Duck Dynasty Family Member Running for Congress


Yes, that's U.S. Congress. The one in Washington.

In news that would have Ruth Bader Ginsburg jumping for joy, Zach Dasher, nephew of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is running for elected office. His platform is the usual Tea Party nonsense you'd expect his campaigns motto is: "My basic platform begins with god."

Pictured is Dasher with his blonde haired/blue eyed family. It may come as little shock that his children are home schooled.

Buzzfeed reports that Dasher’s wife, Jil has an opinion of homosexuality. Surprise, surprise, she believes it is "curable."

…she’s seen people who have “come out of” addictions like homosexuality in her home. Dasher compares it to an addiction, akin to heroin and alcohol. “I have had folks sit on my couch who have come out of all kinds of addictions; alcohol, heroin, homosexuality, etc and hear them talk of healing and how they were able, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to overcome a life that was destroying them. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Dasher is running for congress in Louisiana. Thankfully, he is one of five Republicans attempting to unseat incumbent Rep. Vince McAllister, whose recent scandal has left him vulnerable. Interestingly, McAllister has been linked to the "Duck Dynasty" clan before, bringing a member of their family as his guest to the state of the union address last year.

[h/t Joe. My. God.]


  1. ToThePoint says

    Dear Ms. Jil,
    We are not suffering from an addiction that is destroying our lives. What is destroying our lives is people like you who are intent in forcing your OPINIONS/ BELIEFS on everyone and UN-factually depicting our plight. If not for people like you, our lives would be happy and fulfilled. Further your espousing of your opinion as fact publicly is very hurtful to the psyche of countless LGBT citizens.

  2. chris says

    They sound dreadful but this article would be more effective if it weren’t written in such a condescending manner. Plenty of fine people, for instance, are home-schooled.

  3. Dawson says

    You didn’t have to tell me they were from the South, three of there lovely children are barefooted for a campaign photo. I can hear the banjo’s in the background.
    When will the South secede from the Union? Where is th petition we can all sign?

  4. max says

    What a dreadful candidate.

    But I have a concern with this write-up. What is the need to say “with his blonde haired/blue eyed family.”? Sounds eerily similar to people who have to use the term “black” when describing someone they meet. [Yes, I had a nice lunch. The black waiter was nice.”]

    No need for racism, even the subtle kind, on this blog.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    It’s interesting that the 1950’s idea of “All-American”, porch swing included, is still alive and well this far into the future.

    We can’t say they are slackers in their adherence to 60 plus years ago, they even brought the mindset with them.

  6. Theology or Constitutional Republic says

    Has you ever held public office? No.

    What are your credentials that qualify you to be an elected legislator? The family name presented an opportunity.

    What’s your stand on violence in America? More God. More guns. Guns everywhere. In schools, bars, churches, voting polls. Less gummit more God.

    Is that everyone’s God Dasher or just your God?

    How old is the Earth Dasher?

  7. Johnny says

    “…and hear them talk of healing and how they were able, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to overcome a life that was destroying them. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

    Millions and millions of people.

    That’s who.

  8. Randy says

    What are they going to do when one of those little boys sitting on the sofa with them, comes out as gay! Will they disown their own son, or will he be so repressed and commit suicide!

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