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White House Releases Obama Family Portrait by Annie Leibovitz


Shot in September, posted to the White House Flickr stream yesterday.

News: Home Depot, Michael Jackson, Guam, X-Men Kiss


Man jailed for explosives hate crime at Copenhagen World Outgames.



Rolling Stone covers the final days of Michael Jackson.


Joe Jackson says Omer Bhatti is MJ's son. Katherine Jackson gets custody of Paris and Prince.


Fort Worth, Texas diversity task force holds meeting one month after raid.


Transgender student in Guam turned away from Prom. School officials refuse to apologize or draft transgender policy: "Back in May, the George Washington High School senior told KUAM News he was turned away from the prom because he was wearing a dress. At the time, he said he felt discriminated against by school officials.  'I said, 'Where does it state in this rule in this paper that there's no cross-dressing, no individualism and no opposite genders?  It doesn't say anything.'  So I have a case right here. And that's wrong,' he stated."


Everyone's gay in Amsterdam: City launches micro travel site.


Boston cop calls Henry Louis Gates "jungle monkey" in email to journalist.



X-Men: Marvel Comics' first gay kiss.


L.A. sperm bank offers celebrity look-alike donors: "'The number one client question we get is: `Who does this donor look like?'' said Scott Brown of California Cryobank. 'We decided this would be a great way to give thorough and consistent answers. Clients love it. Look-a-Likes has only been available for a week and our Web site traffic is up 50 percent.'" 


Chicago Mayor Daley open to set-asides for gay-owned businesses: "I think it's good. It helps businesses grow in the city, and that's what you want."


Photographer Annie Leibowitz's financial problems get worse.


New York City Councilman Bill de Blasio wants health department to create division for LGBT youth: "The division would address suicide, depression, violence and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among gay, lesbian and transgender people up to age 24."



Actor Jonathan Bennett provides some eye candy in L.A.


Wingnuts: Home Depot making kids gay by hosting crafts workshops for them.


Head of Portland Mayor Sam Adams recall effort speaks to City Council.


Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg duke it out.


American Foundation for Suicide Prevention receives $45,000 grant from the Johnson Family Foundation "to develop a project aimed at reducing suicidal behavior and suicide risk in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations. The goal of the new Knowledge to Practice Initiative -- which will coincide with AFSP’s ongoing LGBT efforts -- is to lay the foundation for a national LGBT suicide prevention effort by establishing partnerships with leading national and state organizations."

Annie Leibovitz Financial Straits Fueled by Gay Tax Inequalities?

AfterEllen makes a good point about the recent news of Annie Leibovitz financial troubles. The NYT recently Leibovitz was forced to take out a loan using her life's work as collateral. This may explain part of the reason why. When Leibovitz's partner Susan Sontag died, she inherited properties in her estate. In the case of a straight married couple, this would be no big deal. But in the case of a same-sex couple, the taxes are onerous:

Sontag_leibovitz "When Sontag died in 2004, she bequeathed several properties to Leibovitz, who was forced to pony up half of their value to keep them. Yes, she makes a nice chunk of change from Vanity Fair, and yes, she probably could have just sold the properties when the market was good in 2004, but that’s not really the point. The point is she should never have been in the position of paying or selling to not pay as much in the first place. Her wealth and poor decision-making are incidental."

Salon's Nancy Goldstein: "Will this profoundly unfair issue be challenged now that attention's being drawn to it by the situations of couples like Sontag and Leibovitz who are far higher-profile than me and my gal?"

News: Annie Leibovitz, Sydney Shark, Justin Timberlake, Presbyterians

 road Man in sailor suit gay bashed in Seattle's Central District.

 roadAnnie Leibovitz pawns her life work to save finances: "Last fall, Annie Leibovitz, the photographer, borrowed $5 million from a company called Art Capital Group. In December, she borrowed $10.5 million more from the same firm. As collateral, among other items, she used town houses she owns in Greenwich Village, a country house, and something else: the rights to all of her photographs."

Daniels  road USA Today on Mike Penner/Christine Daniels' transgender regret: "It's unfortunate and it's relatively uncommon but certainly not unheard of. The simplest way to think about it is being trans is something that never goes away. ... There's just a fairly constant social pressure to just go back. You don't have to be a genius to understand that society doesn't really accept this."

 roadEmpathy fat: Model/trainer hottie eats for his clients.

 road Colorado same-sex partner benefits bill clears Senate 22-12 despite hideous comments from homophobe state senator Scott Renfroe.

 road Obama's changing health care plan: "The budget -- and I was cautioned that the wording 'is changing hourly' -- will direct Congress to "aim for universality." That is a bolder goal than simple affordability, which can be achieved, at least in theory, through subsidies. Universality means everyone has coverage, not just the ability to access it. And that requires a mechanism to ensure that they seek it.

 road Protestors continue to harass Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

 roadInequality defied in New York.

 road San Francisco Chronicle in danger of closing: "If it can't reduce expenses dramatically within the next few weeks, the Hearst Corp. said it will close or sell the Chronicle, northern California's largest newspaper with a paid weekday circulation of 339,430. Hearst didn't specify a savings target nor a deadline for wringing out the expenses. A Hearst spokesman didn't immediately respond to messages Tuesday. But management made it clear that the cost-cutting will require a significant number of layoffs."

 road Hedi Slimane tackles Courtney Love.

