TSA to Discontinue Using the Term ‘Anomaly’ to Describe Transgender Passengers

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The Transportation Security Administration announced this week that they’re discontinuing the use of the term “anomaly,” to describe transgender passengers reports CNN.

The TSA’s decision comes after transgender writer Shadow ‘Shadi’ Petoscary documented her heinous experience at the hands of Orlando TSA security officials who flagged her for an “anomaly,” after passing through an airport security scanner.

TSA policies state transgender passengers must be treated as how, “he or she presents themselves at the security checkpoint,” CNN reports. Petoscary’s live tweets of the incident stated that a TSA agent told Petoscary to “get back in the machine as a man.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised the decision:

Petoscary weighed in on the TSA’s decision in a subtle tweet while praising presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweet on the TSA’s decision.

Clinton addressed the Human Rights Campaign at a daytime event earlier this month, voicing her support of LGBT rights, transgender service members in the military and the passage of a nationwide Equality Act guaranteeing protections for LGBT people nationwide.