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Zambia VP: Decriminalization Of Homosexuality 'An Unreasonable Expectation'

Guy scott

Zambia Vice President Dr. Guy Scott has said that it is “not right” for the UK to expect his country to decriminalize homosexuality, reports STV.

Speaking at the Glasgow 2015 Commonwealth Games, Scott, who was born in Zambia to Scottish parents, said:

“Scotland introduced gay marriage last week so therefore Zambia must suddenly - you weren’t complaining about it two weeks ago – it’s not right. It’s an unreasonable expectation.”

Scott went on to say that Zambia is more interested in eradicating poverty and disease and improving the country’s education system.

Sexual relations between men in Zambia are punishable with up to 14 years in prison

Last September, Zambian activist Paul Kasonkomonawho was arrested after speaking out against the criminalization of homosexuality, was been ordered to face trial under the nation's penal code.

New research revealed last week shows that of the 80 countries worldwide that still criminalize homosexuality, more than half belong to the Commonwealth and that 42 of 53 Commonwealth countries continue to criminalise homosexuality, posing a serious threat to the LGBTI community.  

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  1. "Scott went on to say that Zambia is more interested in eradicating poverty and disease" Ihis idiot doesn't understand how allowing gay couples to marry would assist with these goals..

    Posted by: Not that rob | Aug 1, 2014 10:45:16 AM

  2. @NOT THAT ROB, my thoughts exactly.

    Posted by: JJ | Aug 1, 2014 11:05:03 AM

  3. "Scotland introduced gay marriage last week." That'll be news to the Scots.

    Posted by: Bollox | Aug 1, 2014 12:38:28 PM

  4. I'm tired of these sick monsters who gloat about how they're ruining the lives of their own citizens, and boast about how there's nothing LBGT communities or their allies in the west can do about it.

    They're torturing and killing THEIR OWN CITIZENS - and they're posturing like they're doing it to ANOTHER community rather than their own.

    OK Zambia - you want to f*** up your own citizens, fine. You're right about one thing; there's nothing LGBTs in the west can do for LGBTs in YOUR country. But why should LGBTs a world away care when you don't care about what's happening to your own bloody neighbors?! This is YOUR bed; you lay in it.

    Posted by: LetGo | Aug 1, 2014 3:10:28 PM

  5. Well then allowing that Nazi savage to live is an unreasonable expectation so cut off his disgusted Nazi head.

    Posted by: RMc | Aug 1, 2014 3:42:00 PM

  6. Queen Elizabeth's Commonwealth is a disgrace. It's time for the Queen to hand it off to the bigots who fill it.

    Posted by: Randy | Aug 1, 2014 4:00:11 PM

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