NEWS: Idaho, 'GoldenEye', ISIS, Creationist Theme Park

RoadFocus on the Family says court ruling that fined an upstate New York wedding venue for turning away a same-sex couple constitutes a "home invasion."

Goat RoadFamily of Tyler Clementi, the college student who took his own life after his roommate posted a video he recorded with his webcam of Tyler having used a gay sexual encounter, receives award from New Jersey's Essex County as part of its Pride celebration: "Jane Clementi says her family wants to make sure there are 'no other Tylers in this world' and create a 'culture shift toward kindness.'"

RoadA new study from UCLA's Williams Institute finds that gay marriage would add $182.2 million in spending to Florida's economy and could generate as many at 2,600 new jobs over three years.

RoadThe baby goat that really wanted to play with a giant pig (who couldn't be bothered) and refused to back down

RoadNicki Minaj unleashes her "Anaconda."

Lohan RoadLindsey Lohan and Tina Fey had a mini reunion.

RoadGay man running for Governor of Idaho: "The Constitution Party's nominee for governor is openly gay. He supports same-sex marriage - although [Steve] Pankey opposes anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. He thinks Idaho's attempt to defend its gay marriage ban in federal court is folly. Marijuana, Pankey told the Tribune's William L. Spence, ought to be legalized, regulated and taxed. Abortion? Up to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, it should be between the patient and her doctor, Pankey says."

RoadSaved By The Bell TV movie takes you behind the scenes and back to the 90s.

RoadSpeaking of 90s nostalgia, Jimmy Fallon challenges Pierce Brosnan to a game of GoldenEye.

RoadISIS beheads American journalist James Foley originally captured in Syria: "The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) posted the graphic video of the execution on Tuesday, calling it retribution for American airstrikes against Sunni extremist forces in Iraq. The U.S. intelligence community has authenticated the video, National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said."

RoadBilly Crystal to give special tribute to Robin Williams at this year's Emmys.

RoadStudy finds lesbians have the most orgasms.

RoadJason Collins speculates his NBA career could be over: "'I used to be able to jump and touch the top of the white square behind the rim with ease,' he said at the Castro Theatre during a Commonwealth Club event. 'As the years go by, you watch your hand go lower and lower on that square. Father Time is undefeated against us all. ... I'm really grateful for my Stanford degree now.' But, he adds: 'On the other hand, I can still dunk.'"

Parco RoadKentucky's creationist theme park Ark Encounter has received $18 million in tax incentives from the state, plans to ban the hiring of gays.

RoadIn case you haven't gotten enough of the ice bucket challenge, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, and Grant Gustin offer up some visual treats.

RoadEven Anna Wintour got in on the icy challenge (in her signature shades, of course).

RoadScientists say urinating in the ocean is good for marine life. Just be sure to do it far away from human life. 

RoadWhoopi Goldberg reportedly wants out of The View

RoadMother of bullied teen AJ Betts who took his own life and whose organs were denied for donation because he was gay thinks the FDA should change its policy: "My initial feeling was just very angry because I couldn't understand why my 16-year-old son's eyes couldn't be donated just because he was gay...This is archaic, and it is just silly that people wouldn't get the life-saving assistance they need because of regulations that are 30 years old," said Moore.

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  1. Re: Your "Whoopi wants out of The View" quote. According to the NATIONAL ENQUIRER!! Some reliable source!!

    Posted by: Russ | Aug 20, 2014 5:31:47 PM

  2. So, Kentucky is going to fund an organization whose sole function is to make Kentuckians stupider?

    And it's not like they're starting from a high intelligence baseline.

    Great use of tax dollars…

    Posted by: Vint | Aug 20, 2014 5:36:51 PM

  3. Well, Dr. Pankey says abortion stops at 20 weeks.

    Too bad that's too early to detect some problems that are best handled by abortion.

    Posted by: Randy | Aug 20, 2014 5:55:40 PM

  4. @Russ you beat me to the punch...

    sean/Towelroad national enquirer gossip here..shame..

    Posted by: Me | Aug 20, 2014 6:19:12 PM

  5. Towleroad is degenerating. Too much cheap stuff.

    Posted by: petey | Aug 20, 2014 8:44:15 PM

  6. @VINT: Let's begin to grow your intelligence level by not lumping the entire state of Kentucky as more stupid than you.

    Secondly, KY isn't funding this project. The preliminary award is for tax incentives. Incentives they will only earn if they meet certain criteria, i.e. attendance goals over 3 years.

    Lastly, this still needs to be approved by the state legislature.

    Posted by: JNJ | Aug 20, 2014 8:49:21 PM

  7. An Ark theme park?? I'm trying my best not to laugh. I hope this doesn't get approved.

    Posted by: MickyFlip | Aug 20, 2014 10:38:12 PM

  8. "Jane Clementi says her family wants to make sure there are 'no other Tylers in this world' and create a 'culture shift toward kindness'"

    Maybe you should have thought about that when after he came out his parents, per your son, "Mom has basically completely rejected me", you clueless harpy.

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Aug 20, 2014 11:03:29 PM

  9. @JNJ:

    I didn't claim to be smarter than the whole state of Kentucky. I'm not. Certainly not if intelligence is additive—though the behavior of groups suggests otherwise.

    Giving away tax incentives to ignorant religious bigots—thereby enabling them to miseducate your children—is a pretty poor way to prove your intelligence. Kentucky isn't in dire need of additional supplies of stupidity, and shouldn't make some people pay more taxes so that Young Earth Creationists can pay less and have more to spend spreading their particular brand of dumb.

    Kentucky, of course, is the state that was going to finance a School of Pharmacy at the University of the Cumberlands after the "university" expelled a student for being gay. That, at least, was stopped; perhaps you are right and this will be too.

    Posted by: Vint | Aug 21, 2014 12:53:58 AM

  10. After the water was poured on Anna, it actually got colder!

    Posted by: Jack M | Aug 21, 2014 7:45:11 AM

  11. There are several bible based theme parks already, but this one is attempting to have a 1:1 scale Ark based on a lot of conjecture reading Genesis. I'm not sure it's worse or better than a Harry Potter theme park--both compete for the stupid money.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 21, 2014 1:46:36 PM

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