Shark  road Bull shark hooked, freed in Sydney Harbor.

 road GOP poll on domestic partnerships in New Mexico misstates facts: "The poll, commissioned by the state GOP, found that more New Mexicans were in favor of domestic partnerships (47 percent) than opposed (42 percent). But that support fell when individuals were asked a question that erroneously equated domestic partnerships with same-sex marriage, with 52 percent opposing domestic partnerships compared to 42 percent supporting it. That latter poll question specifically misstated how same-sex marriage became state law in two other states, judging from a handout given to reporters."

 road Phoenix is offering their latest single "1901" as a free download on their website.

 roadCiara - Justin Timberlake "Love Sex Magic" track leaks.

Gaga  roadHaus of GaGa: Lady GaGa launches iPhone app.

 roadHugo Chavez record on gay rights lauded by gay leader despite minimal advances in 10 years: "On Feb. 12, Heisler Vaamonde, a long-time LGBT-rights activist known for his allegiance to the Chávez regime, read a prepared statement in front of reporters expressing the Bloc's strong support for the referendum as he argued that equality for gays and lesbians could only be achieved through the Chavista revolution. As he spoke, he was flanked by ten other members of the organization, who wore t-shirts with an image of Chávez and caps emblazoned with a red star."

 road Kathy Griffin scores $2 million memoir deal.

 roadLargest Presbyterian church in Arkansas elects gay deacon: "The largest Presbyterian Church in the state has elected a gay deacon. This comes just a day after the Presbytery of Arkansas votes to allow gays and lesbians to be ordained ministers, elders, and deacons. The Presbyterian denomination nationally, changed the interpretation of the constitution last June."

 roadAustralian Christian group says gays using children as "trophies": "The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) told the Standing Committee of Law and Justice's inquiry into adoption by same sex couples that children should ideally be raised by a mother and father...The move to legalise adoption by same-sex couples was ideologically driven by gay activists, Mr Shelton said. 'Not content with having discrimination removed, (they) are now pursuing symbolic gains and holding up children as trophies for their own agenda,' he said."

Michael Phelps: The Big Merman


Annie Leibovitz recently shot Julianne Moore for the latest portrait in the Disney Dream Portrait Series as The Little Mermaid. But more importantly, she had Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps play the part of a Merman. Now that's the movie I wanted to see.


See the portrait AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Mario Lopez, Louis Vuitton, Sydney, Tom Ford, Brazil

road.jpg Robert Goulet dies at 73, awaiting lung transplant at hospital.

Gorbachevroad.jpg Does Annie Leibowitz's Louis Vuitton ad contain a hidden message from Gorbachev about poisoned Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko?

road.jpg Being Mr. Gay Brazil requires Representative Barney Frank on Larry Craig: "I don’t think he should have been arrested, but it’s more likely than not that he was interested in sex. You have a right to privacy but not hypocrisy. During the period that I was closeted for seven years, I was always a gay rights supporter. I think it’s a fundamental violation of principles to vote one way and act another."

road.jpg Following rash of gay bashings, a "safe space" opens on Oxford Street in Sydney: "Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said the City had agreed to lease a recently vacated shop front in a Council-owned building to ACON for use as a night-time Safe Space for the gay community. '“Following discussions with ACON, the City has agreed to provide the premises free of charge for ACON to use on a nightly basis,'” Ms Moore said. '“The Safe Space will act as a refuge for people who feel threatened or abused.” Residents continue to report assaults, robberies and anti-social behaviour associated with large late night licensed premises. There are ongoing reports of serious problems and people tell me that they fear for their safety.”'"

Marioroad.jpg Ass-tastic: Mario Lopez lets it all hang out for Halloween.

road.jpg Wentworth Miller holds on tight!

road.jpg Two pink triangles from the Holocaust being auctioned in the UK: "They are expected to fetch hundreds of pounds when they go under the hammer at the Mullock's Auctioneers at Ludlow Racecourse on Thursday. Also being sold at the auction are other rare items including a description of a Spanish flu pandemic that killed millions and an apologetic letter from composer Edward Elgar."

road.jpg Jesse Helms documentary comes to DVD, and includes never-before-seen interview with Matthew Shepard.

road.jpg Frequent Towleroad commenter David Ehrenstein writes on "Obama's Gospel Mistake" in the L.A. Times.

road.jpg Harper Lee to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom.

road.jpg Tom Ford is buying mineral rights to the land beneath his Galisteo, New Mexico ranch in order to block oil drilling: "Ford paid the state Land Office about $84,000 earlier this year to purchase the mineral rights to more than 1,400 acres, according to Land Office records. The purchase came in response to Tecton Energy's controversial proposal to drill eight exploratory wells on 65,000 acres, or 101 square miles, in the Galisteo Basin where it has acquired mineral rights." All drilling above ground is expected to continue.


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