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Donald Trump: Obama Didn't Write His First Book

Donald Trump brought his phony hint of a presidential run to a "tea party" rally in Boca Raton, Florida. In his speech to the crowd, Trump bashed Obama over his birth certificate (natch) and also questioned whether ot not he actually authored his first memoir, Dreams From My Father. Said Trump: "The man that wrote the second book didn’t write the first book...The difference was like chicken salad and chicken s**t."

Why are we supposed to believe Trump? As he told the crowd in Florida, apparently because he knows "a lot about books." Characteristically outlandish soundbites from the speech (via CNN) are AFTER THE JUMP.

Also, Talking Points Memo cornered Trump and asked him about the progress in his birther investigation. He didn't have much to say.

"I've looked very closely and have continued to look. I'm not going to say anything further than that, but we've looked all around and we are continuing to look and it's very interesting and that's all I can say."

Trump ended the interview after being questioned about whether he himself is paying private detectives to look into Obama's birth certificate in Hawaii. Watch that clip, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Arizona Birther Bill Heads to Jan Brewer After Clearing Legislature

The country's first "birther bill" could become law, in Arizona, Politico reports:

Brewer After it easily cleared the state Senate Wednesday, the Arizona House on Thursday night voted 40-16 in favor of the legislation requiring presidential candidates provide proof that they were born in the United States before being able to get on the ballot in the state. Four members of the state House didn't vote on the bill.

Lawmakers in 10 states introduced birther bills in their state legislatures at the beginning of this year's sessions, but the Arizona bill is so far the only one to make it to a governor's desk. The measure had failed twice in the last two years to make its way through the legislature, but this time was shepherded by a compliant Republican leadership that had not been eager to advance the issue before.

Governor Jan Brewer has not indicated what she will do with the bill, but has five days to sign or veto it before it becomes law.


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