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Budapest Gay Pride Spared Violence by Massive Security Detail


A Gay Pride march in Budapest on Saturday was spared the violence it has seen in years past thanks to a massive security force which kept extremists at bay, UK Gay News reports:

Budapest2 "Neo-Nazi’s and other extreme right-wing groups had threatened to disrupt the march.  But, while there were a few scuffles for the police to deal with, they were at least 100 metres from the route of the march. There was, however, a ‘price to pay’, apart from the nervousness of the Budapest gay community. There were no onlookers and well-wishers along the route which was cordoned off a block each side of Andrássy Road, one of the main streets of the city. So the 'Gay Dignity' march became more of a TV event, as far as any campaigning directly to the public for LGBT rights is concerned.  And TV news later in the day covered the march in considerable depth. "

Europe World News reports that there were a few incidents security had to deal with: Budapest3 "
Riot police were able to quickly disperse the several hundred demonstrators through sheer force of numbers and the occasional volley of tear gas. During one fracas, an English man was punched after getting into a row with a group of some 20 anti-gay protestors, police told the local news agency MTI. Riot police broke up the altercation, and the man was taken away for medical attention. A sixty-year-old man among the anti-gay demonstrators was knocked down as the crowd was pushed back by riot police, and had to be taken by stretcher to an ambulance."

Early last week, Whoopi Goldberg taped a message of support to the LGBT  people of Budapest. Watch it, HERE.

A video clip showing riot police staged near the Oktogon station of the Budapest metro, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Whoopi Goldberg Records Gay Rights Video Message for Hungary


Whoopi Goldberg has recorded an amazing video message for the people of Hungary, where a Gay Pride Festival is scheduled to take place in Budapest this week, culminating in a parade on September 5th.

Budapest1 In past years, Budapest's Gay Pride event has been marked by violence. In July 2008, 49 arrests were made and 10 people injured as protesters threw eggs, tomatoes, feces, and other objects at Pride participants.

"Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet block, the struggle for freedom continues. The people in Hungary who are participating in Gay Pride are expressing those freedoms, just like they do in so many other cities in the European Union. Not everyone celebrates Gay Pride. Not everyone agrees with Gay Pride, but all citizens of Hungary who support democracy need to say to themselves, 'You know, people can disagree, but violence against other human beings — that's not good. It's wrong.'  Now if I were in Budapest, you know I would be marching with you."

Listen to Whoopi's full message, AFTER THE JUMP...

Thirteen embassies (Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States) have issued a joint statement in support of the Budapest Pride Festival. Read the statement, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Hungarian Court Annuls Domestic Partners Law

A law passed a year ago (which Reuters reported as a "civil partnership" law) that was set to go into effect in January 2009 and would have given unmarried or same-sex couples many of the rights of married heterosexual couples, has been annulled by Hungary's Constitutional Court:

Hungary"The court says the new legislation is unconstitutional because it would give unmarried heterosexual couples practically the same rights as married ones, 'downgrading' the institution of marriage. At the same time, the court says, in its decision announced Monday, that a law allowing domestic partnerships for gay couples would not be unconstitutional — as long as it applied only to them and not to heterosexual couples, as well."

Hungary Passes Same-Sex Civil Partnership Law [tr]
Photo of Gay Hungarian Couple Wins World Press Photo Award [tr]
Marchers Defiant as Nationalists Attack Budapest Gay Pride March [tr]

Marchers Defiant as Nationalists Attack Budapest Gay Pride March


At least 49 arrests were made and 10 people injured on Saturday during a gay pride march in Budapest, Hungary as nationalists and neo-Nazis attacked marchers and riot police who had assembled to quell the anticipated violence.

