Slovenian Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage And Adoption

VoteBy a vote of 51-28, Slovenia's Parliament today passed legislation that would amend the current marriage and family relations act to allow same-sex couples to legally be married and adopt. As STA reports, "A coalition of conservative groups has already announced efforts for a referendum." Slovenia is the 12th European nation to recognize same-sex marriage.

(Photo via Twitter)


  1. says

    Happy for my Slovene friends who’ve worked so hard for this. It’s a beautiful little country. I don’t know the terms of a potential referendum, but I hope it’s not a real threat to the progress. I’m sure the conservatives there, however, will try to undermine equality, just like they do in the States.

  2. andrew says

    The majority of Slovenians are Roman Catholics, but like many European and even American Catholics they don’t follow many of the teachings of the Church/ and don’t follow much of the advice given by the Church Hierarchy. And for that, we are all the better.