Shepard Smith Points Out States That Fought Integration Are Now Against Gay Marriage: VIDEO

Shepard Smith Gay Marriage Supreme Court

Another one for the "Well OBVIOUSLY" files: Fox's Shepard Smith addressed the Supreme Court's decision to review the Sixth Circuit gay marriage cases Friday and, while speaking with Wall Street Journal editor John Bussey, pointed out a very uncomfortable truth:

Not in every case, but in most cases, the same states which were fighting integration are fighting this as well. Those states which always seem to be behind the curve for reasons which are explainable and understandable.

Bussey tries to undermine Shepard's statement by stating that there's "still disagreement on this issue within the American population," to which Shepard flawlessly ripostes, "There's still disagreement on segregation."

You can watch the back and forth AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Gigi says

    Sad, but not al all surprising. I like that he also pointed out that some of those states are STILL fighting integration. Some southernern states just recently did away with segregated high school proms!

  2. ny2.0 says

    Well DUH Einstein, what do they think the whole “states rights” issue is all about? The right to discriminate against minorities and its the red states in the south that are the culprits.
    If interracial marriage were to be put up to a vote in the south there is no guarantee it would survive.

  3. MikeKV says

    “Those states which always seem to be behind the curve for reasons which are explainable and understandable.”

    Explainable — maybe (bigotry, homophobia, etc). Understandable? No. They can be a bigoted homophobe all they wish — they have *no right* to force that crap upon everyone else. No. I don’t agree with “understandable.” Not one little bit.

  4. Jude says

    BREAKING NEWS! I’m so happy we have Faux News. How would have we ever figured this out without them?

    I mean, seriously, anyone who had not figured this out on his/her own, raise your hand? No one? Thank you.

  5. Old timey says

    Fox is a national embarrassment.

    To see a French TV show confront them with deliberate lies about entire neighborhood lockdowns in Paris following Hebdo by a phony terrorist specialist should be a wake up call to all Americans.

  6. melvin says

    A widely cited study a few years ago pointed out that the more people watched Fox Noise, the more ill informed they were and just wrong on basic facts. Not mentioned as much: the same study showed the same to be true for people watching any tv news. Fox news is only incrementally worse. THe same is true locally, btw: people who watch local tv news consistently estimate crime rates to be twice what they really are.

  7. GregV says

    @MikeKV: I took the term “understandable” to mean that it is understandable that people who are bigoted and slow to learn on one issue tend to be bigoted and slow to learn on other issues.
    The states (Massachusetts, California, Vermont, etc) and the religious groups (Quakers, Unitarians, Reform Jews, etc. and the individuals (Coretta Scott King, Mildred Loving, Desmund a Tutu, etc.) who led the way on racial equality also led the way on equality for sexual minorities, and that is as “understandable” as it is understandable that the states (Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) and individuals and religious groups (Southern Baptists other Evangelicals) that fought vehemently against equality for women and blacks are also attacking (often with virtually identical arguments) equality for gay people.

  8. northalabama says

    i don’t remember commentary regarding california’s position on segregation when they passed prop 8.

    other states that banned gay marriage: alaska, arizona, colorado, kansas, idaho, michigan, montana, nebraska, nevada, north & south dakota, oregon, utah – what were their positions on segregation?

    this is petty stereotyping from a likely source, yet so many readers of towleroad bought into it…exactly who, now, is guilty of discrimination? pot, meet kettle.

  9. R says

    When Rick Perry was threatening Texas would succeed from the nation, part of me felt like telling him, “go ahead.”

    The South has for years held this country back from all forms of progress, whether that’s science, civil rights, the environment… pretty much anything of importance. I feel very badly for the people stuck living there who can’t get out.

  10. Richard says

    No, Mike in the Tundra, he hasn’t publicly come out. This is probably his way of demonstrating a little spine, since he doesn’t have enough to admit he’s gay.

  11. oncemorefeeling says

    Yes, NORTHALABAMA, there is absolutely no difference between Alabama and California.

    You know, except for every conceivable difference, beginning with that California is a progressive, wealthy, educated paradise and Alabama is a backwards, bigoted, broken hellhole that is among the last of all states in everything good.

    I’m genuinely sorry you’re trapped in Alabama, but delusion and bitterness is no way to deal with it.

    FYI: Prop 8 passed because The Mormon Cult, Inc. poured tens of millions of dollars into the state from Utah and then our premiere political organization, Equality California, failed miserably in their duty to fight back, leading to what was still a very narrow defeat for equality. Meanwhile, Alabama is a bastion of bigotry where nobody has to lift a finger to foster hate because it’s already everywhere.

    Of course, if you lived somewhere that they valued education, you’d know this already.

  12. simon says

    “California is a progressive, wealthy, educated paradise”
    Also an education paradise. Along the east coast, is the center of American science and technology. Just look at the concentration of Nobel laureates in that state.

  13. says

    The odd thing I’ve noticed is that all the old white men, who should remember how segregation ended, keep talking about states’ rights and how the courts don’t have authority to change anything in their states.

  14. anon says

    Except that only three states voted to allow gay marriage, and it wasn’t by popular demand either. The most strident opposition to gay marriage is in the South, but opposition was essentially nationwide.

  15. Henry Holland says

    “California is a progressive, wealthy, educated paradise”

    That’s a very simplistic view. You should have written “the small coastal strip of California from the Holllywood Hills > Beverly Hills > Westside to roughly the Napa Valley is progressive, wealthy and educated while the rest resembles Oklahoma”. Orange County is uber conservative and a major source of money for conservative causes. San Diego is very military based, not “progressive” at all and places like Bakersfield are actively hostile to the “liberal agenda”. Hell, even places like Monrovia in east Los Angeles County wouldn’t be out of place in Nebraska.

    Prop. 8 had to get hundreds of thousands of legit signatures to be placed on the ballot, that happened because people in places like Kern County and the farmlands wanted it there.

    /Born and lived in CA my whole life

  16. northalabama says

    @oncemorefeeling – here’s something my education has taught me, research before declaring opinion as fact: california has the highest rate of poverty in the nation.

    and your rant doesn’t explain the other states that passed marriage bans by majority vote – i guess the southern states rigged those ballot boxes, since you seem to believe all the bigots in the country were relocated to the southern states to be together geographically.

    i know the south has history, but i’ve never felt trapped, and knowing the value the gay contributors from the south, i’ve never felt the need to dismiss the entire south as bigoted – tim cook, robin roberts, jim nabors, ty herndon, michael stipe, alan ball, jonathan murray, brunson green, lance bass, abby rubenfeld, megan fox, jackie walker, bob harper, chris cunningham-crocker, clementine ford – that’s just a few born near me you may have heard of.

    and one thing i know for sure, by simply pointing your finger at the south while yelling “bigots!”, you are not helping change anyone’s mind or opinions to support marriage equality, you’re just trolling to stereotypes.

  17. simon says

    Haha! Isn’t it a bit ironic that Tim Cook was born in Alabama but became the CEO of a company based in California. NORTHALABAMA just proved our point himself. You can go through the list of Nobel prize winners in science and medicine and you can find a lot of them did their works in some institutions in California. As a matter of fact they came from countries like Egypt, China etc where they could never have accomplished what they accomplished in their own countries. It goes without saying if you want to be involved in high tech, Silicon Valley is the place to go, not Mobile Alabama. Also it is a bit puzzling why “rate of poverty” has anything to do per capita GDP.

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