NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight To Appear With Boyfriend On ‘The Amazing Race’

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez

Jonathan Knight of 80's boy band New Kids on the Block has never hidden his orientation, but only made a public announcement after being "outed" by former girlfriend and pop star Tiffany. Knight is continuing living openly by joining the cast of CBS' The Amazing Race next month with his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. The singer made the announcement over Twitter:

The theme for the season is "all-dating couples", and in stark contrast to Knight and Rodriguez's seven-year relationship, five of the contestant pairs are appearing on the show as blind dates. The new season starts on February 25th.


  1. says

    I can’t Wait! I LOVE Amazing Race but have always disliked the gay couples they’ve included because they are so stereotypically flaming gay! Remember Joey Graceffa who went screaming like a banshee when he had to eat a bug, wore bandana scarfs on his head and ran like Streisand, arms flailing? (Am I cruel or what??) LOL!

    Fingers crossed they win the million bucks! I’ll be watching!!! This should be fun!

  2. says

    Great! I look forward to seeing them on the Amazing Race. If you’ve only watched the last couple of years of the Amazing Race you would have seen only Joey but if you’ve watched it from the beginning (2001) you would have seen a wide variety of gay characters than ran the spectrum — just like straight people. Unlike Survivor, The Amazing Race doesn’t hate gay people so it has every type of gay person on its show and not just stereotypes.

  3. aki says

    Joey was an interesting case because he wasn’t like that all the time . Every time he remembered the camera he turned it up .

  4. says

    My very favorite ‘married’ gay couple were Chip and Reichen – they set the gay bar very high (whatever happened to Chip?) and yes, I’ve seen every episode of Amazing Race (US, Canada, Asia and Australia) from their inceptions. AR has always been good to the gay community by including 1 or 2 gay couples but on many occasions those gays they have chosen have been losers from the getgo.

    Now the Beekman Boys, whom I followed long before they appeared on AR and had their own cable show, were a pretty good couple but then we had that pompous ballet dancer, Rex Harrington and his fiance Bob Hope (I would have changed that name!) who went out flaming and sniping on Amazing Race Canada and there were the hot gay teams of James and Jaymes (Chippendale dancers, remember them?) and deaf Luke (I thought the guy was hot!).

    So true, not all gay contestants have been total losers and teams like Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath are more typical of the gay Asians I know of here in SF. I hope these latter two are still together as they came across as truly being in love with one another. Joey, with whom I had known previously from his YouTube channel, was just too much and quite honestly, I couldn’t wait until he was bumped off.

  5. me says

    Doesn’t he have some pretty bad anxiety problems? I wonder how it will play out. Good luck to him!