Russell Tovey, Jonathan Groff And Murray Bartlett Watched The Emmys Together, Without Bitterness: PHOTO


Some of the lads from HBO's Looking got together for a little Emmy viewing party last night (as you do) and were notably upbeat despite the fact that their show did not receive any nods from Emmy voters. Looking's creator Andrew Haigh (who also wrote and directed Weekend) shared the above image on Instagram with the caption: "Watching the Emmys (without bitterness)."

Looking will be back for a second season, though filming has not yet begun.


  1. says

    they’re just so damned cute!

    i have to say, a lot of the (online) “criticism” of the show seems to be the “this is nothing like me! i’m not like those gays! this is not a representation of my life!” nonsense.

    yeah, no S**t. a tv show about closeted middle-aged men using various internet handles to lash out at openly-gay and sexually-active men who have lives, loves and friends.

    i think the show needs work – and i’d actually like to see episodes extend to one hour – the just-under-30-mins thing means i can’t really get as invested in it as i want to be. go long(er) boys!

  2. TonyJazz says

    I hope that the second season does ‘move the story forward’. However, this is a show more based in reality, so big dramatic moments may not be the best fit after all….

  3. J says

    Love this show!
    I suspect that filming for the next season is under way, unless Russell Tovey is just hanging out in San Francisco for kicks. I saw him two days ago on 16th and Valencia. Can’t wait to see where they take things this season!

  4. says

    Rochon is only half right.

    Gay men seek to only portray a very narrow, very feminized portrayal of gay men, to pander to straight female audiences (that enjoy the neutered gays on Modern Family).
    But you know what? Nobody, including me, would have to spend more than 2 minutes in a room with any one of these guys to conclude that they were gay. And that’s a problem

    The kind of gay characters presented in media today are almost comical, with have effeminate mannerisms and voices, which sets the tone for the entire community to be perceived as weak.

    Why is it that you could pull 20 random straight male characters from any show and not one of them would display the effeminacy that is evident in just about every one of the gay male characters on TV? Or the weirdness?

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pull 20 random gay characters from TV/Movies/Music/Etc. and they would look, sound, and act just like the frat boy you knew in college or the guy who works in the office next to you at work or the guy you grew up with from down the block?

    But you can’t, can you?

    Which is a reflection of how deep the damage is that has been inflected by a homophobic society. And the gays in power simply pander to this homophobia.

    I am glad that some of the guys on this show are at least trying to achieve a male identity, but Lord, oh, Lord do we have a long, long way to go……

  5. crispy says

    “Why is it that you could pull 20 random straight male characters from any show and not one of them would display the effeminacy that is evident in just about every one of the gay male characters on TV? Or the weirdness?”

    Uh, Big Bang Theory.

    You just got pawned.

    PS: You forgot to remove your hyperlink from one of your other usernames.

  6. Rowan says

    Sorry Crispy but crazy Rick has a point.

    Straight men and women, as well as gay men hate to see gay men represented as not dying of AIDS or really comically camp. V depressing and odd, as now as we see so much equality, we are seeing that gay men are not as they have always been portrayed.

    But small steps, though not easy as it’s lgbt people who are also blocking this.

    Again reminds me of always seeing the same black people rep in the media, who look, act and sound nothing like myself, family, friends or many black people I encounter in life.

  7. steve talbert says

    Looking is one of the choices on American Airlines for the seat back TV/Movies selections. I think it was all 8 episodes available. I don’t remember, seemed to be more than 3 or 4. I saw it already, so didn’t select it.

  8. says

    actaully, “Rowan” – (HA!) if you calmed down and put together a list of gay character son TV for the last 20 years, you’ll see that you’re wrong. dead wrong.

    six feet under? brothers and sisters? QAF? Law & Order SVU? Oz? Looking? and in film it’s even more diverse. you just don’t see it. because you don’t want to. oh well. not our problem.

    it’s not that ‘gay men are no as they’ve been portrayed’ – it’s that insecure gay men will always be angry at portrayals of gay men that remind of the type of gay men that their worthless bigoted families denigrated.

    sorry, but it’s true. it’s not the fault of Jack on Will & Grace that some of you never learned how to stand up to the bigots in your own families.

