Rachel Maddow Doused In Ice Water For Charity, Names Liz Cheney as Next Challenger: VIDEO

Rachel Maddow Chilling For Charity

A couple of weeks ago Fox's Shepard Smith accepted the Chilling for Charity ice water challenge to have a bucket of ice water upended over him to raise money for the Kay Yow Foundation, named for the North Carolina State women’s basketball coach who died of breast cancer in 2009. After suffering the icy dampness, Smith passed the challenge on to Rachel Maddow, who quipped,

So, when I heard that somebody at Fox News had said I should go soak my head I was like, "Yeah, happy Tuesday. What else is new?" But then I found out it was Shep Smith. Ah, more interesting!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.25.28 AMShe rose to the challenge, and now Smith will have to make a $50 donation to the charity of his choice in her name. In the meantime, Maddow passed the challenge along to: Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; Bill Dwight, the North Hampton, MA City Council President; and Liz Cheney.

And then ice water was dumped on her head, which you can watch AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Me says

    $50 or $250 dollars? is this not like pocket change for some of these ppl?

    Nice thing to do anyways…

  2. Nora Charles says

    They probably give more on the QT, this is a game that’s been going around among the hoi polloi for a little while now. My cousin and all his Marine buddies are doing this and tagging each other as “next” and they barely have $50 between them, so on a larger scale its pretty awesome.

  3. Elsewhere1010 says

    The idea is that at the $50 level of donation, lots of people can participate; once I’ve been dumped with ice water, I can challenge three of four more people to do the same, and then they can do the same. I think it may be one of the most effective fund raising techniques that I’ve ever run across.

  4. jamal49 says

    @BOBN Probably because Liz Cheney, like the rest of her family, has ice water in her veins and she won’t even notice that is is ice water being poured on her.

  5. koga says

    I’m sorry, but there’s no way Liz Cheney is gonna let someone dump a bucket of water on her – and we all know why.

    “I’m melting… mellltiiing………”

  6. Houndentenor says

    That’s a great stunt, but she should have asked Smith for more than $50. He makes enough to make a much larger donation than that!