Michael Sam and Other Athlete Allies Seek An End to Homophobia in Sports With New Survey: VIDEO

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A number of prominent gay athletes and allies from around the world, including the NFL’s Michael Sam, have joined together in calling for people to take the ‘Out on the Fields’ survey: a first-of-its-kind international study on homophobia in sports.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.10.44 AMThe study, commissioned by organizers of The Bingham Cup, the world cup of gay rugby, and conducted by universities such as Penn State and the University of Massachusetts, is the largest study ever done on the issue. The survey hopes to  better equip sporting organizations around the world to handle homophobia-related issues and is expected to release its results later this year.

Check out a video detailing the survey and featuring athletes who are sponsoring it, AFTER THE JUMP

And to take the story yourself, visit www.outonthefields.com



  1. MaryM says

    Nice PR move.

    Empty of course.

    The New York Giants have declared themselves a home of homophobic extremism by hiring that homophobic pig David Tyree.

    Does Michael Sam think Tyree is a danger to closeted players I wonder?

  2. Rowan says

    I’m sure he does Marym but what can he do? The Tyree problem has more to so with religion then homophobia-he was chosen because he was a ‘mess that turned his life around’, which is a god send in the world of football where all the players are either messes (mainly black players) or middle class boys (mainly white players).

    A ‘success’ story like Tyree WILL influence and help players because he is a walking advertisement. Fact.

    Football players are not bright and are followers, so they will react to someone like Tyree.

    So the Giants ignored the homophobia thing because it was tied to his religion and ALL those black players are super religious.

    But to ignore the plain fact that Tyree is just a pawn to NOM, would be greatly short-sighted and do nothing to create change, which is what is happening now.

    The gay media mafia led by Signorile are picking on a messed simple black guy that only had religion to turn to that helped him curb his bad ways. They are picking on the victim and this makes it look bad.

    You don’t pick on the soldier, you pick on the Army that creates this environment on the soldier.

    Also the way they are doing it, smacks of boys who were picked on by the school jock and are now seeking irrational revenge on him.

    Where was Signorile and the rest before Sam existed? Why did it take them so long to tap into sports? Because they don’t like sports no care for sports but now, are using Sam being open as a gateway to seek their agenda.

    It will do no good to talk to Tyree because he is just a mouthpiece. They need to concentrate on showing publicly to these guys how bad NOM is.

    At the moment the whole thing reeks of publicity and name calling. Making the ‘gay community’ look bad.

    All very short-sighted.

  3. bruno says

    Michael sam learn how to control your tears, Jesus christ!!!, I have seen 3 different videos of you weeping like mary Magdalene, pls stop it, we are men, gay men.

  4. Tyler says

    Bruno is so butch and masculine that he has to ridicule “non-manly” behaviors of out and proud gay men from a place of total anonymity. So brave.

  5. bruno says

    Michael sam learn how to control your tears, Jesus christ!!!, I have seen 3 different videos of you weeping like mary Magdalene, pls stop it, we are men, gay men.

  6. Tyler says

    Bruno, just because you say it twice doesn’t make it any more true. You’re still a coward and wimp and a disgrace. The Michael Sam’s of this world are long past seeking the approval of losers like you.

  7. says

    real men feel emotions, and cry. only insecure faux-macho posturers think that emotional availability is a sign of weakness.

    you show me a man who thinks it’s not “manly” to cry and I’ll show you a boy raised by a lousy father, who was likely never hugged.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Oh Mr Towleroad, please get some real editors in to re-read your copy before posting…

    I had assumed that Mr Sam had found ONE OTHER ATHLETE to help with his cause.

    The plural form works wonders. And in so many ways.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    it’s all right, my darlin’. (LOL) Nobody is perfect–not even Andy’s staff.

    It’s already 2:00pm. You may have an afternoon toddy. I started two hours ago.