for business. Spread the word people. Baton Rouge doesn’t need your friends and neighbough’s money.

    No justice, NO PEACE!

    BOYCOTT Baton Rouge!



    On both facebook and twitter at #boycottBTR , #separateandunequal , #stoneagethinking

  17. RexTIII says

    The depth of pure evil these men view the world from is astounding. Their greatest fear is losing their ‘right’ to condemn those they know nothing about using language unfit for a public forum.