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News: Jose Sucuzhañay, MRI, Google Zeitgeist, Ryan Gosling

road.jpg Day without a Gay fizzles...

Mriroad.jpg Woman to auction brain MRI featuring image of the Virgin Mary.

road.jpg Anderson Cooper swims with sharks VIDEO.

road.jpg Gay man arrested for fighting back at gay basher with dinner plate: "Wilson said the incident began when he and four friends were finishing a late dinner at about 2 a.m. at the Bistro Francais. Suddenly, according to Wilson, the two men walked back into the main part of the restaurant, with one of them shouting obscenities and anti-gay names at him and his friends. 'They came running at us,' Wilson said. 'I think one of them said they would throw us through the window.' Wilson said he and his friends had been sitting at a table in front of the restaurant’s front window in a confined area on a raised platform. 'I was cornered between the wall and the window,' Wilson said. 'I had nowhere to go and these guys are charging at me with their arms raised,' he said...Wilson said he grabbed a plate from the table and hit one of the two men in the head."

road.jpg Gay NYE parties to go on in Bangkok despite unrest.

road.jpg Becket Fund founder Seamus Hasson, whose organization took out the full-page ad in the NYT accusing peaceful Prop 8 protestors of mob violence, is now comparing them to Al Qaeda: "Well, whether it’s an organized movement like Al Qaeda or whether it’s the Al Qaeda-like, um, inspired acts of terrorism elsewhere, people are right to be concerned about, um, radical Islamist violence..."

Censored2road.jpg Censored gay photos back on the wall at BYU.

road.jpg Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres' version of silent night is anything but serene.

road.jpg Versace exec hit with sexual harassment claim by receptionist who says she was forced to convey sexually-charged messages to her boss: " One caller said he left his eyeglasses in Patrick Guadagno's apartment, then alleged the 57-year-old fashionista drugged and date-raped him, according to Fay Rodriguez's blockbuster Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit. Another man told Rodriguez that Guadagno, the president of Versace Wholesale USA, gave him a sexually transmitted disease, she charges."

road.jpg EU countries criticized over same-sex partner rights: "A Commission report showed that 14 states do not give full entry and residence rights to partners of same-sex couples. They are Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia and Latvia."

Sucuzhanay Here is the Facebook page for the vigil on Sunday afternoon for Jose Sucuzhañay, who died as a result of the anti-gay, anti-Hispanic attack by four men in Brooklyn in the early hours of Monday morning: "Gather at 2PM at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Grove Street (Take the L to Myrtle/Wyckoff). We will then walk to the site of the attack (Bushwick Avenue and Kossuth Place) for a vigil at 4pm. THE PREVIOUSLY PLANNED WALK AT 7PM STARTING IN FRONT OF THE ARCHIVE WILL NO LONGER BE HAPPENING. We hope you will join with us at the march and vigil organized by Make the Road."

road.jpg Rolling Stone shows even Brad Pitt can have a bad day in front of the lens.

road.jpg "Sarah Palin" was Google's fastest rising search term for 2008: inside the Google Zeitgeist.

road.jpg Ryan Gosling got a glimpse of the full moon.

road.jpg Gay grifter goes on $361,000 spending spree in NYC with boyfriend's credit card.

road.jpg Battlestar Galactica to get gay character.

road.jpg Obama's website has just added an interactive Digg-like area where actual citizens can ask questions, which are then voted up or down. The current top question is: "What will you do to establish transparency and safeguards against waste with the rest of the Wall Street bailout money?" No word on when the answers are coming.

road.jpg Taxi driver in Britain stands accused of luring a passenger to his home and raping him: " Raja Khan, 52, told his 23-year-old victim that Eid celebrations were taking place at his home, a court heard. Prosecutor Robert Elias QC said the man had agreed to go to his house in Richmond Street, Accrington, but asked to be taken home when he realised there was no party going on. He also became alarmed when Khan locked the front door behind him, Preston Crown Court heard. The jury heard the 23-year-old was left 'frozen and shocked' as Khan raped him. Mr Elias said Khan suggested that they detour to his house. He said there was an end of Eid celebration. The victim had a bottle of cider, which he had started drinking. As they went into the Richmond Street property there was no signs of a celebration and the door was locked behind him."

News: Montana, Hugh Jackman, Parasites, Ig Nobels, Tuna

road.jpg Montana woman files appeal over historic Montana same-sex partner custody ruling.