According to the Budapest Times, "Far right activists had been called to arms weeks in advance via extremist websites, and a massive police presence was in place to keep the expected angry protesters away from the gay marchers. Two-metre-high metal barricades had been erected along both sides of Andrassy út to keep agitators out of the path of the parade. The participants in the parade - well over a thousand members of gay, lesbian and transsexual groups, as well as sympathisers - were fully expecting the attacks. They wore plastic raincoats and carried multi-coloured umbrellas as eggs, tomatoes and other missiles rained down on them. Rioters turned on the police at a number of locations. Shortly after 4pm, the police had to disperse gangs armed with groceries, bottles and stones as they attempted to intercept the gay marchers at Oktogon. A police van was set ablaze in the melée, and tear gas and water cannon were used to clear the way for the parade. Cordons were set up to prevent people from approaching Andrássy út from side streets."

Budapest2 Budapest3

Bloomberg reports: "Parade-goers carried rainbow-colored umbrellas and signs carrying slogans such as 'Jesus taught us to love. Why do you hate?' The truck at the head of the parade carried two men who acted out a mock marriage with a female officiant. Their black suits became caked with egg yolks as the parade progressed. Gabor Szetey, a former state secretary in Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's cabinet who announced he was gay one year ago, said Gay Pride Day was no different from Hungarian Pride Day in an address to parade participants. 'Hungary, which is a European democracy, must accept people who are different,' he said. 'We can't choose whether we are gay, Roma or Jewish, but we can control our own destinies.'

A video report from the BBC, AFTER THE JUMP...

Budapest4 Budapest5

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News: Bombing Budapest, Video Violence, Marilyn Digs Her Own Political Musgrave, Portland Even Gayer Than McDonald's & More

Quinto_zachary1road.jpg Magnum, a gay sauna in Budapest, Hungary, was the target of four petrol bombs early today. This is the second bombing in a week. In both cases, the perpetrators called first to make sure people were inside. "We are doubtful if the police are really protecting the gay establishments as they promised," says Gabor Kuszing of the Hungarian gay-rights group Patent Association.

road.jpg Two female students were arraigned on charges of aggravated assault after videotaping their beating of a lesbian classmate whose PDAs were said to upset them.

road.jpg All of Big Sur, California, was ordered evacuated as an 11-day-old fire continues to rage.

road.jpg Colorado Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave goes back to the anti-gay marriage well that nearly cost her her job.

Mcdavid_1road.jpg Keep Your Eyes On Your Fries: The American Family Association thinks McDonald’s is so, totally, like gay.

road.jpg For Obama, even some formerly fire-engine red states have got the blues. But it's not all "blue skies"—the largest group on his own Web site is devoted to urging him to reconsider caving on FISA.

road.jpg Portland tops the "Gay Ghetto" list. (Where's New York???)

road.jpg Scientology's $8 million-dollar secret.

road.jpg A modern-day West Side Story may be in the works.

road.jpg Joe Lieberman is not popular.

road.jpg Chris Martin of Coldplay used to "worry that he might be gay" until he realized he loved boobs. He attributes his sexual anxiety to his Christian upbringing. "What I grew up with was, if you even think about boobs, you’re going to hell," he tells Rolling Stone. "But let’s face it, they’re fantastic."

road.jpg Lindsay Lohan threw herself a prom-themed 22nd birthday at the Hollywood Roosevelt Wednesday. Her date? Top-hatted DJ Samantha Ronson.

road.jpg Democratic House candidate Darcy Burner of Washington owes her life to her five-year-old son, who awakened the politico and her husband in time to flee an early-morning fire that destroyed their home.

road.jpg Jai Rodriguez to star in a new musical about a Cuban refugee "who sets sail on a turbulent journey that leads him all the way to Hollywood and into the arms of a fiery, redheaded movie star named Lucille Ball." Waaa!

road.jpg Ever seen Swoon? Its director, Tom Kalin, is back with Savage Grace, the true story of socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland. Julianne Moore plays the neurotic woman, who was said to have bedded her own son, Antony (Eddie Redmayne), as a means of curing his homosexuality. Instead, it probably helped drive him toward what became a grisly day of reckoning in 1972. The movie—out in limited release in the U.S. for the past month—is generating a big stir due to extended portrayals of their incestuous liaisons.

road.jpg Watermelon makes me horny.

