Petition to Repeal Houston’s LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Fails

A petition to repeal Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations has failed to gather the necessary signatures to appear on November's ballot.

The ordinance was signed into law back in May by Mayor Annise Parker.

ParkerLone Star Q reports:

The petition needed at least 17,269 valid signatures from registered Houston voters to put a repeal of the ordinance before voters in November.

Opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) claimed to have at least 30,000 valid signatures when they submitted the petition last month. However, a group supporting the ordinance that independently reviewed the signatures determined that it had a maximum of 16,500 valid signatures.

Opponents of the ordinance have vowed to take the city to court if officials determined their petition didn’t have enough valid signatures.


  1. Mike__in_Houston says

    Well, they succeeded twice in the past. The problem is that Houston’s bar for getting a referendum is so low, and they couldn’t even meet that pathetic number this time.

  2. Mikey says

    Man, it is bad enough that Towleroad writers do no actual journalism, but now Kyler Geoffrey can’t even copy and paste competently so that we can read other peoples’ journalism. He left out the key points:

    – The determination that the petitions have fallen short came from the City Attorney.

    – The problem was that the people gathering signatures were required to be Houston voters, and they were not. So all the pages of signatures gathered by non-Houstonians were invalidated.

    – The other side will surely have another go at this. Because the gay civil rights movement is now bullied into including crossdressing and transsexual provisions into every anti-discrimination bill, this law faces a perilous future if it ever gets on the ballot. If it had focused on sexual orientation alone, it would be a favorite to win.

  3. Mike in Houston says

    With all due respect Mikey, f-off. You’re not part of the coalition here in Houston, don’t know what you’re talking about and a trans phobic troll.

  4. Tundra4 says

    I suppose this means opponents of the ordinance thought the 13500 trolls signing were ‘valid’. Nope!

    Guess all those anti-gay trolls can do now is gripe online…

  5. says

    Well you know they are going to cry foul and take it all the way through the State courts until they find a judge who’ll side with them. Still, should they achieve getting it on the ballot it would be great fodder to see them lose at the polls.

  6. Telzey says

    I find all that is going on down there quite disturbing. I am transsexual MTF and plan on moving into that area, northern Dallas to be specific.
    All I ever see or hear seems to be hatred to transsexuals, what have we ever done to any of you? We are such a small minority that even the LGBT groups for the most part ignore us. What is all this hatred about? I would really love to know.Can anyone seriously explain it?
    Thank you for listening, I wish you all wellregardless

  7. says

    And the transphobic Towleroad commentators willing to align themselves with the Texas homophobes continues … of course.

    Somehow I trust @Mike in Houston’s take more than some of the others.

  8. francis says

    @ceem such venom in your words. it’s sad to see when the oppressed becomes the oppressor.

    @telzey stay strong. you are just as human as the rest of us. you deserve the same shot at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  9. Ppp says

    . That lgb didn’t like trans is because social conservatives prefer trans than lgb when lgb were the targets for their incomes and authority. Social conservative starts to focus on trans now simply because lgb canlt help them to dig more gold, so they start another scapegoat. Way before tans are targets. Trans can simply undergo surgery, change theirs gender on ID and certificate , and happily marry, but gays and lesbians can’t do tha, and trans were less discriminated than lgb before trans become new scapegoat . This causes huge irk on gays . I personally think pat Roberson and founder of liberty university are examples that they have consistently been evil to lgb but relatively silent and sometimes compassionate to trans.

  10. Bernie says

    LOL! Maybe, they didn’t pray hard enough for the signatures…What is always funny is that these rabid haters always say they will get enough or have enough signatures, and then low and behold, when the rubber hits the road, they DON’T have enough… it is hysterical………….

  11. Mike__in_Houston (the other one) says

    The ironic thing about this is that the other side loves to carry on about how we are asking for “special rights.”

    However, if this comes to a lawsuit, I don’t see a way that they can argue anything other than that the rules be bent to allow this ordinance onto the ballot; after all, they actually had enough valid individual signatures, but the legal requirements for submitting them were too stringent, even though that has never been an issue with other initiatives. Now, if that is not asking for “special rights,” I don’t know what is.

    The truth of the matter is that the haters drooled so much and got such enormous hard-ons at the thought of defeating this equal rights ordinance for the *third* time in Houston (1985 with an 82%-18% vote, and 2001 with a much less impressive 52%-48% vote) that they didn’t stop dot all of their Is and cross all of their Ts.

  12. sjaeger says

    @Mike- has the requirement for petitions always been that they have to be gathered by Houston voters? Was it a ‘sudden’ change? If this is an old requirement it appears to me that the ROWM / haters still think they can get away with not following the rules because they are rich old white men/ xtianists.

  13. funinsnowfall says

    There is something wrong with a man thinking he is a woman or a woman thinking she is a man. It is mutilation with dangerous hormones. Most transexuals were sexually abused in childhood which messed up their minds and transexuals sexually abuse children. Transexuals are mutilated gays and lesbians. I don’t care what others say but mutilating a man or woman to make them fake members of opposite sex is gay/lesbian. And gay/lesbian groups are apologists for Transexuals which is why the word T is there. They must abolish this surgical mutilation.

    All transexuals are homosexual/lesbian as the act of mutilating to become false opposite sex is itself an act of homosexuality/lesbianism-sad maiming and make this illegal. Finally, sex change maimings which is mutilating some1 to make them fake members of opposite sex is comparable to trying to make a man a fake animal because he thinks he is an animal trapped in a human body. Most feminists are not speaking against this. 1 would hope that feminists would oppose the mutilation that happened to Chastity Sun Bono as feminists have spoken against Female Genital Mutilation which happens in some nations. Transexuals are mutilations which no Dr. should take part in, yet most feminists are not condemning this female genital and breast mutilation as what happened to Chastity S. Bono where her healthy breasts were mutilated, dangerous hormone shots and her genitals mutilated.

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