Six LGBT Ugandans Reportedly Stoned To Death In Rural Town


Three gay men, two lesbians, and one trans-identified person were stoned to death in the Ugandan countryside this past weekend, according to a press release sent out by Ugandan queer minorities activist Denis Nzioka. Eyewitnesses claim that one man, who survived the stoning was set aflame following the initial attack and a seventh man was attacked by a mob before succumbing to his injuries the next day.

The Friends New Underground Railroad, an outreach project of the Quaker-run, Washington-based Olympia Friends Meeting, is reporting that the names of the attacked are not currently being shared with the public. Tensions have risen in Uganda following the country’s repeal of its Anti-Homosexuality Act that formerly criminalized lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgendered people’s existences.

The law was nullified following a court ruling stating that the Ugandan parliament did not have the appropriate quorum necessary for its enactment. Rather than curtailing Uganda’s societal slant towards the homophobic, the repeal of the law marked the beginning of an uptick of violence against LGBT Ugandans. Since the repeal, more than 400 LGBT individuals have sought their help in successfully escaping the country, according to the FNUR.


  1. SFshawn says

    Animals killing Humans.
    May they suffer for their stupidity and ignorance. Good Christians!

  2. JackFknTwist says

    This needs to be verified.

    If true, the world need to launch an immediate attack of condemnation and sanctions.
    All flights to and from Uganda need to be suspended.

    If this is verified it amounts to genocidal insanity on a par with Rwanda and calls for immediate intervention by the UN and follow-up be the International Criminal Court.
    Why has there been no statement/investigation from the Uganda Dept. of Justice ?
    Has the Uganda ambassador been called in ?
    Why have the NGO’s not spoken out on this ?
    Indeed, why are the NGO’s still in Uganda ?
    No more charitable donations to all of Africa as they all share the antipathy towards gays…now it has spread to Kenya.

    It’s time for them to grow up. The time for worshipping idols and totems is over. Africans have to face up to becoming a mature secular society.

    And time too to arrest Scott Lively for fermenting hate & conspiracy to commit genocide.
    I want Scott Lively in prison now and forever.

  3. Rick says

    “It’s time for them to grow up. The time for worshipping idols and totems is over. Africans have to face up to becoming a mature secular society.”

    Savagery is a way of life for the black race all over the world. They are simply incapable of civilization of the sort that is known in Europe and Asia and they always will be incapable of it. And I recently read a story on the BBC that pointed out that, at current birth rates, half the population of the entire world will consist of black Africans by the end of the century.

    So the world really has a simple choice. Recognize that the black race is a plague on humanity and find a way to forcibly sterilize it….or see the planet and civilization destroyed.

    And no amount of white liberal lies and wishful thinking is going to change any of that…..

  4. The Milkman says

    Towleroad, please get rid of “Rick”. He really does dumb down the conversation on here, which is saying something. Must we really suffer this kind of trollish behavior day after day?

  5. Tyler says

    I’m actually torn. Rick is known for saying heinous things on the regular. But he’s never quite THIS bluntly racist.

    The trolling has to stop, but for once I don’t feel the need to call Rick out. As an avid troll hunter, I’m about 98% sure this isn’t the real Rick (who is terrible and awful but usually a little subtler about it).

  6. Rick says

    @The Milkman: Here is another story for you, just posted in the News right above this story……

    “Lesbian teen raped and murdered in South Africa: “Gift Makau, 18, was found dead in Ventersdorp, a town in the north west province on Friday (15 August). She had been raped and strangled with wire and a shoelace. A running hose had been forced into her mouth”

    Has nothing to do with race, of course. These things happen in Europe and Asia every day, after all, don’t they?

  7. Derrick from Philly says

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  8. Tyler says

    Rick is a racist. He also hates women and gay people.

    Are we sure he isn’t a NOM supporter?