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Adam Lambert Gets Massive New Tattoo


Adam Lambert posted photos of a new astrologically-themed tattoo this afternoon, writing:

"New Ink...It represents my Astrological Birth Chart, along with Pagan, Buddhist, and Greco- Roman Archetypes related to balance and the life cycle....My chart is AQUARIUS Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon. All three are represented."

Adam Lambert as a 'Glampire': VIDEO


Adam Lambert puts his fangs on for an upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars, which airs on ABC Family on Mondays if you care to tune in and find out if he sucks — blood, that is.

Watch the preview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Adam Lambert is an 'Outlaw of Love' for Marriage Equality in Maryland: VIDEO


Adam Lambert hit Washington DC's 9:30 Club last night for a benefit show for Marylanders for Marriage Equality in support of Question 6, the referendum on Maryland's Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Before launching into a gorgeous rendition of his track "Outlaws of Love", Lambert spoke powerfully to the crowd about the issue: "It has nothing to do with the partisan [politics]. It's a human rights issue."


In related news, earlier this week Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley said that $2 million more dollars needed to be raised:

“We’re continuing to raise every day in every way, but I really want to make it clear here that we have the ability to pass this in Maryland,” he told LGBT reporters and bloggers from across the country during a Marylanders for Marriage Equality conference call. “It is keeping with the character of our state. It will protect rights equally under the law while protecting religious liberty. That’s why our state was founded to begin with, but we do need to raise money here. We do need to raise another couple of million dollars, and if we’re able to do that I believe that we will pass this. And raising those dollars is critically important for our ability to be able to defend this at the ballot.”

Meanwhile, a new poll is out from Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies: "Fifty-one percent say they will vote to uphold the state’s same-sex marriage law, while 43 percent say they will vote against it. Six percent are undecided. The law would allow gay nuptials to begin in January."

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Adam Lambert Gets Big New Tattoo: PHOTO


Newly-blond Adam Lambert displayed a new tattoo via Twitter on Sunday. The tattoo, which reads "Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram" is translated as "Music Soothes the Savage Beast".

Adam Lambert is Now a Platinum Blonde: PHOTO


Adam Lambert debuted a new look via Twitter Tuesday night.

Said the singer: "New 'Do...You ask Why? Why not? ;) change is good....Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now!"

News: NASCAR Drivers, Gestapo, Big Bucks, Irony

JohnRobertsRuling 1NewsIcon Richard Socarides wonders how Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will vote in gay marriage cases: "Fundamentally, we see that Roberts thinks of himself not just as another Justice of the Court but as its Chief Justice and, as such, as the primary keeper of its legacy. He is fifty-seven, and could serve on the Court for another twenty years or more. In the context of public opinion on gay rights and same-sex marriage, twenty years is a very long time."

1NewsIcon Former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson thinks gay pride at the Pentagon marks the beginning of the armegeddon.

1NewsIcon Mitt Romney and the Republicans raised about $35 million more than President Obama in the Democrats during the month of June.

1NewsIcon NASCAR drivers Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson get out from behind the wheel and take off their shirts. Vroom-Vroom.

1NewsIcon When it comes to anti-bullying regulation, not all Colorado schools are created equal.

BeaArthur1NewsIcon New York City has set aside $3 million to cement the Bea Arthur Residence for Homeless LGBT Youth, a housing project to be run by the Ali Forney Center.

1NewsIcon Some are saying that E! fired gossip columnist Ted Casablanca for outing Jeremy Renner. Wait, what?

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson says she is still not a lesbian.

1NewsIcon Fast-acting: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reportedly reached a deal in their divorce settlement, and it only took two weeks.

1NewsIcon Over 20 groups dedicated to Latino political and social concerns have launched a pro-LGBT public service campaign called Familia es Familia. "In the Familia es Familia brochure, a Latino parent talks of having kicked the son out of the house when he first said he was gay. 'It was eleven years before I understood what a mistake I’d made,' said the Hispanic parent. After more than a decade, the parent apologized, 'and now, after all this time, our family is whole again. I never want my son to experience that kind of rejection again.'"

1NewsIcon Whoa: Scarlett Johansson will reportedly receive $20 million for the Avengers sequel.

1NewsIcon Why are all superheroes so attractive?

1NewsIcon American Family Association's Bryan Fischer thinks gay sex is a "menace to public health." That's ironic.

1NewsIcon Maine Gov. Paul LePage is sorry for calling the IRS "the new Gestapo."

FrankWedding1NewsIcon GLAAD President Herndon Graddick's remarks on Rep. Barney Frank's marriage: For decades, Representative Frank has blazed trails in tireless pursuit of equality for every American. It's only fitting that he's now become the first sitting Congressman to wed his same-sex partner, once again reshaping the texts of history and personifying the opinion shared by a majority of Americans who believe everyone should be able to marry the person they love."

1NewsIcon With blood donations in decline and supplies dwindling, there are fresh calls on the FDA to lift its ban on men who have sex with men.

1NewsIcon The Cookies, "I Want a Boy For My Birthday."

1NewsIcon French pop group Aikiu uses gay porn in their music video, and it's genius.

1NewsIcon Let the countdown begin: only two weeks until the HBO debut of Vito, a documentary about the late, great gay documentary filmmaker Vito Russo.

1NewsIcon Rumor has it that producers are "in talks" with Adam Lambert to become a judge on American Idol, the show that launched his career.

1NewsIcon The Newsroom recap.


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