Tunaroad.jpg Where did Charlie go when he was young? Tuna kindergarten.

road.jpg Interested in what Shrek the Musical sounds like? Download a free tune.

road.jpg Gold-winning gay Aussie Olympian hires "the man who helped turn Ian Thorpe into a multimillionaire, David Flaskas, to manage his career away from the dive towers." Mitcham has yet to score a major sponsorship - is homophobia to blame?

road.jpg Canadian candidate who told a high school assembly gays should be executed is banned from future debates.

road.jpg Senator Larry Craig gives farewell speech to empty chamber. Crapper goes unmentioned in colleague Mike Crapo's good-bye lauding the accomplishments of his retiring colleague : "It has been a privilege for me to serve with Senator Craig during my time in Congress. My wife, Susan, and I wish him and his wife, Suzanne, well as they begin a new chapter in their lives."

road.jpg Police looking into violent gay bashing outside club in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: "The victim was treated in hospital. Shortly afterwards a man appeared at hospital with injuries to his hand. Police say the man bragged about his assault at the Embassy Club."

Jackmanroad.jpg Hugh Jackman lookin' spiffy.

road.jpg Catholic churches in Michigan town of Hamtramck urge voters to reject town's anti-discrimination that includes protections for sexual orientation: "We have to keep the morals and have the regular families and bring up children according to God's law. Keep it the way it was from the beginning."

road.jpg Equality Maryland to honor transgender model Isis.

Parasitesroad.jpg Alien parasites killing sharks off the coast of Oregon. Damn, those things look nasty.

road.jpg I'm very sorry to report the passing of Rupert, the cutest deer ever.

road.jpg Facebook censors gay men's retailer Priape: "Michael Ain, Priape's director of marketing and sales, says Facebook is treating Priape differently than it does similar pages aimed at heterosexual audiences."

road.jpg Duke University to host Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: "Janie Long, director of the Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Life-which organized Robinson's visit-said she hoped his appearance would help to open a campus conversation on faith and identity. 'This is something that I deal with with students quite frequently,' she said. 'And because I very much want students from all kinds of faith backgrounds-it's not students that are Christians, it's really all faith backgrounds-it's a chance for those students to be exposed to someone who I think is really an excellent role model in terms of balancing different parts of identity.'"

road.jpg Madonna and A-Rod reportedly dine together in NYC.

Dartmouthroad.jpg Out Dartmouth runner Jamal Brown shares his experiences as an openly gay college athlete.

road.jpg There are two out gay men on this season's Top Chefmeet them.

road.jpg Broadway's Hairspray to close.

road.jpg Annual Ig Nobel Prizes awarded.

road.jpg CBS in trouble for Survivor peen moment that nobody saw.

road.jpg A new comedy TV series based on the childhood memoirs of Simon Doonan by the writer of Beautiful Thing comes to the BBC: "This glittering and hilarious series delves inside Simon's youthful memories and his desire to escape suburban Reading and live amongst the 'beautiful people' - from his perspective as a window dresser in a New York department store."

road.jpg CDC: 1 in 5 unaware they are infected with HIV.

road.jpg Building in Bangkok's gay area collapses: "The collapse happened on Tuesday in Bangkok's Silom Soi 4 at around 4pm local time (10pm NZ time), when the Soi is largely unattended. There are no reports of fatalities or injuries. The four-story building, currently under renovation and operating as Roxy Club, partially fell to the ground, crushing motorcyles and furniture, leaving the street covered in large pieces of concrete and other debris."

News: Clinton v. Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hello Kitty, Levitation

road.jpg Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama entering cold war: "They work in the same building. They slog through the same rigorous travel schedule. Along the way, they often cross paths several times a day. But Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have barely spoken to each other — at least in any meaningful way — for months. The tension between the two Democratic presidential hopefuls, which has spilled into public view in the last three weeks, has been intensifying since January. It is clear that the genteel decorum of the Senate has given way to the go-for-the-jugular instinct of the campaign trail."

Hellokittyarmbandroad.jpg Bangkok, Thailand police chiefs implement new method of punishment for officers who break the rules: a Hello Kitty armband. Official: "This is to help build discipline. We should not let small offences go unnoticed. Guilty officers will be made to wear the armbands in the office for a few days, with instructions not to disclose their offences. Let people guess what they have done."

road.jpg Lindsay Lohan attempts to pull her life back together in Utah, with little old ladies, apparently.

road.jpg Bourne investment: Matt Damon offers the best box-office return on his salary.

road.jpg Chris Rovzar on this Thursday's 'gay debate': "...what's important about the Human Rights Campaign-sponsored debate is its mere occurrence. If the Dems are confident enough to tackle gay issues head-on for a full hour, it means they're no longer worried that the Republicans will throw it back in their faces. They're not afraid, and more importantly, they're betting voters aren't afraid either."

road.jpg Hairspray producers Zadan and Meron developing Peter Pan for TV.

