Thousands Protest Ejection Of Kissing Lesbian Couple From Vienna Cafe: VIDEO

Cafe Prueckel kiss in protest

Last week a lesbian couple was kicked out of a cafe in Vienna, Austria for daring to engage in a public kiss that was deemed by management to be appropriate for "a brothel."

Sooooo…public cunnilingus, presumably?

Backlash to the homophobia was swift, and as nothing is private anymore, Vienna's tourist agency denouncing the ejection is the least of Cafe Prueckel's worries. The bigger issue is the some 2,000 protesters who marched down the street on Friday, forcing the street to close. Several of the protesters engaged in long, amorous kisses of their own to drive the point home that they will not be discriminated against.

The prudish manager has since apologized for ejecting the couple, an apology that is no doubt utterly sincere contrition for her homophobia and not at all a weak attempt at damage control. Damage control which is not really possible, given the flood of photographs on Twitter, and videos available all over the internet, including a report from DailyMotion that you can watch AFTER THE JUMP…

Viennese protest after cafe ejects kissing… by euronews-en


  1. 10:30 says

    Yeah, ummm. No.
    My partner and I live just around the corner from this (fantastic) café and naturally we went to the protest as well. There are two issues in play here: 1. the discriminatory language of the café owner, 2. the provocative attitude of the two complainants. I think that the sign held up by the (pro-gay) “counter-protesters” sums up my position very well: “whether you’re gay or straight, make out somewhere else.” A traditional Viennese café is not the place to show too much affection – it’s just not the right place for it, like at the opera or the library, etc etc. It’s a shame that the camera crew felt the need to edit out a sound bite that made him sound like “the bad guy.”

    The two punk-girls kissing on the thumbnail picture were trying to turn this into a violent event, were screaming and making threatening gestures. I doubt they were from Vienna at all, from their accents. The queer anarchists were out in force, passing out their revolutionary pamphlets. They also covered this beautiful café in anarchist graffiti.

    The discriminatory comments of the owner are reprehensible, yes. But I would have like to have seen a response aimed at improving the situation, not just creating a confrontation. Now, after this event, I don’t think we’ll feel welcome there, whereas we have never had a problem before with holding hands, exchanging greeting kisses, etc.

    Not all tradition is automatically bad and in need of being bulldozered over. This protest perhaps had good intentions, but it came across heavy-handed.

  2. Skippy says

    Rick, Austria is in Europe, that’s the continent with lots of old castles and Australia is in the Pacific and you may recognise it from seeing pictures of Kangaroos.

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