  9. crispy says

    No. He doesn’t.

    Gay men are broadly portrayed in the media these days. Southland had a macho gay cop. How to Train Your Dragon, a friggin cartoon movie, had a gay Viking. Game of Thrones has multiple gay and bisexual characters. Happy Endings had a gay schlub.

    If all you’re seeing is campy queens and guys dying of AIDS, it’s because you’re not looking very hard or, due to severe self-loathing, you’re only seeing what you consider negative portrayals.

  10. says

    and “Rowan” (hehe, “Rowan”!) – it’s worth noting that “your” (hehe, YOUR) complaint only ever comes from the Anonymous Brigade. Would you ever be able to do what my ubiquitous little self does and show us all who you are, and your brand and example of a gay man? methinks not.

    it’s as if there’s a legion of closeted guys continuing to blame Out guys for their own inability to come out. “i’m not being represented!” they pathetically scream. or rather type, anonymously, online.

    i know, sugar. you’re too busy defending being closeted to do what the rest of us do.

  11. Jonnycakes says

    I have to wonder sometimes what your readers watch?

    Have they ever seen The Wire, Southland or The Shield? How about Six Feet Under? Torchwood? Oz? Downton Abbey? Teen Wolf? Big Love? Law and Order? Desperate Housewives? True Blood?

    You’ll find quite a few fella’s manly enough on these shows to make even the most self-loathing homo comfortable, because many of the characters on these shows are very butch, but also very self-loathing.

  12. says

    jonnycakes – this is the reality: these trolls aren’t here to make points. they’re hear to remind us all of not just how much their families loathed them, but that unlike the untold numbers of gay men who came from similarly awful bigoted families they didn’t learn how to end stand up to them.

    for anyone to state that representations of gay men in the media have all been…what do the self-hating cowards say? effeminate, AIDS-afflicted, stereotypical blah blah blah…well, it shows they’re either willfully lying, or they’re so pathetically insecure that they harp on the few portrayals that would prove their Hateful Dad’s point. and ignore the rest.

    it’s not what readers watch. it’s what readers obsess over. and closeted cowards who never made the transition from Broken Boy to Empowered Man will only ever obsess over what their bigoted family members conditioned them to obsess over.

  13. SpaceCadet says

    Looking forward for the return of this show next year. Those are the cutest boys on the show and I demand they stay shirtless and bare their cheeks throughout the second season! Haha. I’m dating a great guy right now but if that doesn’t work out, it seems like I will have to compete with a few of you for Russell Tovey’s hand in marriage!

  14. MichaelJ says

    I’m glad that Raul Castillo (Ritchie), Lauren Weedman (Doris) and Russell Tovey (Kevin) are being bumped up to regulars for season 2 of the series. And I feel mean saying it, but I wish they would bump off Augustin, even though in real life many of us (including me) have annoying similarly friends.

  15. SpaceCadet says

    But you need Augustin for drama. You need flawed characters to make a compelling show. And who knows, maybe they’ll start to redeem him somewhat. I think they do need to establish how it is they all became friends in the first place, or what is that bond that holds them together.

  16. Joseph L. says

    My issue with Looking is not the “this is nothing like me! i’m not like those gays! this is not a representation of my life!” stuff. In fact, the show does a pretty good job in that area. The problem is that MY life is more interesting than the characters the show (and believe me, that’s a pretty low bar). It just isn’t interesting to watch (Jon Groff’s butt shots aside).

    And also to those of you who think that gay characters on TV should be stereotypically straight “bros” and that nobody should be effeminate or campy, I really pity your self-loathing.

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