OK Go Promises Not To ‘Let You Down’ With Epic New One-Shot Music Video: WATCH


Ever fans of creating innovative and interesting music videos filmed in one single shot, the band has outdone themselves with their latest video release for "I Won't Let You Down." With the help of a lot of umbrellas and Japanese school girls, the boys of OK Go have turned in their most magical (and elaborately choreographed) music video yet.

Don't miss it, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. BrokebackBob says

    No, that was NOT all non-digital. It was a reasonably good transition though. The whole work is excellent, one real case where the pop music meets the pop visual and it comes off like butta. That building complex, wow, what a great place to have an office.

  2. AL says

    The three girls at the very beginning of the video are actually huge stars in Japan and are known as “Perfume.” If you like crazy choreographed dance moves and electropop, check them out (Nee/ねぇ, VOICE, Spring of Life, One Room Disco, etc.). I just love them and was very surprised to see them in this video. :)

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