Woman Hired To Be In NARTH’s Ex-Gay Therapy Video Doesn’t Actually Support Ex-Gay Therapy


Last week, we reported that the junk science, ex-gay National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) was undergoing a rebranding of sorts and would launch a new organization called the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity (ATCSI).

Included in the new organization's roll-out was an odd, fake news video announcing the change that, while not featuring any 'ex-gays,' it did included a rather busty "reporter" claiming that ATCSI would better "meet the needs of a new generation."

That "reporter," Jean Hudson, however, is a YouTube freelancer who is now condemning the ex-gay organization, saying she was shocked to learn about the group's harmful practices. 

ThinkProgress reports:

Hudson was not familiar with NARTH’s background, and the brief script she was asked to read only announced the new organization and did not actually refer to the ex-gay therapy the group promotes. After learning of the group’s mission, she described it as “disturbing,” adding, “I can definitely say that if I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to the video request.”

Hudson is a video freelancer who contracts with individuals to produce news clips for a variety of purposes, including news announcements, commercial promotions, and special occasions (birthdays, weddings, etc.). She told ThinkProgress that her video services were paid by a “dpruden,” which likely refers to David Clarke Pruden, who is vice president of operations for NARTH and was the president of Evergreen, a Mormon ex-gay ministry, until it closed earlier this year.

“The news of my video services used to promote a website that is reportedly anti-LGBT is very troubling,” Hudson told ThinkProgress. “First, I apologize to my friends, family, clients, and neighbors who are LGBT supporters. I have not and will not betray or have ever deceived you. You know me better.”

The video has since been removed from YouTube and NARTH's website. 


  1. JackFknTwist says

    Ha ha, ha.
    Yeah, “a video freelancer”…….

    For what ? ‘busty’ magazines ?
    More ignorance, more stupidity.
    Go back to school dear, get an education.

  2. woody says

    well, that photo is a studied effort at pushing gay men’s “maybe I can do a chick” button: ass-crack cleavage, pursed lips and a men’s shirt. the ex-gay stylist over there has his little thinking cap on.
    anyway, she was kind to make that public statement. good for her.

  3. Nora Charles says

    Ah yes that’s right. Breast size has an inverse correlation with intelligence. Only dumb women have large breasts.

  4. JackFknTwist says


    ” I can definitely say that if I had known……”

    Yeah, where have we heard that before.
    Ignorant dumb airhead.
    What she’s selling is not a well educated video service; she’s selling the ‘busty’ extras.

  5. says

    no, good for her for calling this out. this sort of thing is not actually uncommon. we’ve had folks who’ve done stock-photo modelling who’ve been stunned to see their photos used for anti-gay causes, and many an actor has gone in to read for a PSA/ad only to find out, after the audition (audition materials are not always the text and content of the actual product in question…) what it’s REALLY for.

    so, i’m glad she’s spoken out about this.

  6. Micky says

    Everyone here posting biblical quotes trying to refute this dumb woman’s beliefs is just as pathetic as she is. Yes, this superstitious and ignorant book does tell us that homosexuals should be killed, and also promotes dashing babies to death on rocks. News flash folks: this crap was written by an ancient and ignorant group of people, and the fact that you’re all still quoting from it and believing is all part of the same problem as this idiotic woman refusing to bake a cake. Sorry to be so harsh kiddies.

  7. Bollox says

    @MICKY. You have just proven yourself to be a troll. None of the comments on this thread have quoted the buybull.

  8. Bernie says

    This kind of lying, unprofessional and unethical behavior is so typical of NARTH….If they are so proud of what they do, why didn’t they tell their video advertiser? or better yet, why didn’t they use one of those 100’s of ex gays they brag about?!!?!?