UK Man Arrested After Facebook Post Calling for Gays to be Slaughtered

Paul Gair

For as much as the far right-wingers whine about the oppression of freedom of speech when a baker receives public backlash for their outspoken homophobia, the U.S. has extremely permissive freedoms in regards to speech when compared to places like the U.K. For the latest example of hate speech that would be allowed stateside but gets you canned across the pond, we turn to Paul Gair of Kilburn Green, Gateshead.

Gair does not like homosexuals. A lot. So when Chronicle Live posted about the Northern Pride festival in Newcastle on their Facebook page, Gair felt the compulsion to express his displeasure. Specifically, he called for the execution of gays:

If your parents were faggots, you horrible gay c***s wouldn’t of been born! Should be lined up and machine gunned, vile disgusting c***s!

A later post called for gays to be "slaughtered." Fearing for the safety of festival-goers, organizers reported to the police and Gair was arrested. Laughably, Gair claimed during his arrest that he wasn't a homophobe. He was fined £280 plus a £28 victim surcharge and £85 costs by the magistrates, Chair of the bench Eileen Burt saying, "You have lost your good name forever."


  1. Derrick From Philly says

    Why hasn’t Canada arrested Little Kiwi for hate speech? This is what he wrote to a female Towleroad commenter in June but it is just one of many examples:

    “Sarah Jane Smith – go practice your oral sex skills on a shotgun.

    I’m an openly gay man, and you can click my name to see who I am – and i have a great many transgender friends and allies whom i love and support, and who love and support me.

    you have nothing but a fake screen name used to spew you usual lies. i’m dead serious: off yourself. you’re a person of no worth.

    POSTED BY: LITTLE KIWI | JUN 8, 2014 3:11:41 PM”

  2. TampaZeke says

    Everyone can rest easy though. Even though he claimed that all “faggots should be slaughtered” he is NOT a homophobe! We’ll thank goodness for that. Gay people in his neighborhood can sleep worry free.

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    Rick, what the fvck?

    You’re posting under my name again.

    It was one of the funniest comments of the entire year.

    I would just caution Miss Sarah Jane Smith to put a condom over the barrel of the shot gun before she fires–safe sex is always best. A Super Large Magnum condom, I guess.

    LOL You are sick.

  4. Bryan L says

    I’ve read more than a few comments on Towleroad from readers who have posted suggestions not unlike Gair’s, but directed toward straight people. It’s disturbing when ANYONE, no matter who, mentions such things, even in jest.

    I’ve always wondered why this site, one of my favorites, allows such commentary. It’s one thing to respond to hate speech. It’s something else entirely when anyone suggests murder or suicide. It’s not in the least bit funny, nor is it acceptable.

  5. Paul Mc says

    1st Amendment hasn’t made the US noticeably freer than many other western democracies. In some regards less free.

  6. says

    @Paul MC – i think the biggest issue is people saying “first amendment! freedom of speech!” with absolutely no idea what they’re actually talking about.

    remember the way the conservative Right pretty much crucified the Dixie Chicks for natalie maines’ pointed comment on the eve of the iraq war? how those anti-Chicks folks have spent the last 6 years saying FAR WORSE things about President Obama?

    Or the Chick-Fil-A nonsense – which the Right tried to turn into a “freedom of speech” issue, when it totally and utterly was NOT.

    most folks who freak out about the first amendment often have no idea what that amendment actually says or means.

  7. ascanius says

    in fact allowing hate speech and lies to be spewed out 24/7 without consequences is actually bringing the US down.

    Within a decade or so the dollar will no longer be used as the world’s reserved currency. A basket of currencies and gold will replace it.

    the world has decided it can no longer trust the world economy to a dysfunctional government that threatens to shut down the government and default on the debt for political points.

    and it is the 24/7 flow of right-wing propaganda, lies and hate speech that is responsible for it.

    it’s ironic that an overly broad intepretation of the first amendment will lead to a diminished status for the us.

  8. northalabama says

    death threats aren’t protected speech, even in america – today, he’d probably be labeled a terrorist. glad he was shown his actions have consequences, and wish it happened more often.

  9. Bollox says

    “You have lost your good name forever.” I doubt he had a good name in the first place.

  10. David says

    Bryan, I’ve been reading this site for far too many years and I can’t recall anyone calling for the wholesale slaughter of straight people (or christians or really, anyone). Can you provide a link?

  11. James says

    Little Kiwi, did you seriously tell a woman to commit suicide by shooting herself with a shotgun? WTF is the matter with you? What makes you think you have the right to speak to anyone that way?

  12. Bryan L says

    David, as far as I know, there have been no comments posted on Towleroad advocating “wholesale slaughter of straight people” and I understand what you’re saying and why. But there have been things like this, from an August 9, 2014, comment in reference to the Benham twins:

    “Will SOMEBODY PLEASE rob, kill, and then destroy them! Put their mangled bodies in a large Baphomet Pentagram.”

    and then…

    “Somebody needs to dispatch them before they start assembling their anti-gay Christian army.”

    And there’s this comment from today, August 12, 2014, in reference to right-wing organizations pushing their anti-gay agenda into Latin America:

    “Christianity is a social disease. Let’s kill it, and quarantine the infected bigots.”

    These kinds of statements do absolutely nothing to help any of us. We don’t need to descend to the level of inflammatory rhetoric that the radical right-wingers use. I think we’re far better people and more intelligent than that, don’t you?

  13. Robert M. says

    It’s ironic that in the US, out founding fathers made the assumption that given free speech rights, US Citizens would use that freedom responsibly and for the benefit of society. Wouldn’t they be surprised what’s been done with those rights in this country. For all it’s problems, British society is more just that US society and this is an example. Hate speech in this country should be viewed in the same way that yelling fire in a crowded theater is…