Guys, Ryan Reynolds Wants You To Touch Yourselves – WATCH

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, or rather Deadpool, stars in a new PSA that’s all about keeping your man berries (or as Deadpool likes to call them, Smooth Criminals) from bringing about your untimely demise. In other words, the video’s about testicular cancer.

As Deadpool, Reynolds extolls the virtues of touching yourself in his typically dry and dirty sense of humor. He says, “I’m sure you rummage around downstairs more than mommy would like. But it’s time you start paying attention to your favorite pastime because that bag of beans bouncing around in your hand could be trying to kill you.”

Reynolds goes on to explain exactly how to feel your man-sack to spot any irregular lumps that could warrant a trip to the doctor.

Check out the video, below and get ready to touch yourself.

[h/t JJ]