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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore: Gay Marriage Threatens the U.S. Constitution – VIDEO

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Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who last week launched a personal campaign to the governors in every state to pass a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, is making the media rounds to help spread word about his crusade.

Right Wing Watch reports that Moore, who believes that marriage equality is a Satanic influence that will lead to “oppressive” government and divine punishment, told wingnut rag WorldNetDaily yesterday that the legalization of same-sex marriage threatens the Constitution:

“It’s a travesty,” Judge Roy Moore told WND on Monday about the move toward judiciary-imposed same-sex “marriages.” “The courts are exercising wrongful authority over this country.”

He said it was no less than the U.S. Supreme Court itself which, in an earlier ruling, said, “We come nearest to illegitimacy when we deal with judge-made constitutional law with no cognizable roots in the design of the Constitution.” [...]

“If marriage falls,” he said, “the institution of family upon which it is based falls.”

Then, he said, “We no longer have a Constitution. We have a government of individual men who have the power to decide what the Constitution means … .”

Last week, Moore used a speech to the Alabama Cattlemen's Association to rally support for his campaign. Check out a local news report of the story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) Slammed for Homophobic Remarks

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) is being called out for making homophobic remarks in front of hundreds of realtors at a meeting of The Alabama Association of Realtors  in Montgomery, reports:

M_rogers"At the Board of Directors meeting this morning one of our speakers made some remarks that were inappropriate and offensive to some of our members," the statement said. "Those remarks are not reflective of AAR or our policies.  Moving forward we will endeavor to prevent such inappropriate remarks at our events or meetings."

Barry Mask, executive director of the realtors association, declined any additional comment.

In the open letter to Rogers, Equality Alabama Chairman Ben Cooper wrote, "when you marginalize our community, we will not be silent."

“You allegedly joked about how nice it was to be called ‘Honey’ and ‘Sweetie’ by a woman at an Alabama restaurant rather than a D.C. men’s room,” Cooper wrote. “And you went on to mock our nation’s capitol as a ‘cross between Detroit and San Francisco’ — an obvious reference to Detroit’s racial makeup and San Francisco’s vibrant gay culture. Comments like these are racist, homophobic, and hurtful, and they will not be tolerated.”

Rogers has been invited by the LGBT rights group to a Feb. 16 Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence at the State Capitol. We'll see if he attends.

All-Male Dancing Santa Drag Troupe Causes Outrage at Alabama Christmas Parade: VIDEO


Back in June we posted about Alabama's all-male cheerleading team The Prancing Elites.

The group is back in the headlines after a performance in an Alabama Christmas parade over the weekend, FOX10 reports:

PrancingeliteClaudia Davis was at the parade with her daughter.  "I was outraged and appalled. I never expect anything like this at the Semmes Christmas parade," Davis said.

Like many others in the crowd Davis felt the dance group was inappropriate.

"If they were gonna put this kind of activity in the parade, they should have notified the people of Semmes so that we had a choice whether we wanted out children to attend and see something like that," Davis said.

The Prancing Elites say they were shocked at some of the remarks they heard during the parade:

"Some of them were saying stuff like Oh my God, what's that?"

Watch FOX10's report, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'The Daily Show' Sends Stunt Gay Couple to Test Mississippi and Alabama's Homophobia: VIDEO


After consulting with Nate Silver about which states will be the last to get gay marriage, The Daily Show's Al Madrigal brought a stunt gay couple to Alabama and Mississippi to see "which one of these backwoods, inbred, homophobic states will swim the longest against the tide of history."



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Vandals Target Alabama Student Vehicles with HRC Bumper Stickers

HRC stickerStudents at the University of South Alabama claim they are the target of anti-gay bigotry after their vehicles, which sported Human Rights Campaign stickers, were vandalized 

The students have filed official reports with the university alleging that in September the stickers were ripped off their vehicles, and then that some vehicles were further vandalized, with one windshield wiper removed and one tire deflated.

USA Spectrum, a University of South Alabama campus/community LGBT organization, claims its members were targeted. Spectrum USA president Rachel Doctor spoke with

"The overall response to these vandalism incidents from the university and campus community have been positive. The administration and university police have done a stellar job of checking up on the developing situations and for that type of support to be present for an LGBTQ+ activist student organization is huge. I cannot thank every individual who is reached out to us enough. If nothing else comes from this, the spotlight on this issue must never go away," Docter said.

"It is imperative that students, faculty, and staff understand that just because they don't see someone attacked right in front of them doesn't mean these things don't happen. We cannot continue to be silent about students being victimized for simply being who they are. Whether you believe in gay rights or not, we are all human. Have enough respect for one another to remember it," she said.

Check out the rest of the article at

Alabama GOP Efforts to Silence Pro-Gay College Republican Chairwoman Fail

AlgopEarlier this month Towleroad reported that the Alabama Republican party was considering an amendment that would remove the current Alabama College Republicans Chairwoman Stephanie Petelos (pictured) from her post - simply due to her vocal favorable reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA.

That amendment was voted down over the weekend, reports:

PetelosCommittee member Bonnie Sachs proposed the change saying steering committee members such as Petelos have a duty to publicly support the party’s positions, including those on marriage.

“This has never been about taking away anyone’s rights to freedom of speech as has been construed to the public and the media,” Sachs said. "If we are going to serve on the Republican steering committee, we need to do so in such a way that we don't go to the media with an agenda that we may have."

The motion died on a lopsided voice vote after a passionate debate that highlighted some of the party's divides.

Committee member Clay Barclay of Mobile said it doesn’t hurt to have differing opinions on some issues. “We’re not the Taliban. We’re not the Third Reich,” Barclay said.

Alabama Republican Minority Chairman Phillip Brown said, “It’s not about whether we support heterosexual traditional marriage or not. "It's about free speech."


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