Scott Walker Admits He’s Attended a Same-sex Wedding Reception: VIDEO


Add Wisconsin governor and likely presidential candidate Scott Walker to the growing list of Republicans who've been asked "Would you attend a gay wedding?"

The New York Times reports:

“That’s certainly a personal issue,” Mr. Walker said at a brief news conference after addressing a gathering of New Hampshire Republicans here. Referring to his wife, he continued, “Tonette and I and our family already had a family member who’s had a reception. I haven’t been to a wedding. That’s true even though my position on marriage is still that’s defined between a man and a woman, and I support the Constitution of the state. But for someone I love, we’ve been at a reception.” The governor was away on business when the wedding occurred, but he later attended a reception for the newlyweds.

Last June, a cousin of Mrs. Walker, Shelli Marquardt, was married to her partner at Waukesha County Courthouse outside Milwaukee, according to media reports. The Walkers’ then-19-year-old son, Alex, served as a witness and signed his name to the marriage certificate.

Watch Walker give his answer, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. nick says

    Heaven’s to Betsy Scottie-I hope there were no women and children were present as they are so easily swayed by sentimentality. I hope you promptly went out and did something manly or at least went to church to repent to make up for our momentary slip to the dark side.


    I’m an atheist, but I was still a witness at a gay wedding. What has religion, or religious beliefs, really got to do with “marriage”.

    IMO, “the churches” should get their noses out of marriages AND adoptions.

  3. kdknyc says

    But the poor saps who invited him–THEY aren’t admitting to having invited him. They should hide their heads in shame.

  4. Sean says

    And the followup question is, “And Gov. Walker, how has the same sex wedding reception you attended negatively impacted your marriage?”

  5. Mick says

    I saw Mark Rubio on ‘Face the Nation’ this morning, and he stated that he believes gays are born that way (but he still rejects our constitutional right to marry).

    I wonder why Towleroad isn’t on that story!!! I was floored when he said that and now I’m wondering how long it will take him to start walking that statement back!

  6. David C. says

    So, let’s see. He’s anti-equal marriage, but he goes to a gay wedding reception. I imagine he’s anti-choice, also. Does that mean he has no problem driving someone he loves to an abortion clinic? His tortured logic is such b.s.

  7. Bernie says

    I am not seeing the relevance, importance or anything that Mr. Walker attended a gay reception…….that does NOT change his right wing views!!!

  8. jocular says

    Yes, but did he eat the cake? That’s the new GOP standard, one can attend the reception but not eat the cake.

    It’s fun watching the Republicans twist themselves into pretzels trying to win a primary without losing the national election.

  9. Steve Talbert says

    Too bad his goose wasn’t cooked at the same time. going to just the reception is worse than going to both or boycotting both.

  10. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    It’s the “Great GOP Morality Quagmire of 2016″, you know, the “homo thing”

    They can’t win either way. Too soft & they alienate the fundamentalist base, too hardline & they are out of step with the country.

    They’re all hoping the Supreme Court takes it off the table this Spring & they’ll have over a year to ignore the issue before the election in Nov.2016 (yes, it’s not THIS November… doesn’t it seem the campaign started way too early?).

    As I mentioned before, egomaniacal a-hole Republican pundit Joe Scarborough has long counseled this brethren to just STFU about social issues & feed the voters what they want to hear (like cutting their taxes). Then once they’re in power, they can do whatever they wish. Every Red State that took the Governorship with a veto-proof legislature has done so & the first thing they did was address guns, gays, and god in their own way.

    This is the strategy to fear. Even our dear friends the Log Cabin Republicans will then say, ” see, the GOP isn’t homophobic at all”

  11. Independent Voter anxious to Vote says

    This is akin to a Nazi running for Fuhrer admitting he attended a reception for a Bar Mitzvah. Red flags going up all over the place.

  12. RonCharles says

    Methinks that many sane Republicans are secretly hoping that the US Supreme Court will rule in favour of gay marriage and will even go as far as to decree that no married couple can be discriminated against. If the court does that, then, it will free a great many Republican politicians from having to deal with the topic of gay marriage and it could undermine some of the power of the social conservatives in the party.

  13. Cinesnatch says

    lol at some of the commenters here.

    Obama was given a pass by most because he “evolved” on the issue.

    Short memories, some of you.