Bryan Safi is on a Mission to Become the Unofficial First Gay Sportscaster at the Super Bowl: VIDEO


Self-proclaimed "first gay sportscaster" Bryan Safi has never been to the Super Bowl and neither has any other gay person. That all may change this year though, if Safi can get his
s–t together with the help of Pat O'Brien and the Mini Mansions.   

Find out if he's headed to Arizona, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Gordon says

    This is a joke, right? I know plenty of gay people, of both genders, who have been to a Superbowl. The ongoing myth of gay sports phobia is ridiculous, demeaning, and further divides our community.

  2. Craig says

    Unfortunately for him Johnny Weir has already been covering the Super Bowl, even attending media day.

  3. JimmyD says

    GORDON: Lighten up. FUNNY or Die is a comedy site. This is clearly a joke… if you watched it.
    Bryan’s a hoot. Love him!

  4. GORDON IS RICK says

    JIMMYD: GORDON sounds like Rick. He only likes masculine, white men and comes here to trash anyone who doesn’t fit his mold. Ironically, he is the biggest divider in the community.

  5. EchtKultig says

    It’s stupidly homophobic…simple as that. Would funny or die do a “first black host of Masterpiece Theater” where the candidate says “tv shows from England, where’s dat bro!?”