Neon Trees Lead Singer Tyler Glenn Opens Up About Coming Out: VIDEO


Neon Trees front-man Tyler Glenn has opened up about his experiences growing up gay and coming out. Glenn shared his story with Far Between, a documentary currently seeking funding on Kickstarter that hopes to share the stories of LGBT Mormons. Glenn announced to the world that he is gay in March of this year in Rolling Stone, declaring, “I am a happy and healthy Mormon gay pop star.” Despite the incredible stress that weighed on him leading up to the story coming out, once released, Glenn describes the experience as an incredible “purge of emotion” with “so many thoughts and conversations with myself just leaving.” Glenn looks back at the closeted life he once led and finds such an existence to be unimaginable now:

I can’t imagine going farther in life without accepting who I am and now it’s so refreshing to be able to say, I’m figuring it out and I don't have all the answers. When before I would make up answers or I would, you know, tell myself the solutions. And now it’s just really refreshing to be able to say, like, yeah, I love guys. I still believe in that. I still believe in the power of prayer. I still love my family. I still hope that there’s some sort of, you know, togetherness in the afterlife. I don’t want…I don’t know all the answers but I also know this is who I am, this is how I feel.

Watch the video of Tyler sharing his story, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. PDX Tim says

    Just wait to see how much his Mormon family loves him if he ever tries to get a boyfriend. Just stay celibate and continue to tithe like a good Mormon and everything will be OK. And make sure you don’t forget the money part, the cult can’t survive without that.

  2. says

    PDX Tim, based on what he said in his video, I think it’s fair to assume that his family is accepting. The drummer of the band is a devout Mormon and is accepting.

    Making a judgment of a person based on their religious views alone isn’t exactly fair. There are many tolerant and gay friendly Mormons, Catholics, Jews, etc out there.

    Kudos to Tyler for opening up. Looking forward to this documentary.

  3. will says

    Fine. Call me trans-phobic or queeny-phobic or whatever other phobic you want, but it’s nice to see a natural, unflamboyant, unneurotic, speculative gay man. I’m tired of the endless parade of dizzy twinks and trans-woman without penises freaking out because they can’t shower in the women’s locker room. Just normal, average gay men are okay, too.

  4. oncemorewithfeeling says

    It’s a shame that he’s bought into the brainwashing of The Mormon Cult Inc. via his parents, but hopefully he can get enough wits about him to realize that he’s the victim of a corporate con game originated by a notorious grifter and perpetuated by some of the most evil people on the planet.

    He’s young and he’s only just developing his rational mind now that he’s out in the real world. Here’s hoping he’s able to get these crazy criminals out of his life, even though it will come at the cost of his lost-cause parents.

  5. PDX Tim says

    His family is accepting, now, as long as he puts Mormon doctrine ahead of his innate sexual orientation. Let him bring a boyfriend home, or try to marry a guy, and see how quickly that “acceptance” changes and he gets excommunicated from the “faith” that is so important to him.
    Will, this dude is as flamboyant as they come, you are hitching your “masculinity” dogma to the wrong wagon here.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    When you are brave enough to discover and own your true feelings,”I love guys”, then many other philosophies and irrational beliefs in supernatural stuff like god and Ouija boards become phenomena which don’t seem serious any more.

    It’s the bravery- that first step which sets you free forever, and yes, it is exhilarating.

    As for Mormonism…..seriously, that’s just another Free Masons Club or like a medieval Guild……members look after members……posters are right, it is a corporate ‘person’….
    And are those Gold Plates where their Book of Mormon came from, still missing ?
    How unfortunate.

  7. says

    PDX Tim, how would you feel if people made assumptions about you? Can we live by the Golden Rule?

    I grew up Mormon and am married to a man. The majority of my immediate family, including my parents and grandfather celebrated with us. My grandpa, a patriarch in the Mormon Church, even pulled my husband aside to make sure my husband knew he was welcomed to the family.

    You are basing your views on stereotypes.

    I no longer believe in Mormonism, but it took time for me to get where I am today. Tyler will be fine in his transition (whatever that may be) and we should just be happy that he is out and supportive of the LGBT community.

  8. PDX Tim says

    Not making assumptions when all the facts are there. And I noticed your family only was accepting because you were no longer in the cult. The fact is, his cult tells him he has to be alone and never experience love just because he is attracted to the same gender. That is wrong, and as a human being, I am not ashamed to make that proclamation.
    People can judge me all they like, but they won’t find me supporting such an evil as the Mormon cult.

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