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Underwater Camera Films Dramatic Great White Shark Attack in HD: VIDEO


Since the public interest seems to turn to sharks this time of year, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute shared a video they shot last year from a submersible SharkCam they were using to film Great White Sharks which will make you hope you never look like a SharkCam or seal while on your beach vacation.

They write:

In 2013, a team from the Oceanographic Systems Lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution took a specially equipped REMUS "SharkCam" underwater vehicle to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to film great white sharks in the wild. The captured more than they bargained for.


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  1. CHOMP!

    Posted by: mike in nyc | Aug 6, 2014 3:58:09 PM

  2. That's my leg right there and the stump hurts.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Aug 6, 2014 4:33:31 PM

  3. I have fished all my life and have never seen a Great White. That is on my list of must dos. I grew up reading the shark attack books that were popular around the time Jaws came out, I was around 9. It was the only subject my parents could get me to read but at least I was reading. Anyhow, we were big on catching and unfortunately killing sharks back then, now I have a zero tolerance for killing them. I especially don't allow sharks to be killed on my boat. They really are amazing critters.

    Posted by: Jason B. | Aug 6, 2014 4:33:53 PM

  4. I legitimately screamed more than once watching this! Wow!! Never going in the damn ocean ever again!!

    Posted by: AJ | Aug 6, 2014 5:36:31 PM

  5. Scary but fascinating. Yikes!

    Posted by: Red | Aug 7, 2014 3:25:23 AM

  6. Private video...

    Posted by: gb | Aug 7, 2014 4:24:26 PM

  7. That's the hottest "private video" I have ever seen. It no work, Andy.

    Posted by: aregeejau | Aug 8, 2014 4:09:11 PM

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