WATCH: Trailer for New Documentary On Controversial Gay Jesus Play ‘Corpus Christi’


"Corpus Christi," Terrence McNally's 1998 play about a gay Jesus Christ, holds a special place in gay theater history not only for its subject matter but for the protests and religious right outrage that the play sparked (and continues to spark) across the country.

A documentary by the same debuted at film festivals a few years back and is now getting a wider home release so that audiences everywhere can get an inside look at how the public controversy affected those who were involved in the play's production. 

Check out the newly released first trailer, AFTER THE JUMP




  1. says

    TERRIFIC. cannot wait for this. Corpus Christi is a terrific work that provokes much much-needed thought and discussion.

    and it’s almost always only protested by those who haven’t seen it, or read it. like the protests over “the last temptation of Christ” -where the dunce protestors were freaking out over a film they had not seen, due to a scene that they couldn’t understand in the context of the story. *HINT, the “context” is the film’s freakin TITLE*

    Corpus Christi is a hard swallow for the pious religious right as it actually forces them to do what that Christ fella commanded of them – to put themselves in the shoes of another, and see things from their eyes, and to have empathy and a throwing away of preconceived notions.

  2. Jay says

    Funny, I guess it is just now getting distribution even though I saw this film three years ago at the Atlanta Film Festival It’s an entertaining documentary and definitely worth your time. For those that need the incentive, there’s a bit of eye-candy, too.

  3. simon says

    It is just another fictional characteristic heaped on a fictional figure. To be fair, there is little indication in that fiction (Bible) that Jesus was gay. Of course it also didn’t say he wasn’t.

  4. james street james says

    This could only be a threat to people who can’t distinguish between fiction and reality. The scriptures never quote Jesus saying I am gay, but there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence to support that conclusion.

    Since this idea of a gay Jesus came about there are efforts to re-translate scripture to butch Him up. Maybe even provide a hitherto unknown wife. (Shades of Dan Brown!)

    Look for straight Jesus coming soon to new Bibles everywhere, film versions to follow.

  5. Roland Berger says

    Jesus was not gay as we see homosexuality today. In his time, homosexuality was not the kind of opposite of heterosexuality. Men loving each other and making love to each other is well attested in the Antiquity, specially in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greek and Roman empires. Has Jesus made love with some women and some men. Probably. And if he did, he sure was not ashamed of himself. Christianity came after Jesus.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    This article states that the movie is about the original 1998 production and it is not. It’s about a production that originated in LA about ten years ago.

    This article also states this movie is currently being made when the movie is actually three years old.

    Do you even bother to look at or into any of the stuff you post here?

  7. simon says

    Since Jesus was just the character of a fiction, you can add in any imaginary details you see fit. It is clear from their Church Father Paul, Jesus was just a sky fairy who never set foot on Earth.

  8. Terry says

    If he had existed and had the abs that he’s usually pictured with i’d let him do me. On my knees for jesus although I prefer uncut men.

  9. Pinky says

    I went to opening night of the original at MTC (Ithink it was)…there was police presence and wacky catholic loons etc. They searched you on the way into the theater …..
    I loved it….it was such a controversy for nothing…