Flashlightroad.jpg Department of Homeland Security developing flashlight that causes you to vomit: "The flashes incapacitate a person in two different ways, says Robert Lieberman, CEO of Intelligent Optical Systems, based in Torrance, CA, which is making the device. The flashes temporarily blind a person, as any bright light would, and the light pulses, which quickly change both in color and duration, also cause what Lieberman calls psychophysical effects. These effects, whose effectiveness depends on the person, range from disorientation to vertigo to nausea, and they wear off in a few minutes."

road.jpg Big Brother 8 fans: Amber is a bigot.

Gwynethroad.jpg Gwyneth Paltrow or Romanian, twinkie, super-bottom, gay porn star?

road.jpg Physicists solve 'mystery' of levitation: "Their discovery could ultimately lead to frictionless micro-machines with moving parts that levitate But they say that, in principle at least, the same effect could be used to levitate bigger objects too, even a person."

road.jpg Apple delivers new iMacs, iLife...

road.jpg Arlington County, Virginia to allow 'ex-gay' groups to distribute material to students: "Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, or P-FOX, sued school officials earlier this year in federal court, claiming that they improperly blocked their request to send out the fliers. School officials denied any discrimination. They said all outside groups are barred from distributing fliers at high schools, basically because students don't read them. A settlement, reached last week, states that P-FOX will have the same access given to other groups and can submit fliers for distribution to middle and elementary-school students if it wishes."

road.jpg Archives reveal that Winston Churchill's cabinet discussed gays.

News: Mitt Romney, Gordon Brown, Sweden, Big Brother, Morrissey

road.jpg New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown appoints openly gay man, Spencer Livermore, director of political strategy at 10 Downing Street: "The 31-year-old has unrivalled access to the new Prime Minister and will play a key role in shaping the direction of the Brown government. Mr Livermore was ranked seven in this year's Independent Pink List, making him the most powerful gay person in UK politics."

Holliday_hudsonroad.jpg They're not going: Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson are BFFs.

road.jpg Al Gore takes lead over other Democratic candidates in hypothetical New Hampshire poll.

road.jpg Sweden may soon adopt "gender neutral" marriage legislation, allowing same-sex couples to not only marry legally but to do so within a major church. Pastor Arne Wikstroem of the Oscars parish: "If today we are blessing homosexuals, I see no reason not to celebrate gay marriages. I think all people are equal before God. And no man is unholy or unblessed. We are all equal and all need God's blessings in our lives. If God has created people as homosexuals, we must accept them and we must bless them."

Morrisseyroad.jpg Still ill: Morrissey down with throat infection, cancels tour dates.

road.jpg Britney Spears was expected to join the True Colors tour at its stop in Los Angeles but canceled when she found out a small but important detail — she would actually have to sing.

road.jpg On 1983, vacation, Mitt Romney scared the shit out of his dog...literally: "The incident: dog excrement found on the roof and windows of the Romney station wagon. How it got there: Romney strapped a dog carrier — with the family dog Seamus, an Irish Setter, in it — to the roof of the family station wagon for a twelve hour drive from Boston to Ontario, which the family apparently completed, despite Seamus's rather visceral protest."

Jacobskissroad.jpg 20-year-old receives a designer kiss.

road.jpg Andre Jackson the East Side High School student at the center of the gay yearbook kiss controversy, graduates.

road.jpg Elton John planning massive Las Vegas charity England: "Elton is hoping that his friends will enjoy tonight and remember it as their best invite of the year. He wants it to be an enjoyable night for all of his closest friends, so he thought came up with the idea of Las Vegas. He has invested in getting roulette wheels, croupiers, slot machines and generally re-enacting the atmosphere of Las Vegas, and he has got his entire celebrity guest list waiting to turn up."

road.jpg Bangkok nightclub faces boycott after refusing entry to a transvestite. Management: "What happened on Saturday night was regrettable but was most definitely not part of the CM2 nightclub entry policy, nor was it supported by its management."

road.jpg CBS announces Big Brother 8 cast, reveals photos of new house.

Bangkok Observes World AIDS Day

Bangkok1 Bangkok2

Bangkok marked World AIDS Day with an event in that city's Lumpini Park which featured a Condom Fashion Show and a symbolic record setting event for the World's Longest Condom chain, a ribbon of 25,000 condoms:

"Thailand has long been considered a model in the fight against AIDS and has made great gains in reducing the number of new infections through strongly promoting condom use among prostitutes in Thailand's rampant sex industry. But officials warn that the epidemic has started to shift, with HIV cases rising among male homosexuals, young people having casual sex, injecting drug users, and monogamous housewives whose husbands bring the disease home. The agency UNAIDS estimates some 570,000 people are living with the virus in Thailand, about a third of them women."

Photos above are from a flickr photodiary on the event by Bangkok Diary.


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