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Amsterdam's 'Pink Christmas' Features Mary in Drag, Leather Joseph


An event called 'Pink Christmas' opened in Amsterdam on Thursday, the AP reports:

"Organizers said the event was meant to raise Amsterdam's profile as a gay capital at a time when homosexuals feel threatened. Christians for Truth, an independent religious group, had asked the city council to cancel the 'Pink Christmas,' event, saying it made a mockery of Christian tenets. The city did not comment. A male entertainer known as Wendy Mills posed as Mary in a blonde wig and high-heeled black boots and holding a plastic doll. Another man played Joseph in black leather trunks and a silver shawl. The five-person manger scene was staged off the street, in the courtyard of a nightclub. Visitors were invited to be photographed with the group."

Amsterdam City Council sponsored the 'Pink Christmas' event, which features vendor stalls and gay-themed holiday card sales, at a cost of $21,000.

Said the event's chairman Frank van Dalen: "Our objective is not to be offensive. This is about visibility."

So nice of Amsterdam to broadcast to the world that the gay community is made up of drag queens or kinky leather fetishists. No doubt this story will get much more play for its colorful theatrics than the candlelight vigils that went on across America Saturday night.

A group called Christians for Truth objected to Amsterdam's event in a statement: "By portraying Joseph and Mary as homosexuals, a twisted human fantasy is being added to the history of the Bible."

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News: Dinosaur, Mann Coulter, Art Sex, Clay Aiken, Uganda

road.jpg Canadian soldiers sentenced to jail for anti-gay attack in Amsterdam: "Eric Wright was sentenced to five months in jail and ordered to pay 6,000 euros (8,300 Canadian dollars/8,500 US dollars) in damages and Ryan Dowie was given 45 days in jail, a court spokesman told AFP."

Manncoulterroad.jpg Since she'd like to perfect the Jews, Maxim's editors went ahead and tried to figure out how they would perfect Mann Coulter.

road.jpg DNA: Genetic study of gay brothers gains steam...

road.jpg Gay activist group to go door-to-door in South Carolina.

road.jpg The Guardian reports on the sex exhibit that recently opened in Britain: "...we live in a world that fears erotically charged images. Pornography is loathed even as it is consumed. In Britain, there has been a recent moral panic about one of the artists in this show, Nan Goldin, whose photograph of a naked young girl was removed from an exhibition at Gateshead's Baltic Centre. That is the modern version of anxieties that for centuries drove artists to veil passion in fine ideas. This show includes a copy of Michelangelo's drawing of The Rape of Ganymede, which he gave as a present to a young nobleman he adored, and which portrays Jupiter taking the form of an eagle to carry away a boy he lusted after."

road.jpg REPORT: Air America talk show host Randi Rhodes assaulted in NYC.

Dinoroad.jpg Massive new dinosaur unearthed in Patagonia.

road.jpg Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation apologizes to gay group after party raid: "The written communication came after Ebony Pyramid Entertainment demanded a public, published apology from the Royal Bahamas Police Force and assurances from the Ministry of Tourism that their annual event will not be targeted again to 'intimidate' homosexuals. The group received one of their two demands. The Executive Director said he is still awaiting an apology from the RBPF. The police 'raid' on their October 6 party which was attended by over 200 lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) tourists was nothing more than a poorly disguised attempt to harass, intimidate, and frighten the homosexual community, Xavier said in a release addressed to the MOT."

road.jpg UC Berkeley student asks, why not marriage for all?

road.jpg Is Britney Spears dreaming of escape with her new reading material? Or has she just completely wigged out?

Sirrobinroad.jpg Clay Aiken to join Broadway production of Spamalot as Sir Robin. Role was originated by David Hyde Pierce.

road.jpg Skeptical global warming meteorologist hailed by traditional media once compared Gore to Hitler: "MSNBC called Gray a 'top meteorologist.' McClatchy referred to him as a 'pioneer in the science of seasonal hurricane forecasts.' The Washington Times coined him one of the 'world’s foremost meteorologists.' But all failed to note that Gray has a long history of climate skepticism and attacks on Gore. In May 2006, a Washington Post magazine article quoted Gray directly comparing Gore to Hitler: 'Gore believed in global warming almost as much as Hitler believed there was something wrong with the Jews.'"

road.jpg Muslim leader in Uganda wants gays sent to an island until they die.

road.jpg 93-year-old pens gay romance novel: " Mr Soper only decided to write the novel after 'coming out' at the age of 91 - and only told his fellow residents at the The Old Vicarage nursing home, in Moulsford, where he lives, after they asked to read his novel. He said: 'When all the old ladies heard about the book, they asked if they could read it. So I had to tell them I was gay and that it was a gay-themed novel.' Mr Soper, a former academic at Christ Church, Oxford, until 1981, said it had been nice to be honest about his sexuality after so many years."

