Mike Michaud Loses Bid to Become Maine Governor

MichaudRep. Mike Michaud, who would have become the country's first openly gay person elected governor, was defeated by Republican Paul LePage and conceded late last night, the Press Herald reports:

Michaud conceded defeat at 12:30 a.m. in a speech at the Port City Music Hall. LePage triumphantly took the stage at the Franco American Heritage Center in Lewiston before Michaud finished his speech. Written off by some pundits when the campaign began over a year ago, the governor weathered a full-throated challenged by the Maine Democratic Party, which cleared the field of primary challengers for Michaud while aligned interest groups spent millions boosting his candidacy in the most expensive gubernatorial race in state history.

With 66.6% reporting, LePage had 47.7%, Michaud 43.8%, and Cutler 8.4%.


  1. crashops says

    The Koch agenda has fully succeeded when a state with so many poor and unemployed people will vote an extreme candidate like this back into office at a rate of nearly 50%. We all said 4 years ago that it was a fluke because of the split vote… LePage will continue to decimate social services, destroy the environment, and make Maine look foolish, which apparently we are.

  2. pablo says

    what’s odd is that Michaud consistently won his House district in Maine’s more conservative district by 20%+ margins for the last decade. Nobody talked about him being gay during this campaign, but I think it’s impossible to not believe that it didn’t play a huge part in his loss in this country’s oldest state…

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