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German Lawmaker Thinks Gays Almost As Big A Threat As Euro Crisis

KReicheCharming German politician Katherina Reiche claimed yesterday that proposals granting more rights to families headed by same-sex couples threaten her homeland's future.

Sweden's The Local has more on the comments made by Reiche, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union:

What [Reiche] called, “this demographic development”, was “next to the euro crisis, the biggest threat to German prosperity.”

Merkel's Union must, Reiche added, “clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.”
Certain critics, local paper the Berliner Zeitung said, have revelled in pointing out the hypocrisy in the fact that Reiche herself had two of her three children out of wedlock, while others have taken to Facebook to air their disappointment.

And despite Reiche taking her own Facebook page down after it was flooded with angry comments, some 6,000 gay marriage supporters have moved to a group made specifically for the Berlin-based politician, called No Future with Katherina Reiche.

The comments on that page definitely pull no punches. A letter from organizers reads, "We expected more from you, because thanks to your illegitimate children you know that 21st century family does not automatically mean “husband + wife + children... Your statements are a slap in the face for all families that do not conform to your idea of normal."

Germany's Constitutional Court Gives Same-Sex Couples Tax Break

BrandenburgIn a decision that further highlights fissures within Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling Christian Democratic Union, Germany's constitutional court ruled yesterday that the country must give same-sex couples some of the same tax breaks as heterosexual married couples.

Via CNN:

The court ruled that gay couples who have entered into a "registered partnership," the German legal phrase for relationships similar to marriage, must be exempted from the country's land transfer tax just like straight married couples, according to a court news release.

[Merkel's CDU] has traditionally been against tax equality for homosexual partnerships. But recently, 13 members of the party called for an expansion of tax rights for same-sex couples.

The group wrote that it feels it is not acceptable that "politics time and again has to be ordered by the constitutional court to abolish inequalities."

Kristina Schroder, Germany's minister for family affairs and also a member of the CDU, has signaled support for the push, saying, "the suggestion comes at exactly the right time. In homosexual partnerships, people take long-term responsibility for each other. They are living conservative values"...

That message - conservatism and equality go hand-in-hand - isn't isolated to only Germany: British PM David Cameron often makes a similar argument, as do conservatives here in the States.

Waiter Spills Tray of Beer on German Chancellor Angela Merkel: VIDEO


Everyone has bad days at work, though it doesn't get much worse if you're a German waiter than spilling a tray of beer all over Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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