Canadian Soldiers to be Sentenced for Amsterdam Gay Bashing

CanadianforcesTwo Canadian soldiers on leave from their mission in Afghanistan are due for sentencing for an anti-gay attack which occurred last May in Amsterdam. They reportedly spent 60 days in jail but were released on bail in July and assigned to a Canadian Forces installation in The Netherlands.

Canada's National Post reports: "The Dutch news media reported that the two men were involved in beating up a gay man and prosecutors are asking for an eight-month sentence for one of the soldiers, who is 22 years old. A second soldier, also 22, should be sentenced to six weeks in jail, according to prosecutors...The men were originally charged with attempted manslaughter, attempted criminal negligence causing bodily harm and public violence but there have been ongoing discussions to reduce those charges. The charges are under the Dutch criminal code and do not have an equivalent under the Canadian legal system, military officials said."

Specific details regarding the attack were not immediately available.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #161

BEARFORCE1: Singing group from Amsterdam.

GAYBC: Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at ABC topping GLAAD's "Network Responsibility Index".

BLACK TOOBS: A mesmerizing solar-powered art installation in Seattle. Supposedly going up again this Friday.

SNOWMAN: The Snowman from the YouTube debate is back to taunt Mitt Romney.

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"Hetero Boat" to Float in Amsterdam's Gay Boat Parade

A boatful of 30 heterosexuals will float down the canal in Amsterdam's annual gay boat parade on the weekend of August 3rd to 5th in order to show solidarity with gays and protest against rising intolerance in the Dutch capital.

BoatparadeReuters reports: "The organiser of the 'hetero boat', Coos Peterse, said on Friday it's inclusion was a reaction to a growing number of attacks against homosexuals in the Netherlands. Dutch media reported this month that a kissing lesbian couple was attacked in Nijmegen and had to be treated in hospital. In Amsterdam, two gay men were abused and one was seriously injured. 'What always bothered me is that the public reaction wasn't that strong. I would expect a much stronger outcry,' Peterse, 25, said. 'Since I wasn't hearing it, I thought maybe it was a good idea to make a statement, to celebrate with them that you're free in Holland to live to your own preference.'"

Amsterdam's gay parade on water adds "hetero boat" [reuters]

News: Al Gore, Donatella Versace, Sperm, Howard Dean

road.jpg Former NBA player John Amaechi's appearance on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" has been moved up to this Sunday at 9:30am ET.

Branson_goreroad.jpg Al Gore planning day of Global Warming concerts around the world that would dwarf Live Aid: "Organisers of the event, scheduled to take place on 7 July, hope to amass a worldwide television audience of two billion people in order to present the message about global warming. The series of co-ordinated concerts in seven cities - London, Washington DC, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Kyoto - is expected to be announced today by the former American vice-president Al Gore, who is now a figurehead of the campaign against climate change. Promoters of the event, which will be branded "SOS", yesterday promised that the line-up of artists - likely to include U2, Coldplay and the Scissor Sisters - will "dwarf" those amassed for Live Aid and its successor, Live8. Venues for the London event are still being discussed but the shortlist includes Hyde Park and the new Wembley stadium." Gore has also teamed up with Richard Branson to offer a $25 million prize to inspire innovators in the private sector to compete in combating climate change.

road.jpg Fundraiser for gay hip-hop Homorevolution Tour to go down this weekend in Long Beach, California. Organizer Deadlee: "I enjoy the political side. I want to be a revolutionary in homo rap. Homo rap is fresh. It comes from a different place. There's a struggle in it. Coming out is still tough for a lot of blacks and Latinos. There's still a lot of hate at us for being gay."

road.jpg Howard Dean still not winning LGBT hearts and minds.

road.jpg Anna Nicole: Death of a pop culture icon takes media by storm.

Bushhatcherroad.jpg Teri Hatcher caught in liplock with George Bush the elder.

road.jpg Donatella Versace tells Hillary Clinton to ditch the pantsuits: "I can understand (trousers) are comfortable but she’s a woman and she is allowed to show that. She should treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics. I admire her for her determination, which will hopefully take her to the White House."

road.jpg Amsterdam Pride to feature canal boat for 11 to 16-year-olds: "A 14-year-old Danny Hoekzema came up with the idea and has conducted an Internet campaign to drum up support for his campaign, and says he has already found around 10 participants for the 30-place boat. Gay Pride organizers had said that it would be kept well away from more 'provocative' boats parading along the Dutch's city's canals and that the youngsters would be joined by their parents on board." Academic support threatened...

road.jpg World's largest sperm sighted in Louisiana.


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