Kansas City Royals Marketing Executive Matt Schulte Comes Out as Gay – VIDEO

Matt Schulte, marketing coordinator for baseball team Kansas City Royals, has come out.


Matt Schulte, marketing coordinator for Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals, has come out in an interview with Outsports. 

As the Royals made their unexpected run through the playoffs this year, Schulte began exploring the idea of coming out. Through conversations with other out gay people in sports he saw a side of sports that was inclusive of gay people.

As team victories mounted this year and the elusive World Series drew near, his confidence grew and he began to find inner pride in a way he had never experienced before.

Although coming out to his father and stepmother had been a positive experience, doing so in the macho environment of Major League Baseball was a whole different matter.

"To walk into my boss's office, how do I set it up? Do I give them a warning? Do I spring it on them? I'm still not even totally comfortable with saying the words, 'I'm gay.'"

Still not knowing how to address the topic with co-workers and friends, he decided to share his story publicly via Outsports.

Watch Matt talk about his lifelong connection with Kansas City Royals, AFTER THE JUMP

Continuing a positive recent trend, professional strongman Rob Kearney came out earlier this year as did Sky Sports presenter Mark McAdam.

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  1. Richard Harney says

    I do find it strange that he feels like he has to “come out” at his job. Just be out, you don’t have to make a formal announcement. I wouldn’t feel comfortable setting up a meeting to discuss it either. When people ask me or if it is necessary for conversation to mention my boyfriend, then I mention it.

  2. Ken says

    Richard — Read the story. He only just recently came out to himself. Yes, us old queens can casually insert a pronoun, rather than make a pronouncement, but he had done and said things at work completely inconsistent with him being gay. I came out when I got divorced. That is a coming out. This guy came out when, after years of denying his sexuality to himself and others, he wanted to make a clean break, so that (almost) everyone was hearing the same thing at the same time.

  3. the other Ken says

    Richard Harney is right IMO. Making it a big deal solidifies that it’s a big deal.

    Keep it simple. Where I work, when talk is of relationships with boyfriends and girlfriends, I join in and talk about my husband. I’ve yet to see anyone flinch, or walk away, or gasp. No one. Maybe they’ve all been wagering whether or not I’m gay already, but whatever. That makes it easier.

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