1. eric says

    OMG so excited. best show on TV, and way ahead of its time. SO glad it’s coming back. brilliant acting all around.

  2. says

    @Joe – we can all share it! i’m loving that a cult base is bringing this show back. it was truly groundbreaking. ain’t it amazing how Kudrow, who hit worldwide fame by being the sweetest character on Friends, has dedicated her post-Friends career to a tightrope walk of characters so flawed and broken and unlikeable…that you can’t help but root for? Valerie Cherish is an incredible creation.

    OMG – when she was shout-singing I Will Survive!? I DIE!

  3. SpaceCadet says

    I think it’s so amazing this show is coming back after what, 9 years? The last thing I was expecting. I really enjoyed it when it was on and was always surprised by the low ratings and the non-renewal. I recall Entourage was the lead-in which I had no interest in so it wouldn’t surprise me if vice versa were true for that show’s audience. Hopefully this new season will be about how Valerie attempts yet another comeback after the last comeback. I know! She can try to land a gig on a reality TV show as one of those talent judges. Haha.

  4. Tristram says

    sad when incredible shows like the Comeback and Deadwood get cancelled, yet mediocre shows like Entourage and the dull-as-dishwater Boardwalk Empire get renewed.