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Big Brother's Aaryn Gries Finds Out She Lost Her Job: VIDEO


Here's the awkward moment when Big Brother houseguest Aaryn Gries found out she lost her job over racist remarks during the show. Also, Andy Herren reacts to the fact that he's the first gay winner of Big Brother.


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Julie Chen Tells 'Big Brother' Houseguests They Made National Headlines for Racist and Anti-Gay Slurs: VIDEO


On last night's finale, the Big Brother houseguests were finally told by host Julie Chen that their racist and homophobic slurs on the show made national headlines, and they were berated by African-American evicted houseguest Howard, who told them he was shocked by what he saw after he left the house and hoped they would learn and grow from it.

Said Howard: "I didn't even watch the live feeds or After Dark at all because it just infuriated me. I feel bad for my cast members both if they said these things or they didn't say these things."



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Is Houseguest Andy Herren the First Gay Winner of 'Big Brother'? - VIDEO


Last night's Big Brother finale came down to two final houseguests, New Yorker Ginamarie, and gay "professor" Andy Herren, who, as we reported, was disavowed by his employer the College of DuPage earlier this week over comments he made on the show.

Ginamarie was also fired by her job as a pageant coordinator for racist remarks she made on the show back in July.

Find out who won, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Houseguest Andy Herren Removed from College Teaching Job Over Comments on 'Big Brother'

Andy HerrenAdd another name to the list of 'Big Brother' contestants rebuked by their real-world employers as a direct result of gameplay and gametalk in this season's house. On Friday, the College of DuPage distanced themselves from openly gay contestant Andy Herren, stating in a Facebook post that he is no longer working for them and is now unemployed. From the post:

"Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show "Big Brother" does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage."

Although certainly one of the less offensive houseguests this summer (which isn't saying much), Andy nonetheless participated in many of the controversial conversations that made this season so newsworthy. Last week, Andy vocally agreed with finalist GinaMarie that many of the evicted houseguests were "robotic biracials."

Now, all three of this season's finalists have been publicly admonished by their employers for in-game behavior and words. Back in July, GinaMarie Zimmerman was fired from her job as a New York pageant coordinator for her racist comments made against black and Asian-American contestants. Spencer Clawson, who serves as a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, was also denounced by his employer earlier this season for his homophobic and pro-Hitler remarks on the show.

Because the season is still ongoing, all three remain blissfully unaware of any controversies or firings. That all changes this Wednesday during the live finale.  

Julie Chen Grills Evicted 'Big Brother' Contestant Aaryn Gries for Homophobic and Racist Slurs: VIDEO

  Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.28.04 PM

Last night's episode of Big Brother saw 22-year-old Texas college student Aaryn Gries evicted from the house in a unanimous vote. While a formidable competitor in physical challenges, Gries's gameplay was overshadowed by the racist and homophobic comments she made earlier this season that were recorded on the show's live feeds.

Gries's ousting from the house (accompanied by a chilly reception from the studio audience) finally allowed her to face some of the consequences of her game talk. And while Gries initially attempted to sweep the issue under the rug by saying her comments were "taken completely out of context," host Julie Chen pulled no punches in grilling Gries during the exit interview.


Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 1.31.46 PMCHEN: "We want to point out everyone in the house went in knowing that everything they say, everything they do gets broadcast live on the internet. So when you say the intention was not to hurt anyone, let me just read back some of the things you said. Referring to [African-American contestant] Candice, you said 'Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch.' Referring to [Asian-American contestant] Helen, you said 'Shut up, go make some rice.' Referring to [openly gay contestant] Andy, you said "No one is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up." Can you see how those things could be interpreted as racist and as homophobic?"

GRIES: "I do, but I do not remember saying those things [audience laughs]. And those things were not meant to be serious and if I said those things I feel horrible for that and I regret that. I don't even know what else to say about that...

Towards the end of the interview, however, Gries seems to finally understand the gravity of her situation:

"I honestly feel horrible. I feel like, in Texas we say things that are, sometimes we joke and we don't mean it and I really feel bad that this is how its being seen and how I've come across to people. I don't want to seem like that person and I really do respect everyone in this game although we've had some hard times cause we're all fighting for our lives in the game."

Because Gries is heading to the jury house portion of the game, she was unfortunately not informed of her newly minted unemployment status as a result of the statements.

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'Big Brother' Houseguest Amanda's Racism and Homophobia Revealed in Ugly Supercut: VIDEO


The YouTube user who created this supercut notes that thus far Big Brother producers have painted a picture of Amanda Zuckerman as some sort of "social justice warrior" but as this supercut of her racist and homophobic remarks from the live feeds reveals, it looks as though that's not the case.

Writes the uploader: "Amanda is one of the worst and most unrepentant offenders in the house. This video only shows a SMALL fraction of her horrible comments."


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