Mroad.jpg Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour setlist might very well contain classics "Borderline" (not presented live in 23 years) and "Into the Groove," the Oscar-winning "You Must Love Me" from Evita and, of course, "La Isla Bonita"…a song Madonna seems to think is on par with "Vogue" considering how often it's trotted out. Other oldies under consideration? "Dress You Up," "Everybody" and "Angel."

News: Luke Russert, Coldplay, British Army, Father's Day, Canada

road.jpg Tim Russert's son Luke talks to Matt Lauer...

road.jpg The executives of the Human Rights Campaign contributed $4,300 to Hillary Clinton's campaign and $0 to Barack Obama. Records show that the other contenders received the following amounts: Dodd — $3,000, Edward — $750, Richardson — $500.

Princeedwardroad.jpg Prince Edward County in Canada a magnet for open-minded thinkers: "Bill [Stearman] says he's seen more homophobia in cities such as Toronto and Belleville. 'It's comfortable here and you don't have to worry. There's a person with a beard and breasts who happily walks down the main street in Picton and nobody cares.' Carlyn Moulton, who co-owns the Oeno Gallery nearby, calls it the 'So-What Factor,' and says people are bonded much more by things other than sexual orientation."

road.jpg Coldplay's Chris Martin storms out of BBC interview.

road.jpg Father's Day: Gay couple who adopted three young brothers speaks out: "We are just like you, other than that it’s two men instead of a man and a woman. We live life the same way you do. We put our pants on one leg at a time just like you do. We have the same routines and the same requirements to keep our household going."

road.jpg Matthew McConaughey back doing what he does best.

road.jpg Join McCain's "team".

Redshirtroad.jpg Gay soldiers in Britain's Army will be allowed to march in this year's gay pride parades while in uniform, and not in the red shirts they were forced to wear last year as a replacement: "The Ministry of Defence announced that the Army had this year joined the Royal Navy and RAF in allowing personnel to take part. Last year, soldiers were banned from wearing anything identifying their military links. But a meeting between army officials, Pride organisers and the Equality and Human Rights Commission, resulted in an agreement to scrap the ban in time for this year's parade on July 5."

road.jpg Nova Scotia town of Truro a changed town after rainbow flag controversy: "The news release, issued Tuesday, says that as a result of discussions between town council and Mr. Thompson, a number of strategies will be undertaken. The town has amended its affirmative action policy to include sexual orientation in the town’s employment equity policy, the release says. Truro will also consider amendments to include gender identity in that policy. The release also says Mr. Mills and councillors will take part in an educational program designed by a town staff member and a representative of Rainbow Proud that will deal with homophobia and gender identity."

Willsroad.jpg Prince William goes barebacking.

road.jpg Gay Pride in Budapest, Hungary gets go-ahead after police chief reconsiders: " The new decision by Dr. Gábor Tóth approves of the march and its route as originally suggested by organisers. A meeting between the Pride organisers and police was due to be held this afternoon to renegotiate the march, but this was not required following the publication this morning of the new decision by Dr. Tóth."

road.jpg Brokeback Mountain composer Gustavo Santoalalla receives BMI Icon of the Year award.

road.jpg Tori Spelling shows off some big wieners

road.jpg Controversy in Australia over football coach who was sacked after it was reported that he was bisexual.

road.jpg Gay website for rural community in Ireland shuttered after lawsuit related to article on local lake which served as meeting place for gay men: "What could make a lake so lethal? Sex, actually. People were reportedly doing it under the nearby trees, in bushes, at and near the waters (in it, too, perhaps). An unusual wet weather activity, you may be thinking. A man objected. Tony Geraghty, a freesheet editor, witnessed this joie-de-vivre and wrote a cover story for The Mayo Echo, captioned 'Castlebar Lake attracts hundreds of perverts'. Threads on found his article offensive; Mr Geraghty found the threads offensive. One thing led to a legal other and the site closed."


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